How your home can tell a story

When you buy or rent a place for the first time, you have a blank canvas, ready to be filled. Our homes tell the story of our lives; how we decorate them and fill them expresses our individuality and shows visitors just who we are. Not only that but creating a space in which you are content, and at peace, somewhere you’re truly happy to live, can have a beneficial effect on your mental health.

In creating this space, you’re creating somewhere you can be yourself, and the addition of a few curios and objets d’art can bring this vision to life, making it seem as though you’ve employed an interior designer!

Interior decor is a big job, though. Making your space your own can be as simple as a few carefully chosen pieces such as these:

Dove Chimes: let your imagination take flight

These delightful doves are the world away from the traditional clunky wind chimes. Their grace in flight is captured beautifully in brass.  This is a quirky yet contemporary piece which would grace any space.

Bird of Paradise: let your spirit soar

This beautiful Bird of Paradise is sure to give you pleasure on a daily basis. It’s intricately interleaved copper strands provide a fascinating textural depth to intrigue and delight. This bird is certainly a conversation starter; the grace and form of its lines echo the fabulous displays of its real-life namesake. Undeniably this is a piece to treasure.

Crushed bottle puzzle: display your playful side

This off-beat curio is certain to provoke a reaction. This brushed aluminium piece is, in fact, a fiendish puzzle, looking at first glance like a piece of litter. Tactile at the same time as being intellectually stimulating, it’s a prime example of why you shouldn’t take things at face value, and a great statement piece.

Chess Bookend: unleash your inner grandmaster

Chess Bookend: unleash your inner grandmaster

What better way to demonstrate your intellect than this combination of books and chess? “In life, as in chess, forethought wins,” said the author Charles Buxton. This marriage of form and function demonstrates your capability always to be thinking a few steps ahead, stick some heavyweight volumes in the middle, and any guest will be suitably awed by your brainpower.

Hand blown art glass apple: a fruity addition

The beautiful smoky finish on the hand-blown glass apple will add a chic and contemporary tone to any space it’s included. The nice crackle on the finish gives the piece a beautiful visual impact as well as implying excellent tactility. This is a beautiful object to own, and an exquisite example of the glassblower’s art.

These are, of course, just a few examples of ways that you can make your space tell a story. The right objects, in the right places, can make your home somewhere you long to return to, and are proud to invite people. Why not explore further at

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