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Master Data Management (MDM) in Pharma is the technology that helps you rule the roost. With customer behavior insights and data management tools, data analytics services always keep you ahead in the game. Pharmaceutical Data Analytics services not only cater to your data management needs but also help in managing inventories and stock. From book-keeping to analytics, Pharma Data Analytics offers many benefits.


MDM in Pharma helps in maintaining transparency and clarity. When every single step is laid out, there is no ambiguity of goals. Also, the organization can manage a transparent environment where every activity is disclosed outside the system. The process helps in maintaining an aura of clear goals and unambiguous tactics.

Improved Marketing Efforts

With Pharma Technology consultations, an organization can benefit by having a clear marketing strategy. The network allows every organization to integrate efforts of upward and downward hierarchy. From buyers, vendors to manufacturers it becomes easier to integrate all efforts and cohesively come up with a marketing strategy that is both profitable and cost-effective.

One Network

All the data is stored on one single network that helps all executives to work from anywhere anytime. The drive helps in safeguarding and protecting data and at the same time keeps efforts synchronized. Under this single network, a vendor knows what to ask of the manufacturer and vice-versa. This way, there is optimal usage of resources and barely any chance of wastage.

Inventory Management

Pharma Technology Consulting also helps in the management of inventory. Since the demands of each chain partner are stated in advance, it is easier to manage stocks and only keep what is required. Unsought items aren’t ordered and resources don’t get wasted.

Traceable Data

The data at hand becomes traceable and flexible. i.e. MDM allows data editing without any hassles and makes the data tractable. The source of every activity is under the system, thus making it accountable. Apart from accountability in case of an error or flaw, manual calculations need not be made. Only the source item needs to be replaced with the correct figure to correct the whole equation. This way, the data becomes flexible, traceable and accountable under MDM in Pharma.

The Verdict

Pharma Technology Consulting not only helps organizations in data analysis but also helps in achieving sales targets, resource optimization, and market integration. From Resource and Development to Planning, organizing and controlling, MDM in Pharma leverages all management tasks. Strategies are built, and policies are formulated based on Pharma Analytics to make management easy. A hassle-free, error- free way to operate and function, MDM in Pharm is a boon for the pharmaceutical industry. One of the best providers of Pharma Data Analytics in US is Incedo Inc. that specializes in BI & Analytics, Communication Technologies and Pharma Technology Consulting.

About the Author

Incedo Inc. is a pioneer in data management consulting. From Analytics to designing and installing communication engineering networks, Incedo Inc. strives to make business comfortable. With expertise in analytics, Incedo helps in equipping organizations with resources to gain an edge in their competition area.

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Truths and Myths of Pharma Technology Consulting (Rank Princess – SEO)

Often the question arises whether a Pharma company should invest in Master Data Management or MDM in Pharma or not. Well, the answer to that lies in weighing both pros and cons of Pharma Data analytics services. The Fact of the matter is that pharmaceutical data analytics services can help garner profits but may also put limits on control of certain things. It is often advisable to go through the actual benefits it can provide and ambiguous tendencies that may be projected. Therefore, let’s go through each one of them, one by one:

Myth 1: We Don’t Need MDM, We Have ERP

A lot of organizations think that they don’t require Master Data Management (MDM in Pharma) if they already have Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. The myth is out-rightly untrue. The truth is that MDM leverages ERP and a combination of the two can prove to be a profitable one for the organization. From managing big data to analyzing it, it’s crucial to make use of both ERP and MDM in synergy.

Myth 2: MDM is for Large Organizations

Small / Medium sized organizations tend to think that MDM is only for complex and large enterprises. However, that is not true. When an organization has two or more than two business processes going on at the same time (for example, marketing, finance, R&D, etc.) MDM can be used to manage as well as integrate the “Big Data” at hand. Data Integration and Management are the most important features of Master Data Management that help every organization, however big or small it may be.

Myth 3: MDM is for Tech-Mavericks

When the life sciences industry thinks of MDM, they imagine hi-tech gadgets and tech mavericks. However, MDM hasmuch more to do with business than with technology. MDM helps in making business decisions and runs analysis by making use of technology, but it has been made only to simplify the processes. The idea is to form an uncomplicated user-friendly system that takes the help of technology so that one need not necessarily be an engineer to use it.

Myth 4: MDM doesn’t take care of Data Governance

One of the most common myths that surrounds MDM is that it is separate from data quality and governance of data. However, one must realize that MDM includes data quality checks and complies with Data Governance. It runs tests from time to time to ensure that the regulations are complied with and that quality data is published.

The Final Word

Where there are a lot of myths cluttering around MDM, it’s advisable to understand each one of them. Each one of these myths has a serious repercussion on the organization’s functioning as well as management. Pharma data analytics services are only there to simply organizational operations and to leverage MDM in Pharma. If you are looking for providers of Pharma Data Analytics in the US or India, Incedo Inc. should definitely be in your consideration set.

About the Author


Incedo Inc. is a pioneer in providing Pharma Technology Consulting. An expert in business solution software, Incedo exists to provide industry-rich insight. With agile executives and A-list clients, Incedo strives to serve the best.


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About Time We Entered Pharmaceuticals, Says Incedo Head(Rank Princess – SEO)

Data Management service provider Incedo Inc. is looking to add the Life Sciences industry to its portfolio.

Place, Date: If you hold a position of power in a sizable organization, you probably know a thing or two about the award-winning business outsourcing solutions by Incedo Inc.Now, the same Incedo is planning to enter the pharmaceutical industry and offer master data management (MDM) solutions in pharma.While not a small move by any stretch of the imagination, Incedo officials reckon they have all that it takes to succeed in the new venture.

“We are chuffed about our venture into the life sciences industry, and we think we’ll do a great job”, said a company official.Well, they must have done something right as business pundits all over are praising the move, and they believe Incedo has proved their mantle with their award-winning services such as Research & Development Management and Product Launch Support. For the time being, the company has aimed their MDM and EIS services at firms in Tier1 and Tier 2 cities. The reach will increase over time, we are assured.

Why Incedo for MDM in pharma?

Below are some of the reasons business experts cite for outsourcing your information management tasks to an MDM expert like Incedo.

Information Discretion

We understand the sensitive nature of information generated by any organization, pharma or not. Therefore, it is vital that the MDM service provider you’re sourcing your work to is well established and reputed.Information safety is ensured by employing multi-layered 128-bit encryption and this provides a peace of mind to the customers.

Customer Service

Even in the perfect world things may go “not as intended”. In such scenario, Incedo customer support can be reached immediately over the phone or via e-mail.

Solutions for each one of you

The Master Data Management solution provided by Incedo is specific to that particular organization. There isn’t one solution that would fit all.And yet, these solutions are easy to implement and reap benefits.

About Incedo

Incedo is a data management firm which specializes in providing Master Data Management (MDM) and Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions to a variety of businesses.Incedo’s offerings include master data handling, clinical trials, communication management and financial services.

The San Francisco based firm has a stronghold in many countries in Africa, North America and Asia.

The company earned credibility by working with some of the major players in the business. From leading pharmaceutical and life science based companies to telecommunication firms, Incedo has sort of seen-it-all.

Incedo started as a startup project in 2011 and has clearly come a long way since then. The growth rate of the company (close to 400{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616}) is exceptional. Currently, Incedo is among the top choices for outsourcing data management tasks of businesses. This can be attributed to the company’s focus on quality and customer satisfaction. The company’s future looks bright as they have been consistent with their service quality. Incedo will be looking to penetrate even more industries.

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Incedo: Pharma’s MDM Expert (SEO – Rank Princess)

Talk business and we’re talking volumes of data generated and waiting to be processed. When it comes to a pharmaceutical firm, everything is on a whole new level. It is vital that a pharma firm stores and manages its data and this calls for Master Data Management, and Incedo Inc.

About MDM and EIM

Every business produces a huge volume of data on a daily basis and this is a result of all the organisational tasks that the business performs. The trouble arises when it istime to store and manage that data.

The solution to this problem is MDM (Master Data Management) and EIM (Enterprise Information Management). MDM and EIM are management processes employed for effective handling and processing of company’s data.

Incedo& MDM in pharma

Incedo has been in the business of managing company data for a long time now. When we witnessed the need for quality data management in Indian pharmaceutical firms, we realized we could make a valuable contribution through our MDM expertise.

Incedo’s excellent track record in Enterprise Information Management and Data Management in pharma means that our customers can outsource their data management tasks to us with absolute confidence.As a result, these firms can reduce costs, save valuable time and improve decision making.

What we do best – MDM in pharmaceutical industry

What sets us apart from the other MDM solutions is that we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to data management. We work closely with each organisation, understanding their dynamics and needs, and designing information management solutions based on that.

The following are some of our signature service offerings:

  1. Sales Related Operations

Inadequate management of company data poses a huge challenge in understanding sales figures of the firm and as a resultcalculating the profit.

At Incedo, we understand this and use our master data management experts work with our clients in aiding with their decision making.

  1. Product Launch Support

The life cycle of any product begins with its launch and this makes the launch of a product a crucial event. It is so important that sometimes the quality and scale of the launch is determinantal in the product’s success.

Since no two products are the same, Incedo works with the firm and designs a launch plan that would work best for each product. This is done by understanding the product, its nature, purpose and target audience.

  1. Research & Development

Every successful product begins its life on the drawing board, and in case of pharmaceutical firms, in the research and development labs.

Before the product sees the light of the day, it undergoes numerous developments and enhancements, and after a series of tests and clinical trials, the product moves to the next stage.

The information experts at Incedo understand this and provide technical assistance to the research and development division of the organisation.


About Incedo


Incedo Inc is an established name for data management and has served many clients through the years. Now, bringing its services to the pharmaceutical industry, Incedo Inc. aims to aid the life sciences industry with its Information Management and data management services. 

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MDM Simplified with Incedo Inc (Rank Princess – SEO)

Pharmaceutical companies are an interesting case. Not only are they in the high-stake business of saving lives, but they face some of the most demanding data collection and maintenance routines. This calls for Master Data Management and a good one at that.

About MDM

Master Data Management, sometimes also termed as Enterprise Information Management, is a process aimed at efficient collection, storage and processing of data generated and received by an organisation, and eventually converting it into useful information.Master Data Management is a necessity for any organisation. But in a pharmaceutical firm with huge volumes of research, MDM in pharma is an absolute requirement.

Incedo to the rescue

Incedo Inc. is a renowned Data Management firm with years of service under its belt. The company is now expanding its reach by adding pharmaceutical organisations to its portfolio. Incedo allows companies to focus on their key business areas by undertaking the handling of the volumes of data that they produce.

Why Incedo?

  1. Transaction Management

Like any large-scale business organisation, a pharmaceutical company carries out a plethora of transactions every day, from buying raw materials, packaging, to selling their finished goods and services. For this reason, it is vital that the records of those transactions are maintained with absolute accuracy.Incedo’s book-keeping expertise eliminates the possibilities of any errors in the management of transactions and facilitates easy viewing of those records in the future.

  1. Resource Management

Let’s face it: the resources every firm has is finite, but the firm needs to accomplish a variety of tasks using those finite resources. Therefore, resource management is critical.

One clever way of going about resource management is outsourcing the EIM tasks to a data specialist like Incedo. Doing this allows the firm to allocate its resources to the core functions of the business.

Outsourcing resource management also means reduced stress on the work force and efficient management of the organisation, which aids in decision making and day-to-day activities.

  1. Cost Management

Competition in the pharmaceutical industry is on the rise and to survive and thrive, companies must lay emphasis on innovation, which requires clinical trials, research & development, and cost-effectiveness.

This is another area where Incedo succeeds. Incedo manages company data and processes them into useful information. Doing this saves the company time and money, which can be spent in the research and development.

  1. Sales and Forecasting

Accurate forecasting, though extremely useful, requires a thorough understanding of the firm’s current performance; and utilizing that information to predict future performance, while accounting for variable external factors.

We agree that it sounds complex, and it is. But when these tasks are outsourced to specialists in the field, they become attainable.

These are a few of the key benefits of outsourcing tasks toan MDM and EIM expert such as Incedo Inc. Your data is in safe hands as Incedo Inc is an established name for data management in pharma and aims to assist the life sciences industry with its quality services. 

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