Are You Willing To Risk Your Life Or Be Brave And Ward Off Cancer? (Rank Princess – SEO)

Health is the least prioritized element in our everyday lives. Isn’t it supposed to be a prerogative to have a healthy body and mind? But we as individuals tend to take it for granted always. Increasing cases of lifestyle diseases have been reported due to a sedentary lifestyle and mainly ignorance.

There is a flourishing market that revolves around lifestyle diseases and its cures. But are we willing to risk the cost of treatment? Of course not!

Cancer Is Listed As One Of The Most Critical Diseases In The Country

Devastating families and individuals, cancer is for sure a scary word. But are we responsible enough to get tested and undergo those strenuous medical checkups that are essential? Procrastinating health for other pleasures of life takes its toll in the worst possible way.

Did you know that the mortality rate is close to 50{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} due to non-detection of oral and cervical cancers?

Development in the field of detecting and treating cancer has moved leaps and bounds making it less horrifying. Laser spot detectors have been developed as capsules that can be consumed. These smart tablets go and attach themselves to the cancerous cells which can be later detected through non-invasive lasers. These lasers heat those cells up causing them to disintegrate and dispersing the cells into harmless units.

Early Detection Of Cancer Can Prove Highly Beneficial When It Comes To Treating It

Modern technology and breakthrough in the field of medicinal developments can help cure cancer in the early stages. Screening devices, detection agents can be used in invasive and non-invasive ways to find out the source of the issue and heal it in the least painful way possible.

Sascan uses devices which traces the tissues in the body and analyses it through data science to figure out the type and stage of cancer using an algorithm which is designed to perform the same process. This data can be stored and used later for diagnosis and further healing. Oral cancer is curable. But it requires dedication and the determination to walk out of the comfort of your couch into the nearest detection centre.

Similarly, close to 50{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of the women in India are prone to cervical cancer. Varying levels of cancer have been detected as a part of the regular check-up process which was instrumental in initiating a healing process sooner than ever. However, most women tend to put their health on a back seat which is not recommended. Sascan uses imaging devices which detects the biochemical changes occurring in the cervical tissues thereby feeding the data as input to the algorithm. Multiple processes of biopsy, pap-smears et al. help in figuring out the stage of cancer, if present.

It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore, Sascan brings the opportunity to find out the causes and diseases in its initial phases and disseminate it in the nascent stages. Making use of state of the art processes such as spectral imaging, diffuse reflectance, absorption techniques et al. to detect oral and cervical cancer, Sascan has taken up the initiative to bring down the mortality rate by 30{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} in the shortest span possible.

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Dandruff V/S Dry Scalp: Differences and the Best Treatments (Rank Princess – SEO)

It is very easy to confuse dandruff with a dry scalp because they are flaky and are found in the scalp area. Dandruff flakes are caused by excess oil in the scalp. When there is excess oil on the scalp, yeast forms on the scalp.

This yeast feeds on the oil and keeps growing, and thus, dandruff is formed. In dry scalp condition, when yeast feeds on the oil that is produced by the scalp, the scalp dries up. This causes the skin of the scalp to clamp and flake off. For this reason, people assume dandruff and dry scalp to be same.

How to Identify Dandruff from Dry Scalp

If your scalp seems yellowish white in colour, it is dandruff. Dandruff has larger and off-whitish flakes while dry scalp has flakes which are white and smaller. Dandruff Flakes are more difficult to remove from your scalp.

An easy way to identify dandruff from the dry scalp is to scratch your scalp and smell your fingers. If there is a certain smell, then that is the smell of dandruff.

Treatment for Dandruff

  • Vinegar- Every time you wash your hair, mix two drops of vinegar with water. Not only will it remove dandruff, but also make your hair shinier.
  • Keep Your Hair Clean- Wash your hair at least twice a week with anti-dandruff shampoo. However, do not overdo it as it may lead to hair damage and friskiness.
  • Lemon and Coconut Oil- A perfect remedy from grandma’s kitchen, the anti-bacterial properties of lemon are a sure treatment for dandruff. Just mix a few drops of lemon juice with coconut oil and let it seep through your hair. You will notice a visible reduction in dandruff in just one wash.

Treatment for Dry Scalp

The causes of the dry scalp are not as complicated as dandruff, and hence, the treatment is not as complicated either. Here are a few simple tips you can follow:

  • Let Your Scalp Breathe – To improve your dry scalp condition, you have to give your scalp a chance to breathe. Avoid using hair products that clog your pores. Leave-in conditioners, oils, etc. may have their advantages, but they don’t give your scalp a chance to breathe. It is better to stay away from them at least until the time your condition improves.
  • Use the right hair products – Using hair products according to your hair type is very important. Use hair products that give your hair the chance to adjust to the temperature of your surroundings. Use a moisturising hair shampoo, Avoid using dry shampoos as they tend to escalate the dry scalp condition.
  • Avoid scratching your scalp – Dry scalp causes a lot of itching, but you may want to resist the temptation of scratching. Scratching causes your scalp to flake. This not only shows on your clothes but also cause wounds on the scalp. These wounds will take a while to heal and worsen your dry scalp condition.
  • Drink Water-Always keep your body and scalp hydrated. Drinking water will help the blood circulation in your scalp, improving your scalp health.

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Is your diabetes diagnosis depressing you? Here are eight ways you fight diabetes! (Rank Princess)

We shall start off with a preliminary discussion of diabetes before moving on to different methods of tackling diabetes.

Diabetes can be broadly classified as Type 1 and Type 2. Doctors often refer to diabetes as diabetes mellitus. This is caused by inadequate production of insulin within the human body, which in turn leads to a lot of food or rather sugar not being burned down properly in the body. This excess sugar in the bloodstream often leads to an excessive thirst as well as urination.

Let’s have a look at Type 1 Diabetes and what you should do about it.

Type 1 Diabetes is often referred to as insulin-dependent diabetes. This is directly caused by a lack of insulin production within the body. There has been a rise of 23{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} in instances of Type 1 Diabetes over the past few years.

So how should you go about battling Type 1 diabetes? Let’s have a look.

  1. Since this is largely caused by too much sugar in the blood, meals must be balanced, and there has to be a restriction on the intake of sugar.
  2. Regular insulin injections are a must.
  3. The body needs to be able to burn the sugar since that’s the best way to reduce blood sugar levels. So a healthy exercise regimen is strongly recommended.
  4. Keep an eye out for any sudden spikes in blood sugar levels so that you can quickly tackle them and take care of yourself accordingly.

The emotional blow of having been diagnosed with diabetes can leave us physically challenged. What should you do after the diagnoses and what is the best way moving forward, to tackle this condition?

Along with the above-mentioned points, we go on to enumerate what we consider important emotional responses to this disease.

  1. Don’t dig yourself into a hole. Diabetes often throws us into despair and depression and makes us feel the need to dig ourselves into our little corners. But sharing helps. Try to form a support group of people who share your condition and share with your near and dear ones since that is one of the best ways to tackle your mental condition.
  2. Set goals for yourself that you can achieve: A lot of people suffer from their unrealistic ambitions. Don’t set goals that are too high and always learn how to manage your expectations, since that will ensure a better shot at success.
  3. Volunteer: Get involved with your local community and try to make the best of opportunities as and when they present themselves. Try and raise awareness and keep yourself occupied as best as you can.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask for help: A lot of people find it to be a sign of weakness to ask for help, but let us assure you that nothing can be farther from the truth. Seek out help whenever you need it and always remember that counselling is often the best cure for fighting depression.

These are a few ways to help you in the fight against diabetes. Reach out to us for help, and it will always be given. The key point to remember when battling any illness is that you must educate yourself about the disease and you must always approach everything with a calm and clear perspective of where you stand and what you want to achieve.

Diabetes means that there will be certain changes, but your ability to meet those changes and take them in your stride is what defines you. The disease doesn’t.



Breakfast Brunch Buffets-Under INR 1000?! (Content Strategi)

The craving for lunch and breakfast at the same time is nothing new to human beings. Believed to have been trended first during the late 19th century.

Now, brunch is seen as an international way of saying “I Woke Up Late, And I Can’t Decide Between Lunch and Breakfast!”.

10 Must Try Brunches In Delhi, Yes, Below INR 1000!

1.Café Knosh:

If it’s got class, Knosh’s got it.

This one’s for the hardcore brunch-maniac! The awe-inspiring lights and retaliating red wallpaper go well with their exclusive, and yet modest brunch buffet spread, for just ₹599.

This is a landmark, so you can’t miss it, but here’s the website anyway.

  1. Mosaic- Country Inn:

The variety will make you dizzy:

If you’ve never been to the countryside? No worries, because these guys transport you directly into the thick of the action!

They serve a 7-course meal, with beverages right to your table, and for the self service-enthusiast, they offer a buffet as well. And the best part? It starts from ₹599

Check them out and avail their special offers.

  1. 7° Brauhaus:

Well… The Name Says It All.

Quirky? No. Hardcore? Yes!

One of Delhi’s best brunch buffet spreads is here. Those Sunday mornings can present a challenge when you don’t find a restaurant serving brunches at your convenience. 

No worries here, as Brauhaus is open from 10 am with Sunday brunches starting from ₹999.

You should take a look at their offerings right away.

4.Viva – Holiday Inn:

So unlimited drinks it is guys!

Yes, you read that right. These folks don’t just serve up a hot Sunday brunch for you, but let you wash down all those goodies with an unlimited serving of cold beverages!

So soak up the happiness at the

Epitome Of Quality And Experience. And all that for ₹899.

  1. RBG – Park Inn:

The Perfect Indian Comfort Food.

Indian cuisine is known for its blend of savoury dynamic spices.

That being said, not all of us can rush down state to state to get that exquisite taste that is Indian cuisine, which is why RBG  is the next best option for you.

Grab their super-saver combo, starting from ₹799,  right now.

6.Avatar – Radisson Blu:

Not your ordinary culinary experience!

These guys deliver top notch ingredients on your plate with each order, and I mean “Top-Notch.”

So the know how to set the standards high while keeping the prices fair at ₹999.

Click here to check out their amazing menu.

7.Uforia Kitchen:

Good Food. Good Time.

Feel like you need to party hard and fill your stomach at the same time to compensate for that hardcore rock song you’re jamming to? Well, Uforia is the exact place you need to be this Sunday.

Their spread is also one of the largest in the locale, starting at ₹699.

  1. The California Boulevard:

It’s go fresh or go home here!

This is it, folks. The height of quality brunch spreads.

For all my players out there that like to get a little naughty and have breakfast and lunch together, this is for you.

Take a stroll through their menu, starting from ₹800.

  1. Turquoise Cottage:

Where food wins you over as well as the décor!

This well-designed restaurant offers brunches worth some serious consideration.

Indulge in some of the finest Indian-Chinese creations and speciality salads and what not, starting just ₹899.

  1. Olive Bistro:

The pasta with the right bite!

It says Olive, so you would’ve guessed! That’s right; Olive Bistro specialises in Italian and Continental good.

You can expect some authentic, well-made pasta, risottos, and seafood there.

Try it for just ₹699. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you can’t decide on whether to have lunch or breakfast, simply have both!

A meal is best enjoyed when shared. So share these classy brunch ideas with your loved ones and make their day.

Also, we would love to hear from you. So if you have any suggestions, or know an excellent brunch destination that we missed out, please tell us in the comment section below.


Brief Intro of Aakshey Talwar (By Aakshey)

I’m Aakshey Talwar; an entrepreneur who is also the biggest foodie, the coolest tech geek, a Bollywood-music lover and a hopeless romantic, all rolled into one!

To tell you about my last few years in merely a few words:

I’m a product of DPS RKP. I dropped out of engineering because I really hated it. Only to graduate from the College of Business Studies (DU) as a BBS in Finance.

Now I run, a content marketing platform based out of New Delhi.

GaiaQ was originally founded as Weaving Thoughts. In the quest for winning my true love. That however never happened. What did happen was that today, GaiaQ, although a tiny startup, has worked with big names like Nearbuy, Portea, Sulekha, Hyatt, MobiKwik, Economic Times, UpGrad, etc.

Let us connect on 2nd April 2017!


The Law of Karma (By Aakshey)

Every action/reaction causes a displacement in the cosmos.

The motion of the happening of a displacement initiates a series of displacements that total equal in magnitude and opposite in character.

So every action has its own series of reactions to match the displacement of that action with the displacement in an opposite manner.

Some of these reactions may be internal to the object, some may be external.

When there are other forces like friction that are in play, a part of the motion maybe be trapped as passive energy in the object or its associated environment.

In a vacuum,

Actions and reactions come in units of 4 each

Every action will have an internal reaction and an external one. And the external reaction (aka action) will have an associated internal action (aka reaction).

So for 2 objects in a vacuum, a single action is associated with 3 additional forms of energy/displacement.


The Destiny of your Life (By Aakshey)

Originally published on

The Destiny Of Your Life

Ever wondered why some people never lose?
Ever wondered why some people don’t think twice,
Yet always get it right?

He studies all night
Checks everything twice
Yet loses to the one
Who slept like a baby alright!

Ever wondered why this happens?
Is there a greater task you must fight?
To achieve your dreams you seek,
Because of how you think your life through…

There is a Law at work,
One that never fails those on its side
To know that Law is Holy
To follow it truly is considered folly…

What you seek must come to you
By means you never knew to be true
What you want exists already
You’ll get it when the time is new

Attract all the negativity you want
It will all come to you
Live life fearless and brave
And you’ll never make it to the grave

He who made YOU knows it all
He will answer your doubts one day
I promise this is true
You’re His saviour
You’re His son
He made you so he too could learn

Ask for what you want today
What you seek he forever knew
Believe in Him and yours it shall be
He’s just waiting for your turn

The most prepared shall seldom lose
Preparation is key
And when you’re prepared
He’ll set you free!


Ideas for MobiKwik 1 (By Aakshey)


A digital wallet that works across the web, iOS and Android devices. Be it a desktop or mobile.

You can use MobiKwik 24×7 for cashless transactions without sharing your credit card details with other websites. NEFT is not 24 x 7 and slow. Credit cards aren’t safe as per Indian mindset.

You can use MobiKwik to make instant money transfers, ticket bookings (bus), recharges and bill payments (e.g. mobile, gas, electricity etc), and online shopping purchases.

Instant Money Transfers
From wallet to wallet. Or wallet to bank. Or from your card to wallet.

You can use MobiKwik to making online payments apart from the above:

For example:

Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda etc

MakeMyTrip, IRCTC etc

Big Bazaar, Nearbuy etc

Grofers, etc

And across other sectors like Banking, Entertainment, Health etc.

You’re basically guaranteed instant payment transfers regardless and a log of all these payments. And a solid customer service in case of any lapse anywhere. With prompt resolution.

And the offers section will only grow.

While cash backs like Pakka Fayda are an icing on the cake. 🙂


Ideas for MobiKwik 2 (By Aakshey)

MobiKwik = Mobile + Quickly

Mobile = Literally mobile devices OR 24/7 with you as in mobility

Quickly = Promptly. Without delay.

So MobiKwik = 24/7 with you to pay/receive money quickly and hassle free. Cross platform and cross device.

MobiKwik aims to act as an invisible (and I really mean invisible when I say invisible) between the person making the payment and the one receiving money.

The receiver can be a shop, store, website, service, business or person. The same goes for a payer (although currently limited to end users and customers only).

When I say invisible, I infer that the person doesn’t mind having another layer between his credit/debit card and wallet, and instead prefers the wallet as it requires fewer steps than his credit card and unifies all his methods of payment.

With a wallet like MobiKwik, our aim should be to make it like a digital bank. Much like HDFC or ICICI. Whereby the person can make most/all types of incoming/outgoing transactions through a single app like MobiKwik. For example, ticket bookings for all purposes, eCommerce transactions across multiple websites, and cash exchange among friends and others.

Our aim should be to imply on the simplicity of the above. And the unity of the above. How MobiKwik can get the job done in fewer steps. Faster. And with greater security.

MobiKwik already has an offers portal. And that will only get bigger. So we should bank heavily on that as well.

Let us do it! 🙂


Ideas for Career Launcher (By Aakshey)

Title: 7 Reasons IIMs today carry more weight than most Ivy Leagues in India

Employers and investors have realised that cracking the CAT or JEE takes more merit and perseverance as compared to getting an admission in a Top 20 college abroad where partly even money and status are involved.

And that passion to outdo everybody else only comes from an average middle class hard working sapling.

There are people who are able to get into colleges like Harvard or Stanford despite failing the JEE and/or CAT. And with so many people with foreign degrees, Indian degrees are again increasing in importance.

Title: 3 Reasons why you should skip an MBA. And 4 reasons you’ll regret doing so!

Engineers from good colleges are earning handsomely.
Startups are paying well, on merit, rather than merely looking at your degree.
Getting a top MBA isn’t possible for everyone.

Long term growth and prospects.
Connections and networking.
Stability, marriage and social status.
Future funding or investment banking etc.

Title: Is MBA coaching really worth it? Here are 5 toppers who believe it is!

Improvement in chances of selection with proper preparation.

Short cuts and study techniques.

5 testimonials from CL.

Case studies of failed and successful candidates.


Title: Looking for funding? Here’s why you need to get an MBA to make it happen!

• Some statistics like
Out of 121 deals,
• A total of 63 founders have post graduate or higher degrees
• At least 40 CEOs have an MBA degree
• Only four of them have a PhD
• Investors also show an inclination towards foreign degrees.
• It also matters what college you got your MBA from.
• Network expands when you’re doing your MBA.
• Sufficient knowledge about developing business models.

Title: 4 reasons MBAs hate their life. And 5 reasons why they still get the best spouses!

Long working hours, extreme stress and competition, pressure to startup, delayed gratification

• Reasons why they get the best spouse – usually they find someone in college itself, better financial status, stability, well connected. More attractive. More independent and confident.

Title: Flunked in JEE? Don’t despair. Prepare for CAT 2018…

You might have failed because you might not have studied all concepts thoroughly. The good thing is that the CAT is more logical and basics oriented than the JEE. So with the right coaching, you can be ready to crack the CAT in a few months.

Once you get into an IIM, nobody cares that you flunked your JEE.

Title: Here’s why you may be in the wrong MBA coaching program…

• Very few lectures by the promised faculties
• Extra charges for mock tests and also their quality and level of difficulty as compared to actual CAT papers
• Not enough competition
• Poor study material
• Bad infrastructure, irregularity of lectures, counselors and faculty not approachable
Introducing CL

Title: Planning to get an MBA? Stop! 6 things you need to know like yesterday…

• Highlight why getting an MBA is a good option.
• Things you should know before getting it- the exact path you want to choose after MBA, similar knowledge can be gained through work experience, invest in good books instead of an MBA degree