GLogistics: What’s Next For 3PL Companies? (Rank Princess – SEO)

We’ve seen the impact of technological advancements in the medical field before and how it has changed the way we view medical practices, but what if I told you that shortly, you could order a book online, and get it delivered by a drone in less than 30 minutes!

3PL Companies Have Started Adapting TMS

What is TMS you ask? TMS stands for Transportation Management System, and it’s a paradigm based on software that helps companies to transport materials hassle free and more cost efficiently.

This system employs “Freight Accounting” that saves you a lot of bucks in the process! Be it bulk commodities or small size parcels; this software-based approach will take care of it using an “ERP” which is a business management software.

It’s impressive how, a single software can change the way logistics as a whole function, and that’s the reason why your package will be arriving three days faster shortly!

Drones and Robots will be Delivering packages!

Believe it or not, but this a real possibility. Companies like Amazon are announcing that they’ll be introducing drone-based deliveries for online orders that’ll reach your doorstep within thirty minutes of order!

This idea has already been tested, though it’s not out yet on a mass scale.

Seeing as this idea could save a lot of money in the long run, it’s most probably how packages of the future will be delivered. Plus it saves a lot of manpower and leaves no limitation for the time of delivery, so you can receive a package whenever you want, even in the middle of the night!

Robots to Handle Loading/Unloading!

What is slowing down the arrival of your package? It’s because of the sheer amount of manpower logistics depends upon as of now.

But this is going to change shortly, and in fact, it has already begun with some factories opting to replace manual labour such as loading or unloading heavy weight packages with Robots. These Robots are automated to do these tedious tasks regularly without breaks, so you can get your packages delivered, not just on time, but before it too!

Experts say the Robots would be based on internet connectivity and a “Single Network” concept in the future.

Driverless Vehicles?

Expanding on the Robot subject, there might be whole freights carried by a van that’s driverless? This is a project experts are still working on but claim to complete shortly.

Not only will this reduce manpower and increase productivity by double, as logistics experts say, but it will also ensure less hassle. As these Robots would work based on GPS technology and would be automated to take the best efficient routes, packages will be delivered the quickest and safest way possible!

Time to Prepare a Wishlist

That being said, consumers do have to keep in mind that the decrease in manpower has to be accounted for as employment has to be addressed.

Companies are working as fast as they can to get these paradigms out on the market as soon as possible, and that’s just great news for us.

So we can have that new pair of sunglasses we saw online in a few minutes, rather than a few days.

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