Letter to VC Circle (By Aakshey)

Hi Anupriya,

Forget about the previous emails.

I just want to point out a few things. πŸ™‚

By the way, previous revisions will be sent in shortly. Don’t worry. πŸ™‚

If you order 10 pieces, you need to pay for 10 pieces. However, as long as you stick to Content Strategi (INR 4/word) you can ask for revisions/redo/replacements (sometimes by one of our other writers provided the problem is significant and not in bulk) for any number of pieces where the quality isn’t met.

It need not always be within 30 days strictly as I previously said. πŸ™‚ But try to ensure it isn’t delayed by months. πŸ˜€ You can ask for any number of revisions if the problem is genuine. Or even a replacement of that piece. Provided you get back to me on time.

I just have one request to make to you:

If I submit for example 8 pieces in January
And then another 10 pieces in February

Then when you start publishing pieces received in January, in Feb/March, I request you to first publish all received in January and then proceed to content received in Feb and so on. And I’m glad that this has happened till now under both Pallavi and you Anupriya. πŸ™‚

It doesn’t matter when you publish or how many.

But just try to publish all of Jan’s before Feb and so on.

However, if that’s not possible, then at least let me know within early Feb itself about the Jan pieces that need to be revised or replaced.

And one more thing, when you give me a list of published, try to include the month they were delivered (not just published) in. That would help me a great deal.

Apart from this, I’m fine with the way things are proceeding. I have no problem at all. πŸ™‚

Sorry for the previous misunderstanding and harshness. I apologise.

Looking forward to a long term business relationship with you. πŸ™‚

Thanks so much and God Bless!


P.S. Sending 10 topics in the next email!


The below 8 topics were written in November. But published in December. All topics from November have been published and none have been rejected. So we are cool. πŸ™‚

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Does Being Naughty Hurt Founders? (November)

The Future of Venture Capital as Startups Continue To Rise (November)

Founding a Startup? Five Counter-intuitive Facts You Should Know (November)

Do statup hubs matter? (November)

Does it make Sense to Start a Startup with one Founder? (November)

How can startup founders raise money? (November)

How to get constant funding for your startup (November)


Letter to MobiKwik (By Aakshey)

Hi Tarun,

I’m sure you trust me enough to know that I won’t try to lie or cheat.

First things first, I do NOT want to sour our professional and personal relationships because of a paltry sum of money. So if you feel the invoice isn’t justified, don’t bother with it. I’d rather have your friendship.

That aside, here’s the breakup of the invoice based on what I recall from memory:

4 x 250w Blog Posts
Given by Biren. One at a time. In October. And I don’t think you rejected any. Whatever revisions were asked for were sent back promptly. And all was well then.

1 x 750w Blog Post
Given by either you or Biren. In November I think. Maybe October. Maybe December. Probably November.
Again, there was no rejection to this.

3 x 250w Blog Posts
You ordered these after we met in person. I actually delivered 7-8+ but across just 3 topics. And you had only ordered three, so hence you’ve been charged just for three.
Because whatever you order from us, has to be paid for. Regardless of whether you use it or not. Unless there is a problem in which case you can ask for revisions. Which you didn’t as you haven’t seen the content yet.
You yourself accepted you haven’t seen these three. And you need to understand I still need to pay my team because you made an order. That time you didn’t mention you were planning to call off the contract and may not be paying for this content even if it is good.

That’s all.

So I didn’t bill you for the dozens of samples that got wasted because you didn’t like them or samples that were offered from my side just so you could select good writers of your choice. No charge for any of that.

And the invoice is a mere INR 2,000. I have probably spent more than that fixing work you never bothered to even look at.

If you believe the invoice isn’t justified or I’m not being honest, feel free to scrap it. But trust me, I’m being totally honest and open.

My relationship with MobiKwik and with you Tarun is far more important to me than this invoice. I hope you feel the same way.

So if the invoice is a problem, you may or may not pay it. But I want to have a long term future with MobiKwik regardless. There may not be any work immediately. But I hope there is work months/years down the line. Right?

Let me know if you’d like to talk on phone. πŸ™‚ Or regardless of what you decide.

Thanks so much, God Bless! All the very best!



Demo Emailer For ActionForIndia.org By Aakshey

Are you ready for Silicon Valley?

Get ready for Action For India’s Annual Forum 2017!
Make way for sustainable innovation already…

On 24th & 25th January 2017

At India Habitat Center, New Delhi

Apply NOW! The deadline is 17:00 hrs Monday, 5th December 2016!

Everybody makes money. But we salute those who do it for a cause. Hail India’s social entrepreneurs…

During our flagship annual event we get together with exactly 100 of India’s sharpest high achiever social entrepreneurs. And put them with 100 industry veterans in the same hall. Veterans from various backgrounds including but not limited to tech moguls, marketers, bureaucrats and business tycoons.

You can interact with these industry personnel as well as other entrepreneurs over a span of 2-days to form some of the most important connections and have some of the most educating conversations you’ll probably have your in your life.

The connections and collaboration our alumni have experienced over our last 5 forums is something that has changed their lives. Check out their testimonials given below:

Apply NOW! The deadline is 17:00 hrs Monday, 5th December 2016!

4 Testimonials here…

And this is where Silicon Valley comes in:

Now is your chance to win a 2-week long trip to Silicon Valley to interact and work with eminent entrepreneurs, investors and mentors over there. This is truly an opportunity that you don’t want to pass on.

Apply NOW! The deadline is 17:00 hrs Monday, 5th December 2016!


Demo Prospecting Emails By Aakshey

Email 1

Howdy George,

It was great talking to you on Facebook. I hope you remember me. I am Sushil from R Systems.

I was wondering if you could give me the name and email address of the person in-charge of your company’s Information Technology department. I have some information that might be of use to them.

Thanks in advance!

Sushil Sen
R Systems

Email 2:

Hello Michael,

George gave me your reference and said that you head the company’s IT department.

By the way, I’m Sushil from R Systems.

I was wondering whether you’re looking to outsource one of your applications and/or maintenance projects to a third party vendor. I had talked to George about the financial application your company was interested in.

You’ll be glad to know that R Systems is a company listed in India that has developed lots of applications across several industries. And we just happen to specialise in Finance, Banking, and other related verticals.

You need not share your project brief with me immediately. But. Would you be up for a complimentary consultation regarding your prospective project? No obligation to commit to anything!

And, don’t worry. There will be no pitching. You can discuss your doubts with me and I’ll just advise you on the way forward. Regardless of the company you wish to go forward with.

So. Do you you think you’d like to discuss this further over a phone call and/or private meeting?

Looking forward to a response, even if it is not a yes. πŸ™‚

Thanks & God Bless!

Sushil Sen
R Systems

P.S. Find a link to our portfolio and past projects:

P.P.S. Here are our references:


Demo Prospecting Email 2 By Aakshey

Hi Adam,

I’m sure you’d have heard about the upcoming IBC 2016 in Amsterdam.

To tell you about myself, I’m Rakesh, the IPTV Engineering Head at R Systems (USA).

I was just wondering whether you’re planning to go to IBC. Because I have some stuff I’d like to discuss with you. Important stuff.

So. Are you going to this event?

Warm Regards & God Bless!

Engineering Head – IPTV
R Systems


Apology Email By Aakshey to Head-Fi.org (Successful)


Email 1

Respected Mods,

I have made this account only to contact you. I won’t use this account to make a single post anywhere. I hope you give me a patient listen.

I’m a banned member – techboy.

I know I haven’t been an ideal member in the past, and neither recently as milosingh. I’d like to apologise for that. I was very wrong in my behaviour towards fellow members and mods. And I apologise.

I would like to start with a fresh slate and I promise to turn over a new leaf.

Head-Fi means the world to me. Whether you like it or not, it is a part of my world. And I’m willing to change entirely to remain a part of this amazing community.

I cross my heart and vow the below:

I’ll only use my techboy account if you unban me. I won’t use any other account.

I won’t say negative about any brand. If I have a personal negative experience with any product, I’ll stick to that product or the service I received. I won’t flame the brand.

I will keep my objective shit under control.

I will keep my subjective shit under control as well.

I will not insult any member or mod or brand. I will be humble and polite and will respect everybody unconditionally even if I need to show it without meaning it. I will respect everybody. Period.

I won’t start flame wars.

I will listen to every single mod, senior member and genuine advice from any member at large.

I promise to turn over a new leaf.

I will be a good boy, trust me on this one.

If you feel I’m not up to it, ban me immediately after that. And keep me banned forever then. But trust me, that won’t happen.

I’ll live up to my promise. I need Headfi. Life otherwise is too depressed.

Please help me. I’ll live up to my word, I swear to my God. I swear on my mother, please! ;S

techboy / Aakshey Talwar / akshaytalwar@gmail.com

Just one honest interim chance, please. ;(

Email 2

I know I have no right to disturb you. But I’m really anxious my friend. I’m really hoping for a miracle.

Email 3

Hi Aakshey,

We’d be happy to have you back if you can reign yourself in as you’ve promised.

Let me check with the other staff that there are no objections first.


CC: moderators


Feedback Email By Aakshey


Aakshey this side.

I apologise for our past rejections. I was unable to convey how the Perry tool was to be used. Please STOP using it with immediate effect. Go back to writing the way you were writing earlier.

The team as a whole has misinterpreted what I meant when I said to write at Grade 5. What we have delivered has lost us precious clients. And I take the full blame. Stop using the Perry tool, like yesterday.

I’ll pay you in full for all your rejected work. And we will make this right for our clients going forward. Because it was all my fault.

Please find below the checklist that you need to follow for all future work, for all clients:

You’re writing for mature, educated and smart adults. They are your target audience. You’re NOT writing for 10 yr olds. You need to talk intelligently and not mention obvious stuff. They know all that!

Use a witty writing style. Use sarcasm, satire, tongue in cheek humour. Use pun. Make the reader think. Be complete and specific. But raise the bar. Talk to mature and smart college educated adults. Talk smartly.

You have to talk in a conversational manner. But while educating your reader of stuff they don’t know. Don’t mention obvious stuff that is targeted at kids. Your readers are educated and smart adults. They want to know stuff that the average person doesn’t know.

Talk like an expert on the subject. And talk on complicated subjects. Advanced concepts. Try to explain it like you’d explain it to your 25 yr old friend. Not how you’d explain it to your 10 yr old niece. Talk of stuff that is rare and difficult to research. And stuff that passionate 25-30 yr olds could get fascinated about. Don’t assume they know complicated concepts, you’ll need to explain all that to them. But in a mature manner. You don’t need to explain basic stuff to them.

Use flowery vocabulary. Use difficult words. Colorful language. Jazzy words. Difficult slang. And do that in a witty and clever manner. Don’t write for PHDs, but for college educated 25 yr olds who are earning six figure salaries.

Stop using the Perry Tool. You can consider using it for You:Me. But that is it. Don’t use it. It is fine if you use 12-15 words per sentence on an average.

2-4 sentence paragraphs are fine. Don’t go beyond 4 sentences though.

Don’t write for 10 yr olds. Write for 25 yr olds. Don’t write for teenagers. Don’t use words like ‘gross’ that teenagers use. Don’t talk of stuff a 25 yr old already knows. Talk of what they don’t know. Talk of stuff that can excite them. Talk smartly. Be clear. Be specific. But talk what smart adults want to learn. Not kindergarten basics. Everybody knows all that. Talk stuff they don’t know nothing about.

Don’t worry. I’ll be paying you for all the rejected content.

But. Going forward we need to fix this.

So anything that you submit onwards of now, has to take into consideration the above.

Case Studies – Examples of where we went wrong

There is no concrete evidence available yet, that these plastic compounds can cause cancer. However, we do know plastic is unnatural and that it is clearly handled.

Everybody knows that plastic is unnatural and how it is handled. Writing this is insulting the intelligence of the reader. Would you tell this to you 25 year old buddy?

It is not fun to be sick. What if you already have the ingredients to make a miracle tea?

Again. This is okay if you’re writing for a kindergarten audience. But would you write like this for a 25 yr old college educated adult who works as an engineer or banker?

People get the disease when someone else spreads the virus in the air.

Again. You’re insulting the intelligence of the reader. Would you like to read this on Forbes.com? Of course not!

Cancer: It’s a big, scary disease that takes lives every day.

A cute way to scare a 3 yr old. But this isn’t what you write when you’re teaching a MS 1st year student.

What makes this fruit core so powerful? It’s a vitamin. B17.

I won’t write this way for a 25 yr old audience.

Doctors have told us that vaccines are good. They can save your life. They are also the main way that we can fight debilitating and fatal diseases.

You’re not their mommy trying to preach them. You need to convince your 20-25 yr old buddy why life insurance could be critical. For example. Would you do it this way?

Bodies are weird and kind of gross.

The readers are no longer in high school. They aren’t teenagers.

Avoiding sleep keeps you up later, forcing your body to sleep less.

What does this tell you? Who doesn’t know this?

I know you’ve worked very hard. And I really really appreciate that.

And I’ll be paying you for your work. And giving you a lot of other work very soon.

I’ll even try to add a tiny bonus if possible.

But. We need to win back our good old clients.

We need to fix this. You need to fix this.

Going forward, keep the above in mind before you write a single sentence.

Assume you’re writing for a college educated and mature adult who is in their 20s or 30s and earning mid five figure or low six figure salaries.

An adult who is either a Bachelor or Masters and is working in a good corporate job.

Talk smartly. Don’t talk stuff they know. Talk to them like you’d talk to your friend. And talk of stuff they’d be curious to know about.

Use flowery language. Colourful vocab. Pun. Wit. Humour. Sarcasm. Satire. Be clever. Don’t over do it. But do it naturally. Use words that will catch their attention. Be jazzy.
You’re writing for an audience that is in their 20s/30s/40s. Not adolescents or teenagers.

I’m sure you’ll nail it this time. I’m banking on you.

Wait for the next email from Jo.

She has an off today. She will get back to you within 16-30 hrs tops. Make sure you have understood this email by then.

And do remember, don’t overdo it. But don’t under do it either.

Forget about Perry. I couldn’t explain what I had in mind. Let us move further without that tool for the most part.

Looking forward to doing business with you. Lots of it. Soon.

All the best, God Bless!


Weaving Thoughts

P.S. I take full blame for this. You’re not to blame. I am. πŸ™


Sales Reminder Email (Demo – Aakshey)

Dear Ashish and Sanjay,

You now have a new time bound offer. That expires on 31st March 2016.

In case you’re still interested, that is.

The price hasn’t been reduced. And nor have the terms changed.


I’ll add in something else. Something that could really help you. Perhaps. And is worth more than what you’re being charged for the entire project. And you can get that without paying a penny extra.

What is it, you’re probably wondering. Coming to that now.

I’ll personally write an email series for you. One, that you could use to contact your vendors via email to book a meeting.

It will probably be a series of 3-5 emails or so, short ones at that. But optimised for conversion.

Something that won’t alarm your prospect and work step by step to put your point across.

A good email series can really help your business. If you contact vendors through email, that is.

They will be short. Because that is how they’re meant to be. But. An amateur can never do proper justice to your email series.

These emails will be written only after the full project is completed and the full payment has been received. I’ll only start writing these emails after that. No extra charge if the project is awarded within March though. πŸ˜›


A good email series can be the difference in achieving a 0.5{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} conversion rate or a 3{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} or higher conversion rate. So 600{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} the business with the same effort!

Reply to this email if you’re still interested.

You need to confirm within the end of March to avail this time bound offer.

The previous offer still stands, without any limitation of time. πŸ™‚

Thank You so much, God Bless!

Aakshey Talwar

P.S. Looking forward to your response, hopefully a positive one!


Email to HeadphoneZone.in (Successful)

Hey Raghav,

This is Aakshey Talwar from New Delhi. I have been trying to get in touch with you directly, through your IVR. But haven’t been successful yet. Hence this email to you.

The work you’ve done with HeadphoneZone.in so far is impressive. Schiit, Audeze and the other brands you’ve got here at such reasonable prices, is really commendable.

Honestly, you’re one of the few startups I’m truly impressed with. Anybody can lose somebody else’s dollars. But. What you’re doing right here is a really BIG achievement.

I decided to write this email to you when I listened to your IVR messages on the phone. One of a kind. Just my style. Something that only the best copywriters and marketers understand and you are able to deliver that so well.

Your unique approach with your IVR and even other elements of your web design etc, truly stand out. Even your web copy is above average for a small business. Even by international standards.


Why I wanted to get in touch with you?

There is a Whatsapp audiophile group by the name of Audiophilia. With over 40 members, mostly Indians, but a few foreigners as well. The group also includes important Audio people including:

Sennheiser India’s Head of Marketing
Owner of Lakhozy
Distributer of iFi Audio in India
Owner of Hifinage.com
Eminent Hifivision.com members like Hari, Keath etc.
Eminent TE members like Chaos
A moderator from Erodov forums
And many fun loving audiophiles.


I’d like to invite you to become a member of this group. You can help this small audiophile community in many ways. Like making it larger. And many other ways.

You can add me : +91-9910623813
And I’ll add you.

I would also like to talk with you once over phone. May I please have your mobile number?

I wish you every success in your business. And I hope you’ll answer this email soon. πŸ™‚

Thank You so much, God Bless!



Newsletter Front Page (Dummy)

From The Doctor’s Desk

From The Desk Of Dr. John Smith
XYZ Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA
28th February 2016

Dear Patient,

I have been using various LASIK machines for over a decade now. And I’m grateful to God that LASIK machines today are far easier to operate, quicker and less painful as compared to when I first started out.

But what hasn’t changed is that LASIK was safe then, and it is even safer now.

I’m sure you’d have heard horror stories about LASIK over the years. And truth be told, I have talked to patients first hand who experienced the original issues associated with LASIK. And to be honest, many of those issues were caused by inexperienced surgeons rather than inadequate technology. And I consider myself blessed that at our eye hospital, LASIK casualties are almost unheard of.

I’d like to share some developments that have happened at Adityajyoth.

Our hospital has brought in a new machine for LASIK – EX500. And this has taken the entire experience of the patient to a whole new level.

The EX500 has several powerful benefits over its predecessors. To tell you about some briefly:

Far less discomfort

Significantly reduced risk of contracting an eye infection

More stable vision and often quicker. Several patients report a clearer vision within moments of the operation.

Less pain compared to its predecessor (PRK)

And that’s not all.

At our eye hospital we also offer SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis) aka Thin-Flap LASIK. And of course SBK also offers advantages of its own. To explain a few:

It is absolutely painless and highly efficacious thanks to the all-laser blade-less technology.

A more natural and stable cornea that is less altered and results in eyes that aren’t as dry. This happens because fewer nerves are cut due to a thinner flap of cornea being cut.

And of course SBK is even safer than previous LASIK technologies that were already pretty safe.

I could have wasted your time on technicalities, but I’m sure you wouldn’t enjoy that. So I’ll be sharing more about the technology as this newsletter progresses.

I sincerely thank you for taking out your precious time to read this newsletter. I hope you find this newsletter worthwhile, as I have tried my best to ensure what reaches you is a no-nonsense newsletter that aims to clear general misconceptions about LASIK.

Thank You & God Bless!

Dr.John Smith
HOD – Cornea
XYZ Hospital