Ideas for MobiKwik 1 (By Aakshey)


A digital wallet that works across the web, iOS and Android devices. Be it a desktop or mobile.

You can use MobiKwik 24×7 for cashless transactions without sharing your credit card details with other websites. NEFT is not 24 x 7 and slow. Credit cards aren’t safe as per Indian mindset.

You can use MobiKwik to make instant money transfers, ticket bookings (bus), recharges and bill payments (e.g. mobile, gas, electricity etc), and online shopping purchases.

Instant Money Transfers
From wallet to wallet. Or wallet to bank. Or from your card to wallet.

You can use MobiKwik to making online payments apart from the above:

For example:

Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda etc

MakeMyTrip, IRCTC etc

Big Bazaar, Nearbuy etc

Grofers, etc

And across other sectors like Banking, Entertainment, Health etc.

You’re basically guaranteed instant payment transfers regardless and a log of all these payments. And a solid customer service in case of any lapse anywhere. With prompt resolution.

And the offers section will only grow.

While cash backs like Pakka Fayda are an icing on the cake. 🙂


Ideas for MobiKwik 2 (By Aakshey)

MobiKwik = Mobile + Quickly

Mobile = Literally mobile devices OR 24/7 with you as in mobility

Quickly = Promptly. Without delay.

So MobiKwik = 24/7 with you to pay/receive money quickly and hassle free. Cross platform and cross device.

MobiKwik aims to act as an invisible (and I really mean invisible when I say invisible) between the person making the payment and the one receiving money.

The receiver can be a shop, store, website, service, business or person. The same goes for a payer (although currently limited to end users and customers only).

When I say invisible, I infer that the person doesn’t mind having another layer between his credit/debit card and wallet, and instead prefers the wallet as it requires fewer steps than his credit card and unifies all his methods of payment.

With a wallet like MobiKwik, our aim should be to make it like a digital bank. Much like HDFC or ICICI. Whereby the person can make most/all types of incoming/outgoing transactions through a single app like MobiKwik. For example, ticket bookings for all purposes, eCommerce transactions across multiple websites, and cash exchange among friends and others.

Our aim should be to imply on the simplicity of the above. And the unity of the above. How MobiKwik can get the job done in fewer steps. Faster. And with greater security.

MobiKwik already has an offers portal. And that will only get bigger. So we should bank heavily on that as well.

Let us do it! 🙂


Prepare Smart, Prepare Easy with Online Placement Preparation

Every college student looks forward to college placements. This is because, well, landing a job right after college isn’t too bad, is it? But seeing the competition in India, getting placed isn’t exactly a walk in the park. But why is it so, and what can you do to stack the odds in your favor? Read on to find out.

Reality Check

We want to get the sad statistics out of the way first thing. We hope you know that the available vacancies during placements are only a tiny fraction of the total number of applicants. And of all the candidates who are rejected, 75{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of them fail to make it due to unsatisfactory performance in the initial screening test.

But it’s not all gloomy news! There is a simple systematic approach to increasing your chances of getting placed in your dream company. And in this article, we’re going to tell you how.

The Action Plan

Before we begin our preparation, we must understand that not all companies are the same. They all have a different set of requirements from their potential employees. And for this reason, no two companies have the same screening test.

Therefore, a fool-proof way of approaching placement preparation is by choosing one single or few companies you’d like to be placed in and preparing according to their examination pattern and portions.

Don’t Be The Majority

One of the most common methods used by students to prepare for placements is going to some training institute.

But despite being very expensive, these institutes rarely offer company-focused training; and the training that they do offer isn’t something that the student cannot acquire by himself.

So if you are considering offline tutoring, we suggest you think thoroughly before shelling out that significant sum of money.

Online Is The Way To Go

If you can’t afford offline education or if you’re not sure about the quality of training provided by the institute near you, don’t worry.

In fact, saying no to offline tutoring and taking up online training instead just might be the best decision you’ll make regarding your preparation for college placements.

This is because by taking online training you’ll waste no time commuting, receive company-focused training at the time of your convenience and only at a fraction of the cost of what you’d be spending at a training institute.

Getting Started

To jump on board, just register with one of the many online placement-training services available.

Though you can hardly go wrong with a traditional online tutoring service, we recommend StudyBud. We analyzed several websites and found to be the most extensive and potentially useful. We suggest you research several sites before picking what works for you.

How Does It Work?

Esteemed preparation sites such as offer company-specific training using lecture videos and preparation materials curated by industry experts.

You can just log in and start preparing for the company you’d like. After every unit, you can take up tests at various difficulty levels to measure your progress.

StudyBud offers complete placement preparation with its varied courses, large question bank and a panel of experts available to help you with your doubts and queries.

We hope this helps you in preparing for college placements. With regular practice and progress monitoring, focus and a bit of luck, you’ll stand an excellent chance of making it in your desired company. We wish you all the success!


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Online Assessment is your New Mantra to Success

The problem with traditional coaching institutes is not only their hefty fees but also that their syllabus is structured in the same monotonous way for all students. We know this for the fact that all of us do not have the same pace of learning. In a world of rat race for good placements, online preparations and assessments are the new methods for more thorough competitive exam preparations.

The country is budding with top notch engineers, doctors, lawyers, leaders and many other professionals from the most sought after colleges. But even before they get into these colleges to be polished, they have to go through strenuous preparation to crack the many difficult competitive entrance exams such as JEE, AIEEE, CAT, XAT, PMT, etc. To tap into this opportunity, many coaching institutes have mushroomed. But before you enroll in any of the ‘100{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} result coaching institute’ have you thought about e-learning?

People have a lot of misconceptions about online evaluations; we are here to remove that cloud.

1. Myth- Online assessments are incorrect

Truth- Online coaching websites provide you with a vast number of options to go through, including papers of previous years along with answers. You can even mark the difficult questions and come back to them later. You can time your assessments accurately. Also, it will save your time from searching through piles of papers.

2. Myth- Online coaching is expensive

Truth- Most online coaching websites are free. Some of them are paid but for a nominal amount. You can visit and enroll for a free demo or pay only Rs. 500 to access unlimited academic materials or questions.

3. Myth- Academic content is old and not up to date

Truth- Online coaching sites keep updating their content every week. They even invite guest lectures on specific topics to explain the subject better. Some websites even have company specific preparation assessment so that you get maximum exposure to questions before your placement season begins.

4. Myth- There is no immediate assistance to clear doubts

Truth- Unlike traditional coaching institutes which have a fixed time, e-coaching is 24×7 available. You can drop the message to your tutors to get instant replies. You can also join forums and ask questions or get tips from your fellow e-classmates.

5. Myth- Loss of focus

Truth- Many believe that studying alone or in the comfort of your home distracts them. But in fact, you are saving all your effort in traveling and attending a class. You can easily redirect all that time to groom your knowledge for placements.

6. Myth- There are not many courses to choose from

Truth- Online coaching sites have a plethora of classes for you to follow. You can sign up for engineering or business subjects and at the same time learn new languages (a bonus on your resume). You can even search for company specific assessment patterns to have a competitive edge.

Goodluck with your preparations!

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