Why We Love Dating TV Shows (and How We Know You Love Them, Too!) (Content Princess -SEO)

We’re not going to lie: we kind of love dating TV shows. And judging by the still-high ratings of ABC’s veteran dating show The Bachelor (21 seasons strong), it looks like we aren’t the only ones.

Ratings for the 21st season of The Bachelor increased 11{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} in the 18-49 demographic over the previous year. People are still into it. And we know why.

The truth of the human condition is that we all want love. No, we’re not saying that there aren’t a million other things in life that can fulfil you, but we all want to meet that special someone. And it makes us happy, hopeful, (and sometimes jealous) to see it happening for other people. That’s why we occasionally love a good rom-com, and why we get sucked into the love stories unfolding on shows like The Bachelor, or its spin-off, The Bachelorette.

It’s Not a New Phenomenon

Of course, dating TV shows, and our interest in them, are not new phenomena. ABC’s The Dating Game premiered in 1965 and is typically considered the first big dating show. On The Dating Game, a bachelorette questioned three bachelors who were hidden from view, and based on their answers, selected one to go on a date.

This approach to matchmaking – the idea that you can determine romantic compatibility by asking a series of questions to get to know someone – tapped into something that is still relevant today.

We are Always Connected

Times have changed since the 60s. Our approach to relationships has changed drastically since even the 90s. The unique thing about being alive today is that we are always connected. Social media keeps us connected to our friends and family, to international news, and even to complete strangers (it’s ok, we stalk celebrities on Instagram, too).  

It’s a Small World

Technology has launched us into an age of globalization, and the world is super tiny. There is absolutely no reason to limit your friendship circle to your neighbourhood or your office anymore – in an instant; you can be video chatting with a friend on the other side of the city, or the other end of the world.

We Are Looking For More

And the same goes for love. We all want to find someone. But not just anyone; we want someone who is right for us. Thirty years ago, we were limited to looking for love within our social circles. People at work, in our neighbourhoods, friends of friends.

We might have tried our luck with being “set up” or spent a Saturday night in a local bar hoping to meet someone. A lot of times, these ventures were disappointing. Why? Reason being a good match requires more than just convenience. These days, we are looking for more.

Good News: We Have Options

The good news is that we don’t have to hold out hope of being selected to appear on one of the today’s top TV dating shows to start matchmaking. We have tonnes of options available at our fingertips.

At Twoo.com, we offer our users the chance to connect with people in their area who share their interests. It’s a great way to meet new people, discover new friends, and even find love. Sure, everyone wants to put a name to a face and see a picture of individuals they might connect with, but at Twoo, we know it’s about more than just looks.

That’s why offer users the chance to answer a series of questions when they build their profiles. Answering the questions honestly, ensures you will be matched with people with whom you’re compatible.

Jump-starting Connections

Dating TV shows are fun because they let us share in contestants’ journey to find love. Even though most of us probably won’t end up on one of those shows, we can still enjoy being along for the ride. Meanwhile, we can use our matchmaking tools to jumpstart our connections.

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The Soaring Rise Of TV Dating Shows (Content Princess – SEO)

A Window Of Opportunity

With dating apps and platforms in today’s modern world rising and falling like some crazy rollercoaster I’d be way too much of a  chicken to ride on it. There was absolutely no doubt in the mind of anyone with a functioning brain that the wonderful world of dating would inevitably make the leap over to television and entertain the masses through its quirky funniness and charming likeability.

An Opportunity Seized

In our current world, there are hundreds of TV shows out there covering the dating topic, spanning all sorts of specific categories and niches, each with the single hope of stirring up some drama, spawning anger and creating entertainment. And one thing is for sure, even in the real world, love is certainly full of those things!

With shows like Love Island, First Dates and The Undatables, sky-rocketing towards popularity, our experts over here at Twoo.com predict not only rises in TV shows to do with dating, but also in dating platforms themselves. When people see an opening in the market, they tend to seize it at the very first chance they get. And just like TV producers have done with these shows, we think website creators will follow suit.

But It’s Not As Simple As It May Sound

Sure, if some bozo could grab a camera and film a few couples having dinner, only to have that footage become one of the hottest TV shows in current times, we’d all be very wealthy, wouldn’t we? That is exactly why it’s just not that simple. I always try to think, with every successful TV show, there are at least a hundred – if not more – failed TV shows. So just imagine how many producers there are out there who are out of pocket trying to follow suit.

Why is it not that simple? Well, let me explain

You see, a lot of these shows aren’t just a mishmash of pairing people off and hoping entertainment comes of it. Far from it actually. Their approach to these types of things is very scientific, sort of like our approach here at Twoo.com. They pre-pick their candidates and match them up with another person who they may or may not click with, which in either circumstance is likely to provide bucket loads of entertainment.

Of course, us here at Twoo.com never aim to set people up to fail; we always use our science-based algorithms to pair people with others they are very compatible with, that way you are always guaranteed to match with someone similar. However, when entertainment is involved, these shows often don’t care as much as we do, and will sacrifice the likelihood of a match to catch some golden TV moments.

Be On The Watch

Try to keep all this in mind when the new TV dating shows continue to crop up now and then, and find entertainment in the show the way the producers are intending. But remember, if it’s entertainment you’re after, TV shows are right. But if it’s an actual match and a real shot at love, there’s only one place for you. Twoo.com.


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Why live-in before marriage? Because it’s a boon

It’s the sort of thought that would bring our parents to a horrified halt. There is the real fear a grandparent might catch a whisper of it, and there will be a scene reminiscent of an Ekta Kapoor serial.

But ask the younger generations, and it’s common knowledge that it might just be the smart choice.

  1. Try Before You Buy

Live together or learn how to live together, and however bad it might be to realize that you can’t do it, it’s still better than having to get a divorce.

Just don’t treat a live-in relationship like a trial, where you can bail out any time. If you aren’t serious enough to stick it out through the hard times, then it’s better just to break up. The idea is to try and avoid a messy break-up!

  1. Low-Key Living

Even if you’re convinced that the two of you are going to get married and live happily ever after, it’s still a good idea to have a live-in relationship.

Why? Because then you learn to adjust together without all the stress and expense of a marriage hanging over your shoulder.

After a wedding, buying a new fridge or going on a vacation might be impossible because all of your spare cash is gone in the marriage. It creates a lot of extra stress when you’re learning how to adjust to a new person in your space.

  1. Learn the Differences From A Roommate

I am a great roommate/flatmate. I’ve heard it from 7 out of 8 people I’ve lived with, so it has to be right! So I’m sure to have a great married life, right? Nah.

Treating a married life like having a roommate is going to end pretty badly!

Learn how to live with a spouse, how to live with someone permanently and deal with the problems that crop up. It will take time to unlearn behaving like a roommate.

  1. Have Some Privacy

The minute you’re married, you’re going to have many well-meaning (or not!) relatives asking about your ‘plans.’ When the question is –  are you going to give them a kid to play with?

Apart from offering them a fluffy toy and suggesting that kids aren’t toys, the other alternative is just to grin and bear it.

When you’re already trying to adjust to a new living situation, these small constant stressors can become unbearable.

  1. Enjoy Yourself!

Following directly on from the above, once you’re married, in a way you’re everybody’s business. Your parents, your spouse’s parents, every relative you haven’t ever heard of will come out of the woodwork to explain the ‘realities of life’ to you.

Have a live-in relationship and enjoy the private time that you can have together without having to take into account roommates, relatives, and everyone else.

Whatever you do, always be honest with each other and learn how to take the little problems less seriously. It’ll make both marriages and live together much more comfortable!

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Live-in before marriage – Why this lifestyle deserves a chance

“Living together before marriage- can you imagine a bigger sin?”

Ah, yes! Yes, I can. But that’s a rant for another time.

Living-in is a big decision. And you shouldn’t consider it just because your parents believe their child in a live-in would cause the sun to explode, oceans to boil, and the end of the world as we know it.

The overbearing population aside, live-in is a part of relationships. It’s got its advantages and drawbacks. But, “what will people say” is not a viable enough reason to throw the idea in the dustbin.

Before you consider if live-in is the right next step for you and your partner, let me tell you why I think it’s worth the chance.

  1. Know your partner inside-out

Every party puts their best foot forward when you have limited access to them. It’s human nature. But when you live together, you get to see things you wouldn’t have otherwise.

She hates pepperoni on her pizza. You often wake up to her coding at night. She’s just unable to share chocolates.

He always gets up after midnight for a snack. He wakes up with you snaked around him almost every morning. He can’t stand how you invite over every dog you meet.

Live-in relationships open doors to really knowing your partner. Their likes and dislikes, pet peeves – you get to glimpse who they are on a regular, boring, uneventful Friday night just as much as when you go out on a five-star date with them.

  1. You have a roommate, with benefits

If you’re already spending a lot of your time with your partner, moving in is the cost-effective method for both of you. You’ll share:

  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Dinner bills, and
  • Money

You earn, you spend. You share expenses for the facilities you both use. You save more as well. And you’ll always have someone to come home to.

Does that sound so bad?

  1. A sudden avalanche of responsibilities? Not so much

Marriage is very much synonymous with responsibility, especially in India.

If you directly jump into a marriage. You don’t merely marry a guy or a girl – you marry into a family. You’ve got expectations, duties, parents, in-laws and a changed life.

And to top it, you have a spouse that you still need to befriend, never mind spending a lifetime with.

In a live-in, you have a partner whom you know well. The basic understanding is – we take one change at a time and adjust accordingly.

There is no flood of life-changes that you must handle. Responsibilities are mutually discussed and accepted or discarded.

  1. Compatibility check? Yes, please!

It’s the best part of a live-in. You are free to walk out if you can see that things aren’t working well. The break-up could be ugly, or smooth, depending on how you handle it.

 It’s a no-fuss, minimal-mess method to check whether or not two people are compatible.

Try getting out of marriage. The paperwork alone would tire your soul.

Try live-in- the drawbacks aren’t sensible enough to not try it anyway.

I often wonder, you may have too, why two consenting adults living together ruffles the feathers of a majority of our delightful Indian population.

The replies – “But, there is no social responsibility!”, “What if he takes advantage of you and runs away?”, “She is using you for money, can’t you see?”, “What face would we have left in the society?”, “Because he’s an engineer and you’re a nurse- where’s the match?”.

And the time-tested classic, “What would the neighbors think?”.

Like I said, not sensible enough!

Opt for a live-in if you want to. The social stigma can be paralyzing. Don’t let it hold you back.

If your partner is the one you like, trust, and see some of your future with, go ahead!

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Brief Intro of Aakshey Talwar (By Aakshey)

I’m Aakshey Talwar; an entrepreneur who is also the biggest foodie, the coolest tech geek, a Bollywood-music lover and a hopeless romantic, all rolled into one!

To tell you about my last few years in merely a few words:

I’m a product of DPS RKP. I dropped out of engineering because I really hated it. Only to graduate from the College of Business Studies (DU) as a BBS in Finance.

Now I run GaiaQ.com, a content marketing platform based out of New Delhi.

GaiaQ was originally founded as Weaving Thoughts. In the quest for winning my true love. That however never happened. What did happen was that today, GaiaQ, although a tiny startup, has worked with big names like Nearbuy, Portea, Sulekha, Hyatt, MobiKwik, Economic Times, UpGrad, etc.

Let us connect on 2nd April 2017!