Look your Best this Summer! (Rank Princess – SEO)

Swimsuit season is here! There are a lot of swimsuits on the market, online. But which one will make you look as hot as the sun? Is it a bikini? Or a one-piece swimsuit? Or a microkini? The possibilities are endless.

Know your Swimsuit

Flaunt your curves and look like a sexy goddess this summer. If you are planning a trip to the beach to soak in the sun or take a dip to cool off, you need the right swimsuit. But which beachwear do you buy? A bikini is the most popular choice but what are the other kinds of sexy beach dresses? 

To avoid those uneven tan lines

To get the perfect tan that you are looking for while looking conservative, you can opt for a one piece swimsuit. A one-piece swimsuit, as its name suggests is one piece attire that covers the upper and lower parts of the torso with a single piece of clothing. It is also called a ‘Tank Top’ because of how much it resembles a tank top. It comes in many variants.

Traditionally, a one piece is sleeveless, has a small or a moderately low neckline, fits perfectly to the body and has openings in the bottom similar to that of underwear. A one-piece beachwear is your choice if you want to show some skin but not too much.

A Bikini or a Trikini

A trikini is another name for a bikini. A bikini, which is a two-piece beachwear.

It is the most popular with women all around the world. There are endless patterns, modifications and fittings in a bikini you can choose from online. A bikini consists of an upper garment that looks similar to a brassiere but consists of strings instead of a strap. 

These strings go over the shoulders or around the neck in some versions of the bikini, leaving the backside bare. The lower garment in the bikini is also similar to underwear, except that it is thinner and shows more skin than a regular underwear would. 

Sometimes, bikinis are accessorised with metal rings or beads that connect the strings to give a sexier appeal. Bikinis are the right kind of swimsuits for you if you want to get tanned evenly and flaunt your summer body.

You can buy bikini online in India, depending on the size that fits you the best.

Along with that comes the liberty of choosing the best rates and patterns available, as the icing on the cake.

A Mix-‘N Match Situation

If you want to opt for something modest yet something that lets you lounge under the sun, a tankini is your choice. A tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini. There are two pieces in this swimsuit. The top part of a tankini is similar to a tank top while the lower portion resembles an underwear. It is convenient for taking a dip in the waves and even for sitting back on the sand and enjoying a day out on the beach. Tankinis come in a various sizes, colours and shapes. So, there are plenty of choices of choose from on the Internet.

The tankini is mostly worn by children for their convenience and comfort. 

Other unconventional beachwear

If a bikini is not your cup of tea, you can opt for other variations of bikinis like a sling bikini. It is a one-piece swimsuit which is joined in the middle and is open at the sides, leaving the sides of the torso bare. A more daring choice, the monokini is a single piece swimsuit without a top.

To achieve a modest look with a monokini; it can be paired up with a crop top or a halter top. A microkini may not seem like the most obvious choice given its daring ‘if you got it, flaunt it’ look, but when paired with a transparent or a semi-transparent tunic, it is perfect for a day under the sun.

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Beach Wear for the Ideal Vacation (Rank Princess – SEO)

    Summer is the time to soak in the sun. Whether it is beach vacation or just a day lazing around in the sands, the one dilemma every woman faces is the attire. The outfit has to be stylish and at the same time easy on your skin to support the extended outdoor hours.

   The humid coastal weather will make it impossible to cover up from top to toe, making it the perfect time to flaunt your body and get it exposed to the sun. If you are uncomfortable with exposing your skin to the sun, you can cover up and yet create a style statement.

Choosing the Right Beachwear

    Sexy beach dresses with little detailing and a glamourous look are perfect for beach concerts and dates by the beach. Casual beach outfits are ideal for a stroll by the beach or for relaxation on the sands. For playing in the waves and fun time in the water, a bikini is an ideal outfit.

   Here are some tips to dress up most appropriately for a day by the shore.

  1. Dress according to the event

    Though the options for an ideal beach wear are endless, you can start by filtering your clothes based on the occasion. While a business event demands a semi-formal outfit, an informal outing will require you to dress in a casual manner. An event-appropriate outfit will not only make you look stylish, but it is also a mark of respect to the host.

  1. Contemplate your style

   The dress should portray your style and personality. The clothes we wear speak a lot about us. Decide on the kind of style that suits you best- casual or chic or young or sexy or the much sought after boho look.

   For casual outings, sexy beach dresses or bikinis suit best. If you do not find the right kind of bikinis in any store in your neighbourhood, you can buy bikini online in India.

  1. Match the components right

   Once you choose the style, a lot of attention should go to putting the items of your clothing together so that they match the vibe of the event or occasion. The accessories and ornaments should match the surroundings. You cannot let the ornaments ruin the carefully thought out look.

   Printed bags, flip flops or small wedges can add an edge to your beach look. Sarongs, capes and throws in wild prints can jazz up a plain bikini.

Choose Weather Friendly Outfits

   The coastal towns are humid, so choose your clothes so that they are easy on the skin. The fabric of your dress should not suffocate you. So, while choosing an outfit, remember to keep the material light. 

  Light colours are more comfortable for a hot day. You can add some gusto to the look by incorporating fun prints and coordinated accessories.

  The beach favourite bikini can be stylised with the right kind of bracelets and flat sandals. Over the bikini, you can choose to wear a cape, a kimono, a thin throw or just a sheer dress. To find the right design of bikinis suitable to your body type, you can buy bikini online in India.

Stick to Casual

   Beach outfits should be put together with no fuss. When in a beach, remember to dress down. Stick to the basics and rock the minimal look.

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Workplace Glam: Statement Neckpieces for the Office

Workplaces and offices can feel stifling to the creative soul or fashionista who wants to display their talent for coordination. Often, office attire can feel drab and uninspired with neutral colours, long hemlines, and high collars. The best way to break out of the office attire rut is to accessorise with a great statement neckpiece such as a choker or necklace.

Express your individuality with these great pieces

Expressing yourself in the workplace can bring a great sense of satisfaction to an individual. It allows them to stand out in the office crowd without seeming too outlandish. Try out some of these great finds for your next day at the office

  • Rustic Refinement- Simple pieces for a bold statement

The Molten Metal Arch neck-piece is a wonderfully simple piece of jewellery that can coordinate with any outfit. It has a beautifully subdued sheen with a large texture for a perfect collaboration between sight and feels.

For those that like a slightly more delicate look, try the Epiphyte Flower Neckpiece. This unassuming necklace features a wonderfully rustic branch accompanied by a beautiful flower. The silver metal tones and subtle shine give this piece a personality all its own and allow it to be paired with just about any outfit.

  • Natural Elegance- Bring the natural world with you

When stuck indoors all day long, one can begin to crave the peaceful and elegant touch of the natural world. The square locket with a real green fern on a red background is a perfect way to bring nature with you to the office. This necklace is an effortless statement piece that will grab attention without being garish.

For those looking for a more understated piece of nature, try the Origin of Flora Choker. The mix of metal types and beautiful floral design are the perfect pairing for a sophisticated but natural touch to any outfit.

  • Gorgeous Geometry- Shapes for a touch of interest

Geometric shapes are timeless foundations for jewellery. The Ujjwala necklace is a perfect example of just how interesting geometric pieces can be. The concentric shapes bring a touch of whimsy without losing the elegance of the pure metallic design.

For a bolder look, try the Celestial Moon Neckpiece. The bent corners in the piece bring edginess to any outfit, and the bold placement of a large stone makes an impact on anyone who sees it.

  • Pretty in Pink- Bring a touch of the feminine to any workplace outfit

For anyone who has ever worked in a male dominated office, it is evident that occasionally there needs to be a woman’s touch. The Mother and Daughter necklace featuring the flower of life can connect you to a loved one while making a bold statement around your neck.

For a more understated touch of pink, try the minimalist design of the Mridang Choker. The simple squares on this choker bring a beautiful pop of colour to the neck on a graceful chain.

  • Superior Stones

If unique jewellery is appealing, try the Chained Rock Necklace. The uncut stones contrast against the delicate movement of the golden chains in a way that is sure to bring attention to any outfit

For a less bold neckpiece that is still unusual, try the Clustered Golden Dangles Necklace. The stones are smaller as are the golden dangles allowing for a more delicate piece while still retaining the different elements seen in the Chained Rock Necklace.

These are just a few of the beautiful pieces available at Mojarto.com.To see all of the options available and perhaps find a nice set of matching earrings, visit their site.

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Major Breakthroughs in the World of Fashion

Fashion is something that not only changes from day to day but also is quite a subjective topic. What is a style for one person may just be an attire for a fancy dress party for another. But over the years, the world of fashion has evolved and refined itself into the glitzy and glamorous world that we see today.

Here are a few things and breakthroughs that have revolutionized the world of fashion over the years.

  1. Artificial Dyes

Your favorite red dress would probably not be your favorite if it wasn’t, well, red. In the earlier times, dyes were only obtained from natural substances, and while it was delightful (and possibly the only feasible) idea at that point, the natural dyes had weak staying power, and the colors soon became washed out and faded. Hence, when a British chemist accidentally created the first artificial dye ever—a mauve color dye—things took a turn for the better.

Artificial dyes are not only more economical to make, but we also now have access to a wider spectrum of colors, since not all natural substances could be successfully combined to give a secondary color.

  1. Cotton Gin

Cotton is probably the material worn the most around the globe, especially in tropical countries where summer season can be cruel and extremely uncomfortable. However, before Eli Whitney invented the miracle machine cotton gin, obtaining cotton lint from its plants was a severely tedious and cumbersome process. On an average, it took a single person a total of ten hours to extract one pound of cotton lint from its seeds. With the invention of the cotton gin, however, the production of cotton sky-rocketed in all leading industrial areas of the world. The USA now could produce millions of tons of cotton a year.

  1. Sewing Machine

While sewing stuff by hand fell under ‘precious handicraft’, it was a very long process, especially when the number of garments in question was large in number. The invention of the sewing machine resulted in a dramatic increase in the overall production rate of the industry. Produced in all shapes and sizes with a various range of functionalities, the fashion industry by storm with the use of sewing machines.

  1. Digital Printing

Dying is essentially an elaborate process, which also uses a lot of water that is rendered non-reusable. With digital printing, designs are directly applied to the fabric, resulting in an impressive 95{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} reduction in water usage, and also minimized textile waste. Also, with digital printing, a lot of intricate designs can now be created and transferred to clothes.

  1. Smarter Online Shopping

The online marketplace is where everyone goes to get everything that they need, and clothes are no exception. Online websites that sell clothes and accessories have hopped on the technology bandwagon, and now offer their customers smart tools that help them create a digital avatar of themselves, and pick and choose clothes that will look good on them. Such tools not only help shoppers make better choices but also reduce the chances of refunds and returns considerably.

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10 Unconventional Figures Who Redefined the World of Fashion

We have all grown up knowing the names of big fashion houses like Versace, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and the like. These symbols of luxury and high fashion are instantly recognizable, with their signature styles and iconic logos.

Despite not being instantly recognizable as the top fashion designers in the world, there are several names in the industry that have made their own significant contributions. While fashion trends are seasonal, these individuals have made their mark as influential fashion designers in their own right.

Here’s our list of 10 not-so-known people who have redefined the world of fashion:

Mary Quant

This iconic British Fashion designer is frequently credited as the creator of miniskirts and hot pants as we know them today. They symbolized freedom in women fashion sensibilities, allowing them to be sexy and feminine at the same time.

Vivienne Westwood

Another British designer and also a businesswoman, she is said to have shaped the look of the punk rock in the late 1970s’. She is known for her unconventional and edgy styles and outspokenness.  She was instrumental in bringing new wave fashion and modern punk into mainstream fashion.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the more mainstream of male American fashion designers in this point in time. Klein’s brand was known at the time for its sensual and provocative approach to advertising and incorporating elements of celebrity in promotions for the brand. The Calvin Klein look is known to maintain a minimal aesthetic and is linked not just to clothes, but perfumes and undergarments as well.

Diane von Furstenberg

Her famous wrap dress is what first brought her to the attention of the fashion world. But she is multifaceted and has dabbled in several other creative pursuits such as publishing and cosmetics, to name a few. She also advocates for leadership roles for young women.

Donna Karan

At the time when women were slowly starting to play a more prominent role in the corporate world, formal clothing options were very limited. She is credited with bringing comfortable and stylish workplace staples for the career and business woman.

Stella Mccartney

Not only is her brand easy to wear and comfortable, but it is also ethically conscious. As a vegan, she is a champion for cruelty-free and environmentally conscious fashion. 


His gowns are stunning in the way they make the wearer look extremely feminine and sophisticated at the same time. He gained recognition for the shade of red that he used to create his initial collection of gowns. This was later called Valentino red. His client list includes not just famous actresses, but royalty as well. 

Carolina Herrera

She has her own business empire spanning the globe, which spells luxury and sophistication. She has dressed several First Ladies of the U.S. She is also credited with the concept of a white shirt being the staple part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Vera Wang

Think of this designer and your immediate reaction may be- Wedding dresses! But that is just one part of her business. She is also involved in several other aspects of fashion like fragrances, ready to wear, tuxedos, etc.

Levi Strauss

Who doesn’t love a good pair of jeans? This is a fashion staple that’s been around for decades and is well loved by men and women alike. Enduring great hardship in his younger years, his move to America in 1847 is what started his journey in creating one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in the world.

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5 Shoe Trends To Look Out For This Year

Summer is just around the corner, with that being said, you cannot continue wearing those mile long boots that you stomped around in all winter. For two reasons, the first being, that they are out of fashion and the second being there is nothing worse than wearing something that is out of fashion.

Keeping yourself updated from time to time is the name of the game. Summer 2017 shoe trends are very different compared to the shoes for fall winter 2016-2017. We do not recommend raiding your nearest popular fashion store with your daddy’s credit card or hiring a stylist to keep you in style. Instead, you can just read on, and you will know what to stock up for the entire year to come.

So here are top footwear trends for the year 2017-2018.

Suede Sneakers Are In

If you have made an accidental purchase while being impulsive during a sale that included a pair of suede sneakers, but never really wore them as you were afraid they were not in fashion, now is the time to flaunt them. If you do not own a pair of these sneakers go right ahead and get them in your favourite colour. 2017 sneaker trends around the world include suede to make a dramatic comeback and designers are taking to the ramps aggressively with this heavenly pair of footwear.

Quirky Flats with Sequins and Florals

They say comfort never goes out of fashion and I bet they are not wrong. Flats are to foot what sofas are to bums. So invest in some quirky flats, with flowers, beads or patterns on top. You will know you are in the limelight when the lady with 7-inch heels will stare at you with envy for looking cool and yet being so comfortable.

Pump it up

Spring/Summer 2017 footwear trends may discourage you from going overboard with you collection of heels or platforms. But this isn’t a bad year for pumps at all. Nude, brown and black are the classics. You can also experiment with other, worldly colours that you might feel confident to carry. Team it with an LBD or knee high skirt and blouse, and you will look nothing less than a showstopper.

Sliders are the new flip flops

 With flats already on our list this one seems like a repetition, but do not worry, it isn’t. Sliders are for the days when you have exhausted your trustworthy flats and are looking to stay comfortable without hurting yourself. Invest in a pair of very casual and bright coloured ones to stand out in a crowd of fashionistas who are trying hard to fit in.

Wedges: The mascots for spring-summer 2017

Finally, let’s talk about the controversial yet appealing wedges that are here to make a comeback this year. These tall beauties can be your besties this summer. They tread on the borderline of being comfortable yet stylish which makes them a hit with someone who wishes to move away from the devilish heels. Pair them with a floral dress, and you will look like you have just walked off the neighbourhood ramp.

The 2017 shoe release of various brands is a collection of some odd yet appealing styles. As important as it might be to be constantly updated regarding the latest trends of this year, it is also advised to add a dash of your style in it. It’s okay to have a fashion faux pas at times, but it’s not okay to intentionally put on the wrong attire. Look out for 2017 Nike shoes, 2017 Shoes Jordan, 2017 sneaker trends men, to learn about the latest trends in fashion. Stay ahead and stay stylish. 

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Hottest Shoe Trends of 2017! (Rank Princess – SEO)

In the earlier times, people used to say diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Little did they know that shoes would soon replace diamonds and become a woman’s new best friend.

Whether it is a romantic date, a business meeting or a casual evening with friends, the shoes you pair your outfit with make or break your impression. Every New Year brings new fashion trends. Same goes for shoes. While the classic pumps and stilettos never go out of style, this is the year of comfortable yet classy fashion. 

Here are the major footwear trends of 2017 that are a must-have for your wardrobe so you can always put your right foot forward!

White Sneakers

You know how they say less is always more?

The minimalistic white sneaker trend is definitely in this season. The trend which was set on the Tommy Hilfiger, Band of Outsiders and Lacoste ramp is now raging on the streets in every country.

The best part about them is that they go with absolutely anything and everything! You can pair them up with shorts, skirts, jeans and even dresses. The main mantra is to keep it casual. They are super stylish and keep your feet happy too.

Colorful Sneakers

With the six-inch stilettos taking a back seat, it is now the season of comfortable and stylish sneakers. They can be paired with anything from hard-core denim to colourful pastels. After all, it is the perfect weekend shoe. This season, the shimmery golden and silver sneakers are the major trendsetters. A pair of colourful sneakers is a must-have in every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Mega Platforms

The big daddies of the fashion world like Marc Jacobs and Coach are all for clunky platforms this year. If you don’t want to sport flats with your new dress but, at the same time don’t want to kill your feet in those stilettos, mega platforms are your saviour. They give you the extra height and can make any attire look classy and versatile. If you want to look edgy, you can go for spotted prints and metallic studs. Regardless of which ones you choose, they are sure to turn many heads.

Feminine Flats and Loafers

Elegance does not go out in any season. Loafers, a shoe trend adopted by men, when given a glamorous, feminine touch rock every look. They look chic and are as cosy as sneakers. Beautiful flats with beads, prints and patterns go with any outfit. They are light on the feet and the pocket. So ladies, invest in a few pairs of flats and loafers and fulfil your shoe fetish!

The Mule Era

It is the style which never grows old. They maybe open-toed or closed, but these slip-and-go sandals are elegant and comfortable. Seen on the runways of designers like Tory Burch and Brock, mules can be found in velvet styles or bold prints. Nude coloured mules are one of the classiest trends this year.

Are any of these missing from your wardrobe? Don’t waste another second and go grab them!

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J Brand White Jeans (Rank Princess – SEO)

In literal terms, Jeans are trousers, a type of cloth, generally manufactured from denim or dungaree cloth. Jeans were originally made for miners and cowboys, but due to their fashionable nature, they became very popular among teenagers in the 1950’s.

Jeans became a widespread, popular fashion statement during the 1960’s rock bands and hippie cultures. Jeans tend to come in different fits, like skinny jeans, tapered jeans, slim jeans, straight, boot cut jeans, cigarette bottom jeans, narrow bottom jeans, bell bottom jeans, low waist jeans, anti-fit jeans, and flare jeans.

The most recent advancement in jeans is the white jeans, and J Brand has emerged as the market leader in this segment. Making fashionable, good looking, as well as comfortable white jeans, have struck a chord with the younger generation, making J Brand white jeans one of the most sought after.

Recently, attractive discounts due to J Brand skinny jeans sale and J Brand jeans sale have spiked up the sale of these jeans.

About the Brand

J Brand is one of the biggest jeans brands in the world, and their revolutionary white jeans have taken the world by storm. They have become today’s fashion leaders, who have made a difference to the dressing sense of today’s youth.

They have created a style which has served as an exciting new trend in modern jeans. The employees of J brand thrive on creativity, integrity and the urge to contribute to revolutionizing fashion.

J Brand’s White Jeans

The special white jeans from J brand are manufactured from a special type of raw, untouched denim, designed to fit or conform to the body. The speciality of this denim manages to shine through only after the user has worn them for long enough, such that the jeans have formed or adjusted to the body. In general, for most comfort, they should be worn three months before washing. 

There are multiple different varieties of white jeans available, each of which has their merits. They can be listed as follows:

  • Kane Men’s Straight
  • Relaxed Straight
  • Cropped
  • Men’s Skinny
  • Super Skinny

The advantages of the J Brand skinny jeans are:

  • Skinny, low-rise jeans are the latest fashion and make one look good.
  • For athletes or fit individuals, skinny jeans are the best way to show off the physique.
  • They are very comfortable, for those who are used to wearing them.
  • White jeans are excellent for the summer season, as it has been scientifically shown that white clothes are the best choice during the summers.

What’s more, the J Brand jeans sale and J Brand skinny jeans sale have ensured that people today can get their dose of white jeans without worrying about the cost. Attractive discounts on different products have caused a massive rise in the sale of the white jeans.

A few examples of the discounted prices in J Brand’s jeans sales are:

  • Emma Mid-Rise Super Skinny White Jeans

Original price: 188 dollars; discounted price: 110 dollars.

  • Kane Straight Fit In Tinted Natural

Original price: 198 dollars; discounted price: 119 dollars.

  • Kane Straight Fit In Tinted Metallic

Original price: 198 dollars; discounted price: 110 dollars.


J brand’s top priority is customer satisfaction, and therefore, it wants to give its buyers a maximum chance to be satisfied with the product they have purchased. Therefore, they offer a thirty days return/exchange time limit.

Thus, a buyer if not satisfied with the white jeans he has bought because it is too tight, or maybe it’s just not for them, they may simply return the jeans. A prepaid shipping label is attached to all domestic purchases, and a nominal cost of just over five dollars will be deducted from the refund amount. 

Moreover, any exchanged merchandise is shipped ground service without any additional shipping charges at all.

The charges for domestic shipping of the white jeans are very nominal as well. If the customer isn’t in a hurry and wishes to have the item delivered within a week, he has the option of choosing the ‘ground’ delivery option, which is free.

That’s right, not a single penny to be spent. If however, the customer is in a bit of a hurry and wants the item delivered as soon as possible, within a day or two, the charges are pretty reasonable as well, ranging from eighteen dollars for a single item to just thirty-six dollars for five items, which is almost a steal!

When it comes to international shipping, J brand is a step ahead of its competitors. It offers excellent and reliable international shipping at affordable costs. What’s more, J Brand takes the pain to gift wrap the purchase, if the customer so desires, and ship internationally. The price tags will be removed as well, in such cases.

Also, a customer placing an order for international shipping can easily track his order on the website. The order dates, the shipping dates, the courier e-tracking number, will all be explicitly stated, enabling the customer to stay in touch with his order at all times.


Very importantly, while online shopping at J Brand, the customers are protected from online frauds or attacks. The website has stringent anti-fraud measures in place, whereby any suspected fraudulent transactions are scrutinised and thereby, prevented. 

The website is provided with daily transaction reports, along with the analysis of any fraudulent transactions that might be occurring.

Such anti-cheating measures, ensuring totally secure, private transactions enables the customers to purchase their favourite white jeans from J Brand, without any concerns about their hard earned money.

Customer Service

J Brand is blessed with a prompt, polite and well-trained customer support team, who are available to help their clients at all times. The team is available seven days a week, from 6 am to 6 pm, except of course on federal holidays.

The contact number is mentioned on the website, in addition, to a fully functioning email address, from which one can expect a prompt and helpful reply.

Jeans has become the lifeblood of casual clothing in the modern world, and J Brand has become the brand leader. Their white skinny jeans or even just the normal jeans are comfortable, stylistic as well as very affordable, due to the attractive J Brand skinny jeans sale, leading to J Brand becoming the name to beat in the fashion industry.

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Maternity Wear from J Brand Jeans Sale a Hot Pick for Mommies-to-be (Rank Princess – SEO)

J Brand Jeans is a leading global brand of denim wear that has revolutionised the market with their unique designs carrying a signature of sophistication and comfort. The ladies wear collection of J Brand Jeans is renowned for their perfect fit that contours and complements the female body.

The brand has also been in association with leading designers to develop a line of clothing that embodies the latest definitions of female sensibilities.

In the women’s line of clothing, the skinny jean was revolutionised by the J Brand designs. They are hot sellers at our J Brand Skinny Jeans sale. The company also contributed to the women’s range, the unique Houlihan cargo pants which spelt comfort and ease of wear.

Their Love Story Flare pants were wildly popular at the time of introduction and have maintained that status since. The range of maternity wear from J Brand Jeans is also widely accepted, as can be referenced by the quick stock-outs at our J Brand Jeans sale and J Brand Maternity Jeans sale.

How do you Choose Maternity Jeans at the J Brand Jeans Sale?

A pair of jeans is a very personal piece of wardrobe, as it moulds to the shape of our bodies with wear. It is also more robust than any other clothing in a woman’s closet, and it carries a tag of dependability because it does not need to be washed after every outing. This anchor of a woman’s style statement is often the most missed among her clothing, as she steps into pregnancy. It involves a great deal of time and effort to zero in on a perfect pair of jeans while you are out shopping. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while you are selecting a jean at the store.

  1. Try multiple designs and brands before you make a choice.
  2. As opposed to your pre-pregnancy choices, it is optimum to buy something that complements your baby bump.
  3. Get jeans in multiple styles that would suit your body as your waistline expands. You may be short of shopping time later on in your pregnancy.
  4. Treat yourself to some good fitting designs, because it is important to love your body as you progress through your pregnancy.

Types of Maternity Jeans Available in the J Brand Maternity Jeans Line

Some shopping jargons that you should familiarise with before you step out to buy a pair of J Brand Maternity Jeans are listed below.

  1. Under-the-bump

This is an ideal design for the initial pregnancy period when your bump is small. The jean has a supportive wide band of elastic that falls below the tummy.

  1. Over-the-bump

This design has an elastic waistband that fits over your pregnancy tummy. This style is ideal for use in late pregnancies.

  1. Drawstring

An adjustable string is provided at the front with some elastic band panelling at the back for support.

  1. Jersey basque

This design is characterised by a stretchy front panel that expands while your tummy grows.  The panel is made up of spandex, lycra or elastane. It also has elastic panels at concealed spots to provide an optimum fit. The elastic bands of the jeans are also available in a spectrum of colours to complement the rest of the outfit. Jersey Basque design is the most versatile type of maternity jeans, as it can be used throughout a pregnancy without having to worry about your tummy growth. This is also a hot seller at the J Brand Maternity Jeans sale.

  1. Fly-front

This design has a normal zip or button opening with adjustable straps placed on the sides of the waistband or with stretchy panels on the front.

  1. Side panels

Elastic panels on the sides of the waistband are part of this style. These panels expand with your growing tummy.

Cuts of Maternity Jeans

On the lines of regular jeans, maternity jeans are available in different sizes and cuts. The J Brand Maternity Jeans sale stocks all sizes and cuts of maternity jeans. Some of the popular cuts are detailed below.

  1. Hybrid designs like the skinny legging maternity jeans have stretch panels located at strategic locations on the waistband and curve contouring patterns. This is also a very popular design at the J Brand Skinny Jeans sale.
  2. Bootcut Maternity Jeans are wider towards the ankle and are perfect for wearing with boots. This style of jeans is also an ideal fit for women with pear-shaped and hourglass shaped pre-pregnancy figures. Hence, this is another highly sought-after design at J Brand Jeans sale.
  3. Maternity Capris end towards the middle of the calf and are optimum for summers as the material allows air circulation. The comfort and style that this design offers have made it very popular among pregnant women.
  4. Straight cut maternity jeans do not contour the leg like the skinny jeans but are a comfortable casual wear option during pregnancy.
  5. Flare jeans are snug at the thighs and flare out towards the feet. This design has a retro seventies style to it that is accepted by many moms-to-be.


During the exciting pregnancy phase of a woman’s life, she does not have to forgo her personal style to accommodate her physical changes.  The J Brand Skinny Jeans sale and J Brand Jeans sale stock some of the best maternity wear for moms-to-be. 

Customers are, however, advised to familiarise with the different styles of maternity wear, size charts and the various cuts available in J Brand Jeans before they browse through the collections. Also, maternity bands are the best options during the first trimester of pregnancy, as these can be worn over pre-pregnancy jeans itself. 

The fit and comfort of J Brand jeans are guaranteed to enhance your shopping experience, and it helps you to arrive at a decision sooner than you would expect. If customers purchase from the J Brand Jeans Sale judiciously, the jeans could last them their entire pregnancy, and also even the next one!

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Beating the Monday Morning Blues with a Hint of Black (Rank Princess – SEO)

Have you experienced the morning melancholy and found yourself reaching out for the comfortable pair of jeans in your wardrobe?

Haven’t you craved for comfort but refused to compromise on style?

So why not experiment with fresh fashion trends and pack a punch of comfort and style with the one and only J Brand Black Skinny Jeans.

The Denim Experts – J Brand

With a prime vision of creating chic, standard and classy jeans, J Brand was officially introduced in the year 2004. J Brand efficiently deals in various categories of fashion products for both women and men. Spoiled for choices you can scan through leather, winter wear, outerwear and an extensive range of exclusive denim jeans offered by them.

Creativity seeps through the entire organisation and is professionally expressed in their products.

Fun fact – J Brand was the foremost company to introduce skinny jeans and expand its distribution on a global level. It has its imprints in luxury retail stores over 25 countries around the world. J Brand is also recognised for its corporate responsibility towards the society. They are strictly against practices that promote Employment Discrimination, Child Labor, and Involuntary Employment.

J Brand hosts numerous sales at various time periods throughout the year. Their skinny jeans sale is the one you shouldn’t miss this year. Be a part of the fashion industry and dress up like the model you are meant to be with their trending apparel.

What’s all the hype about Skinny Jeans?

Skinny Jeans are truly a blessing for both men and women and also an applaudable innovation for the fashion industry.

These jeans clearly spell out the definition of comfort and are available in various fabrics which shape your body to the sleek silhouette with an obsequious fit. J Brand Skinny Jeans Sale is all set to bring forward comfort and style to your doorstep.

The best part about owning skinny jeans is how effortlessly you can ramp up a simple outfit like a designer with minimal effort. Rummage through your outfits for a movie date night, and you will find yourself grabbing a pair of skinny jeans.

The Fashionista Black Skinny Jeans

Black Skinny Jeans is the new “Little Black outfit” in the city. Black is the prime colour of fashion, and there are n number of ways you can experiment with it. J’s Skinny Jeans efficiently contours and provides a slimmer look for your legs with comfort served throughout the fabric.

Black Skinny Jeans are a boon in disguise that you can dawn for every occasion with ease. Be it Wednesday Workaholic hours or the Weekend Party fever, you can grab those black skinny jeans, and you’ll be adorned in that perfect outfit.

Versatility truly defines Black Skinny Jeans. J Brand’s Skinny Jeans Sale has been set up to offer you versatility in the form of black skinny jeans at an amazingly discounted pricing.

Ways to Spice-Up the Classic Black

As mentioned above you could use Versatility as a synonym for Black Skinny Jeans. I have compiled ways through which you can spice up the classic black look on various occasions which have been enumerated as follows:

Workaholic Formal Wear

That’s right. These jeans can become a vital part of your formal wear. A formal top coupled with a basic jacket is all you need to complete the workaholic look. You may garner bright, bold coloured tops which efficiently tone out with these bottoms.

The Sexy Charm

You can never go wrong with a pair of stilettos or peep toes heels when you want to turn on the sexy charm. To elude sexiness delicately through your outfit, black skinny jeans are your answer. You could walk the talk with grace and complete the look with a crop top also for more impact try to coordinate the colour of your top with your heels.

One with the Picnic Basket

After a tiring week at work, you deserve a day off to spend quality time with your family. Picnics are always a crowd pleaser and when on an outing you need to be as comfortable as possible. These denims topped with a checkered shirt and sporty casual shoes are the perfect outfit for an outing. Minimal effort, comfort, and stylish looks now go together.

The College Fest Chic Look

The College Fest Chic Look is basically to amp your daily outfit with a dash of boldness. A plain t- shirt paired with this denim is a college going student’s chic yet comfortable look, completed with bold boots. Ankle length boots, Heeled boots or casual flat boots, nothing is more badass than a pair of boots.

During J Brand Skinny jeans sale grab a pair of 23110 Maria High- Rise Skinny in Black.

The J Brand Sale 2016

J Brand Skinny Jeans Sale 2016 would leave you spoiled for choices. From various fabrics, styles, colours and exclusive offers, you can be a fashionista. J Brand Jeans Sale 50{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} has always been quite popular during the J Brand Jeans Sale.

J Brand Skinny Jeans on Sale is a head turner event. Leather Jeans on sale is another category you shouldn’t miss out on this year. J Brand Sale Zone is packed with offers, choices, and styles that you simply cannot deny.

Skinny Jeans in Black is a basic requirement as we have seen above and J Brand is a company committed to excellent fashion creativity hence J Brand Skinny Jeans Sale is an event you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Happy Shopping the Best from the Rest!

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