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La Piazza, Delhi’s Finest Italian Restaurant welcomes Chef Maurizio Raselli


Chef Maurizio Raselli Brings the Piedmont Touch to La Piazza, Delhi’s Finest Italian Restaurant


Hyatt Regency, Delhi introduces Chef Maurizio Raselli as Chef de Cuisine at the La Piazza

Delhi, India – February 04, 2013 – La Piazza, the award-winning Italian restaurant at the Hyatt Regency, Delhi introduces Chef Maurizio Raselli from Italy as the new Chef de Cuisine.

Chef Raselli brings with him years of international experience in authentic Italian cuisine acquired through his assignments at prominent restaurant establishments throughout the globe.

A Culinary Genius from the Land of Gourmet Excellence

Hailing from Piedmont, Italy, a region renowned for its distinguished wines and delectable food, Chef Raselli began his career at the young age of 16. His penchant for excellence led him to seek avenues where he would hone his innate culinary talent, which he did under the guidance of internationally acclaimed Chefs such as Salvatore Di Carlo and Celebrity Chef Giorgio Locatelli.

Before he agreed to take the helm at La Piazza, Chef Raselli was heading the exclusive One & Only Restaurant at the Reethi Rah Resort, Maldives.

Formerly, as Sous-Chef de Cuisine at Hotel Missoni, Edinburgh, UK, he assisted celebrated Chef Mattia Camorani at Cucina, the in-house Italian restaurant.

Chef Raselli also holds a degree in human resources which has further augmented his expertise as a professional culinary trainer.

In each of his assignments over the years, Chef Raselli has been appreciated for the value addition he brings to a restaurant’s menu with his ingenuity and inherent knowledge of the nuances of Italian cuisine.

Enhancing the La Piazza experience

As Chef de Cuisine at the La Piazza, Chef Raselli will create innovative Italian dishes, review menus, and lead kitchen operations. He will plan, control and guide his team in relentlessly delivering the exceptional service that our esteemed guests expect of the La Piazza.

Chef Raselli loves to experiment and innovate with new dishes and ingredients. He further extends his deep-rooted Italian hospitality by engaging and interacting with his guests, which he believes is essential to creating an unforgettable dining experience.

A humble, calm and zestful person, Chef Raselli exudes the signature Italian sophistication and warmth. He loves to spend his personal time in skiing, computers and listening to music.

About the La Piazza, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

La Piazza prides itself as the best authentic Italian restaurant in Delhi. The restaurant offers a selection of oven-fresh pizzas, al dente pasta and exquisite wines for the discerning connoisseurs of Italian food.

One of the four exclusive award-winning restaurants at the Hyatt Regency, the La Piazza recently received the Best Italian Food award at the coveted Time Food Awards, 2012.

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Hyatt Regency, New Delhi Announces the Inauguration of a New Diplomat Suite

Many luxury travelers to the capital city of India favor The Hyatt Regency Delhi’s club rooms. The hotel announces the inauguration of a new Diplomat Suite with the aim of extending the signature Hyatt Residency Club hospitality to VIPs and business class travelers.

The Hyatt Diplomat Suite is nestled in the hotel’s exclusive club level. As the elevator doors open, guests have their first view of the high marble ceilings that characterize this enchanting floor, the access to which is limited to club room guests.

The suite is located a few steps down the corridor, and when the hotel porter opens the door for them, the visitors will be mesmerized by the panorama of the suite.

Combining Western Design with Indian Accents

Designed on 1300 sq. ft of space, the Diplomat Suite is equipped to serve as a luxurious home during the guests’ stay in Delhi. The suite’s designers have succeeded in achieving a harmony between the interiors and the nature outside.

Daylight filters in copiously through the windows, keeping the suite naturally illuminated during the day. At night, soft artificial lighting takes over. Boundary walls are faceted and hence reward the guests with not just one but two perspectives of beautiful views of the greener landscapes of the hotel.

Tones of beige and white dominate the suite, serving as a conducive backdrop to the suite’s silk panels, silk carpets and expertly curated selection of Indian sculptures, paintings and other objects of art, all of which are designer or imported.

Keeping travelers’ comfort in mind, the suite is designed with western sensibilities with Indian accents like Buddhist sculptures tying it to the diverse Indian culture.

A Luxurious Abode

The layout of the suite resembles that of a lavish house. Guests can entertain friends in the living area with its plush sofas or in the dining room with a 6-chair dining table with a bronze chandelier overlooking the place settings.

Diplomat Suite incorporates a continually stocked minibar and pantry for its guests’ epicurean pleasure. After an eventful day, guests can retire to the bedroom that has a luxurious bed armed with a comfortable leather headboard and feather-soft bedding.

An extra person may be accommodated on the chaise lounge in the bedroom. The bathroom in the Diplomat Suite is better described as a small personal spa. The bathroom emanates a relaxing aura, thanks to the many aroma candles lit during bath sessions.

Featuring a luxurious marble bath tub and a shower cubical, visitors can choose from an array of luxurious toiletries which include bath salts.

Tailored for the Business Traveler

Hyatt Regency understands the needs of business travelers and has equipped the suite with a study that can serve as a home-office.

Guests can catch up on their work in the Diplomat Suite’s study with the hotel’s gratis 24 hour Internet connection. The study features a lighted desk and ornate bookshelves with book holders designed by a talented Indian interior designer.

Gratis Access to the Exclusive Regency Club

Guests will also take pleasure in retiring to the aforementioned exclusive Regency Club.

The club area is a magnanimous version of the Diplomat Suite. Reflecting the club level’s recurrent interior design themes, the club area is done in pastel colors with non-religious Indian cultural accents interspersing the floor in the form of paintings, sculptures, and carpets.

The club area puts a well-edited collection of books at the disposal of its guests through the library. There is also a terrace and a community area where guests can socialize with other guests. The floor caters snacks and beverages to the guests throughout the day.

Breakfast buffet, lunch, and dinner are also served in the club area. Visitors staying in Diplomat Suite may invite their guests for a drink or a meal to the club area at an extra charge.

The Diplomat Suite is a proud addition to the Hyatt Regency, Delhi’s portfolio of offerings. The management will strive to push up the bar for signature Hyatt hospitality with the Diplomat Suite.


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Hyatt Regency Welcomes it Guests to the Newly-Opened Regency Club Lounge and the Diplomatic Suite

A club lounge is one of the best places for hotel guests to hangout and unwind at and Hyatt Regency, New Delhi recognizes this fact very well. The hotel has recently opened to the public its very own lounge that is sure to prove as an ideal place for its guests to relax and have fun at.

A Stimulating & Yet Relaxing Ambiance

The ambiance is the heart of any lounge, and the Regency Club leaves no stone unturned in this respect.

Housed on the hotel’s sixth floor, the lounge is characterized by some great window architecture that makes for some of the most spectacular scenes of the bustling city of New Delhi beneath.

Adding to the serene and relaxing atmosphere are the lush green lawns and the pool.

A Great Choice of Refreshments & Leisure

Guests at the Regency Club Lounge can either start their day or celebrate a hard day’s work with the many refreshment options available.

Hyatt understands that its guests are the sort who still need to keep a tab on things even when they are relaxing and as such, provides complimentary high-speed internet access in its premises.

That apart, guests can spend time in the library, terrace, the communal dining area or even the living room.

Hyatt Regency is also proud to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art Diplomatic Suite to all its esteemed patrons. The suite is housed on the fourth and fifth floors and as such, offers a great view of New Delhi’s amazing skyline.

High on Luxury & Comfort

The Diplomatic Suite epitomizes comfort and luxury from whichever you look at it. Right from its exquisite design that mirrors a residential setup, to a living room layout that encourages guests to feel comfortable and cozy; the suite extends immense warmth to all its guests.

Adjoining the living room are a dining room and a contemporary study room. The bedroom allows for desirable levels of natural sunlight to trickle in while offering a fantastic external view.

Thoughtfully Done Interiors 
The residential feel of the suite is carried into the interior design. The right amount of colors and suitable palette are employed for the best effect. There is also a small bar and pantry that serve to entertain any guest visitors.

Some of the other notable features of the Diplomatic Suite include elegant leather chairs, silk fabric wall paneling, silk weave carpeting, Indian motif detailing and walls adorned with some selected art pieces.


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Hyatt Regency, New Delhi Announces the Inauguration of the Diplomat Suite and the Regency Club Lounge

New Delhi, India – March 2013

The Hyatt Regency Delhi adds a new benchmark to the signature Hyatt hospitality with the inauguration of the new Diplomat Suite and the exclusive Regency Club Lounge.

Nestled in the exclusive Club Level, the pristinely designed Diplomat Suite replicates the comforts of a luxurious home. The plush yet subtle interior design of the Suite is a unique coalescence of western sensibilities and Indian accents.
While abundant natural lighting and warm color tones accentuate the residential ambience, the magnificent silk panels, silk carpeting and plush seating extend regal finesse to the living room.

The stylishly done dining area exudes contemporary elegance with its chic leather upholstery, handpicked art pieces and an ornate crystal chandelier overlooking the massive dining table. The bedroom promises to serve as a haven of superlative comfort featuring a contemporary king size bed, feather soft bedding, and a spacious walk-in wardrobe.

The Diplomat Suite study is equipped with a spacious work desk, an ornate bookshelf and a 24-hour Internet connection, serving as convenient home-office for the business traveler and a tranquil retreat for a guest seeking quiet leisure. The bathroom is a relaxing personal spa featuring a luxurious marble bath tub, a shower cubical, aromatic candles and premium toiletries.
A refreshing addition to the Hyatt Regency’s portfolio of offerings, the Diplomat Suite includes gratis access to the exclusive Regency Club Lounge.

The Hyatt Regency Club Lounge

As the elegant glass windows of the Club Lounge offer a surreal view of the city, the invigorating ambience is accentuated with sophisticated furniture, abundant natural lighting and a sumptuous assortment of continental breakfast, light meals, and patisserie.

The Club Lounge has been thoughtfully divided into four private zones comprising the dining area, the terrace, the living room and a library. The Regency Club Lounge incorporates all the amenities our revered guests expect of a luxury Club Lounge, and hence it is the preferred setting for business meetings as well as informal gatherings.

Guests staying at the Diplomat Suite are welcome to invite friends and colleagues to the Club Lounge at an additional charge.

About Hyatt Regency Delhi

Hyatt Regency Delhi is a 5-Star luxury hotel situated in the commercial hub of New Delhi and is strategically located within a short distance from Indira Gandhi International and Domestic Airports. The hotel is the preferred destination of business and luxury travelers to the capital, offering unequalled hospitality which earns the Hyatt Regency lasting guest loyalty.


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Chef Maurizio Raselli Takes Over the Reins at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi

The world of Italian cuisine is littered with some illustrious names and Hyatt Regency, New Delhi has inducted into its ranks one such celebrated name, Chef Maurizio Raselli.

Chef Raselli now assumes the role of Chef De Cuisine, or the Chief of Cuisine, at Hyatt’s La Piazza. This is in keeping with Hyatt’s desire to offer its guests the best of Italian cuisine.

An Early Fascination with Italian Cuisine

As a chef, Raselli is of the highest pedigree. He boasts of considerable expertise in native Italian cuisine. Much of the same can be attributed to his formative years growing up in the beautiful Piedmont region, which lies to the north of Italy. The region has always been known around the world for the fine wine brewed from its acres of vineyards and of course, the exotic food.

Growing up in such a culture proved to be a catalyst in turning young Raselli towards the art that is Italian cuisine. One of the better things about his arrival at Hyatt is his eagerness to introduce some landmark dishes that were unique to his native Piedmont region.

A Chef of Impeccable Credentials & Experience

Maurizio Raselli has a vast amount of experience with Italian food, and much of it has to do with the fact that he started in the business at a very early age; 16 to be precise.

His first job was at an Italian restaurant and since then, there has been no looking back. In addition to gaining invaluable experience as a professional chef, Raselli also added further weight to his credentials as a professional trainer by earning a degree in human resources. His range of work experience covers some of the most well-known Italian hotels in both Italy and around the world.

Chef Raselli has also been a student to esteemed Chefs like Giorgio Locatelli, Mattia Camorani, and Salvatore Di Carlo.

In his previous assignment, Raselli served as the Chef De Cuisine (after initially joining as an Italian Chef) at Reethi Rah Resort in Maldives. Before his arrival at Hyatt, Chef Raselli has enriched his repertoire of skills at some of the finest Italian fine dining places in the world.

At Hyatt Regency, Chef Raselli will assume a host of other responsibilities apart from being the chef in charge of Italian cuisine. Some of these responsibilities include managing kitchen operations, creating the menus, training of staff, making sure the highest degree of standards and procedures is met and coordinating with the purchasing and receiving departments to control overall quality.

A man of modesty, honesty and joviality, Chef Raselli’s arrival at Hyatt ensures the introduction of some of the finest Italian dishes to Indian taste buds.