Stripe Hits A Strike With Third Acquisition- Indie Hackers (Content Princess – SEO)

US technology company Stripe has announced it has made its third acquisition in March 2017 with Indie Hackers, a knowledge-sharing community for independent start-ups.

Reason for the acquisition

In an attempt to build and grow relationships with the ever expanding independent start-up scene, US digital payments company Stripe has recently acquired Indie Hackers for an undisclosed sum.

Patrick Collison, co-founder of Stripe said about the acquisition in March 2017: “Our goal in the acquisition of Indie Hackers is to ensure that the site becomes as successful as possible.”

With Stripe’s revenue upwards of $111 million and the current valuation of around $9 billion, the acquisition seems to be a move towards increasing its customer base.

About Indie Hackers and its Founders

You may not have heard of them, and that’s because Indie Hackers was only founded less than a year ago, in July 2016.

Courtland Allen, the founder, set out to create a space where both entrepreneurs and successful business owners could come together in a community for advice and inspiration.

Allen is quoted as saying, on the company’s website, that he is “impressed by Stripe’s aspiring mission of making it simpler for entrepreneurs to establish and grow their businesses.”

With business increasing and recently bringing in a reported $6,000 per month, Allen found his attention was being diverted away from producing content and increasingly towards filling ad inventory.

Why Buy A Knowledge Sharing Community Company?

So what was the interest for a digital payment company in acquiring a company like Indie Hackers?

Stripe, based in San Francisco, already has a significant percentage of new companies choosing their product. Their aim in the acquisition of Indie Hackers, they say, is not to increase that fraction but to increase the overall number of sales.

Stripe hopes that their new acquisition will “strengthen the relationship with the start-up community and further increase the GDP of the internet.”

Stripe’s Fortunes

Stripe has received more than $355 million in funding, with names such as Elon Musk and Sequoia Capital contributing to that fund. The company provides payment processing services for mobile and online payments. It supports credit card payments in more than 135 countries.

In March 2013, Stripe acquired Kickoff. RunKit was purchased in September 2016. Both were bought for a similar reason to Indie Hackers- to benefit Stripe’s customers.

The online payments firm understands that if it supports and nurtures smaller, knowledge- sharing communities, it will have a knock-on effect. It will ultimately filter through to Stripes own potential customers.

What’s In It For Everyone?

Courtland Allen now goes by the official title of ‘Indie Hacker at Stripe’.

Now that Stripe has relieved him of a financial burden, Allen can continue with his first intentions for the entrepreneurial community. Soon, the team plans on developing the Indie Hacker community and working on more original content for the website.

Stripe has an aim to make it easy for entrepreneurs to establish and nurture their businesses. And this is where Indie Hackers will turn up. In turn, Stripe will also benefit as more customers will sign up for their product.

No doubt, this acquisition has created a win/win situation for both companies.


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Successful Growth of Online Car Portal Droom Knows No Bounds (Content Princess – SEO)

The successful growth of Droom has become one of India’s greatest start-up stories, and it has now officially been named as the biggest online car portal site in India, both regarding its income and the number of users and traffic visiting the platform itself.

On the way to achieving the Unicorn Status

The story doesn’t end there, however, as the CEO and founder of Droom – Sandeep Aggarwal has huge plans to take the company to unicorn status, which means a startup firm worth 1 billion dollars – at the end of this financial year. He is already well on the way to achieving his ambition.

Currently, Droom is reaching around $400 million per year and is already achieving a traffic level of 15 million per month to its website. This online car buying and selling platform is also home to well over 105,000 car dealers, and it is on track to grow rapidly. The company is set to end March 2018 at $1.2 billion.

To add to its business accolades, Droom is the fifth biggest E-commerce company in India, and while the general E-commerce market in India is growing around 20 percent each year, Droom’s growth is at a staggering 350 percent every year.

The Secret of its Success

So how did the company achieve such tremendous success so quickly? The company has always had a strong customer service ethic, regularly adding in numerous features and additions to the platform which have made it incredibly popular with all of its users and led to this extraordinary growth.

Droom has also kept up-to-date with all the latest technology to ensure its online car portal works super efficiently and meets all of the expectations for both buyers and sellers using it.

Customer Confidence is Key

The sellers are big fans of the unique pricing algorithm utilised by the site which ensures that all vehicles are priced appropriately and justly. The Orange Book Value (OBV) as they call it, is unique to Droom and provides a fair market value for all the vehicles listed.

This policy has led to a real sense of trust among the users of this online car site and this confidence, in turn, has created a reflected belief among investors, with the company already receiving $45 million in the past two years, and plans for $50 million more on the cards.

What’s New and on offer for customers at this online car portal?

More recently, the company added in another unique service which will no doubt please those looking to buy their vehicles from the online car trade site as it makes the whole purchase process seamless on the portal.

Droom Credit is their brand new credit platform, which enables buyers to secure loans for their vehicle purchase on the site. It was launched very recently and is the first service of its kind in India – offering an entirely automatic vehicle credit marketplace.

With a loyal following of both buyers and sellers, an active investment base and a very ambitious CEO, the future of online car portal Droom looks bright, with unicorn status firmly in sight. Not bad for a company which was only started three years ago and has just 167 employees.

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More start-ups in DU – here’s why we need it! (Rank Princess-SEO)

9-6 monotonous job? – Nah! The question that sprints is “will it be fulfilling”? The answer that would mostly echo is “NO.”  As a 23-year-old grad from a reputed university, would you like to join the pile of dead fish and go with the flow? Or, do you wish to join a startup or maybe start your own business, provide employment and revolutionize? A traditional job because it would pay good and is stable or a startup which will grow and flourish with your blood and sweat? The former looks appealing, but the latter is satisfying, isn’t it?

So, comes the question should universities help boost startups and help provide primary education on “entrepreneurial skill” at the least? How would it benefit the youth or the school per se?  Colleges and universities accommodate a diverse crowd from all nooks and corners of the country and the world. Youngsters who just wish to prove their worth beaming with fresh and innovative ideas are overflowing in canteens, classrooms, gardens and at any place that you can think of.

Why DU should promote startups

1)    While in university, the students learn responsibilities and teamwork. They work in close knitted units to try and accomplish the toughest of tasks. That bonding and sense of team unity are one of the pillars in the foundation for a successful startup.

2)    Secondly, the can-do attitude is something that floods university and college campuses. These foals need someone to groom them into Arabian horses. Who else other than the professors and mentors? These people are always ready to help you with a smile on their face.

3)    Universities have auditoriums, meeting places, chill-out zones, free food, and internet. What else does a young entrepreneur require to lay the foundation of his/her Fortune 500 company but cheap as well as free resources?

4)    Universities can also help guide, motivate, and even filter the most innovative ideas and may be funding them.

What startups came out of DU?

In addition to multiple other startups, recently students of DU launched a startup to change the waste management system in India. Waste management is apparently one of the significant problems we face. Two aspiring engineering students are walking down towards the metro, notice a garbage bin and Voila! A brilliant idea struck these young minds, and there it was – the birth of We-Convert. The concept is pretty simple and would work like a charm: E-collectors that will accept waste material and in return generate some rewards. Isn’t that awesome? Clean the country and in the process have a stable earning. Win-win for all. Another startup HelloMeal promises to provide an economical meal at your doorstep. Order through an app, a toll-free number, and no delivery charges. The founder (a grad from DU’s Swami Shraddhanand College) mentioned that he and his friends came up with the idea after facing food related inconvenience at college. The app, they say, is doing good as they receive almost 150 orders a day.

The crux of it is that in today’s world, the market doesn’t appreciate tradition but innovation. Showcase your ideas, test your skills, understand the requirement, break the barriers and do what you’re passionate about and make things happen. Yes, we can!


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Here’s why we need more startups at DU(Rank Princess- SEO)

   Are you a graduate with entrepreneurial dreams? Or, are you someone who is a part of the corporate world trying to break the shackles to follow your dreams of being an entrepreneur?  Are you afraid to travel the road less traveled?

   Every excellent business empire today was once a frivolous dream. What made the difference was the men behind these ventures were not apprehensive of the first step.

   Here are a few reasons why you should work towards accomplishing your idea and your dreams.

  1. Now is the time

With the Government of India aiding start-ups and manufacturing in the country like never before, the next few years seem more promising for first-time entrepreneurs. 

       Going by the Economic Survey of 2015-2016, India is home to more than 19,000 startups that are tech-enabled. Also, in recent years, Indian startups have seen an unexpected valuation. This surge is more than promising.

   In the first half of 2015, Indian startups raised a whopping 3.5 billion American dollars in funding, and there are close to 490 active investors in India (as of the end of 2015). The number of deals signed has only increased to 18{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} in 2016. This growth suggests a definite growth curve in the future years too.

  In 2016, India was ranked Number 3 in the world in the number of start-ups. Certain organizations like NASSCOM plan to support close to 10,000 startups in India in the coming years. Regulatory bodies like SEBI have now eased the norms, and it is far more comfortable for the companies to raise funds through the IPO route. Therefore, raising money for your start-up is not as arduous as it once was.

  If you have an idea that stands out, you will get all around support from the right institutions when you put it across.

  1. Incubators in the university campuses provide the right platform.

   To aid the ‘Start-Up India’ initiative, the leading universities launched start-up incubators within the campuses to nurture business start-ups. These nurseries have seen success in certain IITs, IIMs and Delhi University.

  What is interesting is the growth rate of these incubators. 2016 saw a 40{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} increase in the number of these nurseries, with aid from government and corporate. In the same year, the state helped set up 30 new incubators on the university campus and close to 66{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of them have been established in the Tier II and Tier III cities.

  Another interesting fact is that there has been a 25{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} increase in the number of student entrepreneurs. Can you believe in 2016 alone, 350 startups were launched by young students?, a renowned online marketing place promoting handicrafts, paintings and other gift items from the weaker sections of the society was formed by three students of Delhi University. They are housed in Technology Business Incubator under the Cluster Innovation Centre at Delhi University. Through tie-ups with NGOs, they market products from the weaker sections of the society and have received several accolades and awards for their work. is an example of a successful campus aided venture.

iii.    Broad societal benefits

       As a society, we continually face challenges from all aspects. To tackle these problems and to make ourselves visible on a global platform, we need to embrace innovation and change. How can you promote innovation in the nation? The answer is simple, by encouraging startups.

   Startups also carve a path to discover solutions to the most pressing societal problems.  If you have an answer to any of the issues the society faces, you could bring about change benefitting the large sections of people.

    Take the example of two students from Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences (DU). Their idea was born while lamenting about the waste management strategy in the city. This led to the formation of We-Convert. They introduced a machine called E-collector which accepts the user’s waste and generates rewards in return. After fruitful collaborations, the venture is eyeing revenue of Rs 67 lakhs for the fiscal year 17-18 and is starting its expansions in many cities across India.

   A 30-year-old Delhi University graduate along with an IITian started Zophop, an app to help the daily commuters of public transport. The app supports real-time tracking of the position of buses and its time of arrival at any stop along its route. Passengers can also purchase tickets in advance. Zophop has made the commute more accessible for passengers in more than 15 cities across India. They smoothened out the challenging commute time for lakhs of daily travelers.

 The future seems promising.

       India needs close to 20 million jobs a year, and as per a global data, it is the startups that provide a large percentage of employment when compared to established enterprises. Startups aid in the economic reforming of a nation and that is what India needs at the moment.

When you delve into the startup bandwagon, you are not just accomplishing your dreams but bringing about a change in a small yet significant way by creating more jobs and helping in the economic growth of the nation.

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Here’s Why We Need More Startups at DU(Rank Princess- SEO)

You just graduated. You have a plan to get to your dream job. You decide to start slow. But tell me, would you like to join a startup fresh out of college as opposed to a well-established, revenue-generating, high-profile company?

Why Should DU Invite More Startups during Internship/Placement Season?

DU students have created startups like We-Convert, 3Dexters, HelloMeal, and Spamster. You are asking for reasons to consider joining one. Well, here they are!

  1. More Responsibilities Equals Hands-On Experience

Startups have limited personnel. There is no ‘watch today, do later’ attitude there. You’ve to figure out tasks you’ve never committed before. Thus, you learn more than you could ever have gained by merely observing.

  1. Firsthand Participation Translates into Bigger Opportunities

A Future Workplace Survey says 91{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} millennials expect to switch jobs within three years. Another NACE Job Outlook Survey says that employers seek leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and work ethic primarily.

In a startup, you juggle different responsibilities, long to-do lists, and inherent risks. Whenever you switch, this versatility makes you the better candidate.

  1. Tough Supervision Means Improved Resilience

Startups are small, close-knit units. Credit, as well as backlash, comes easy because your work is visible. Thus, you learn to find solutions, endure, and tackle tricky scenarios.

  1. Opportunities Seem Endless

Startup remuneration is often inadequate. But, they offer chances to grow. You get to branch out, learn new skills, try them in real-case scenarios. You discover the significance of hard work, tenacity, creative thinking, accountability, and personal ownership.

  1. And There Is Free Food

And an enthusiastic environment, chilled-out colleagues, determined teams, and the excitement of accomplishment.

Startups versus Fancy Industry Jobs-There’s No Winner, so Choose Carefully

Between a corporate job and a startup one, people tend to flock to the former. And why not?

You crave job security. High-end companies will pay you well enough. They’ll offer additional benefits.

In startups, the working hours are ridiculous. So is the pay. There is minimal room for error. And you can’t tell if or when the newfound company will run out of capital and shut down. In fact, 25{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616}-30{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of backed up startups fail, says the National Venture Capital Association.

But, when Startups flourish, and you tag along from the beginning, you gain tremendous experience via hours and hours of innovation, brainstorming and active participation. You learn your limits and capabilities. These help you build an exceptional career.

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Will Corporate Accelerators Work For Your Business? (Content Princess – SEO)

Will Corporate Accelerators Work For Your Business? (Content Princess – SEO)

Seed accelerators or start – up accelerators are programs that feature mentorship, education modules and finish with a demonstration day or a public pitch event.  Established corporations can also benefit from connecting with professional accelerators which are run by experienced entrepreneurs. Accelerators centre on a broad range of industries and are particularly important in industries like food, telecommunications, and agriculture that tend to be impervious to change.

Advantages of Corporate Accelerators.

A New Work Culture – Executives and employees learn about new methodologies such as designing a viable product, project management and customer development.  As a result, they will begin using them in their work environment.

Case Study – When Windows 10 was introduced it went through numerous repetitions with customers providing opinions through Windows Insider.  The product was released before it was completed and it was attuned based on customer responses.  The result has been an exceptional success, and Windows 10 has grown faster than any other Windows version.

Ability to Attract More Partnerships and Collaborations – Many companies have concluded that they need to join start-ups to subject them to new technologies and methodologies.  This will procure their future in the market.  Big corporations can observe start-ups in the initial stages and gain knowledge of the industry and new trends.

Growth of Accelerator Programs.

During the past decade, the growth of accelerator programs has fast-tracked.

  • At the start of 2016, there were 170 accelerator programs in the US.
  • Each year from 2008 to 2014 the number increased by an average of 50{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} (Ian Hathaway, a senior fellow in the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institute).
  • The average evaluation of a company supported by an accelerator is $7.1 million. While this includes hits and flops the result is still good.

Springboard is an accelerator program whose companies have procured $6.5 billion through their lifetime and have an 83{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} fundraising success rate. 

As the chart demonstrates accelerator programs like Springboard work.

Problems Which Can Arise.

Corporations in accelerator programs devise a business plan. This document portrays:

  • Product and Services
  • Market opportunity.
  • A five-year prediction for profit, cash flow and income.

During the implementation stage, the business plan usually doesn’t hold true. 

Failure of Mentorship – While good mentorship can be a real bonus the opposite can be detrimental. When there is a wide gap between what the mentor can contribute and the expectations of the start – up, there will be a momentum stall.

Many programs don’t have the recognition to appeal to quality start-ups. There are a lot not delivering but still operating because of high demand. While gaining themselves, they are leaving behind a trail of failed start – ups.

There is obviously a high demand for accelerator programs, and many do succeed.  Internal accelerators are difficult to manage.  They need heavy Research & Development, a lot of preparation and an effective approach to administration.  Companies that are established will see the benefits of working with professional accelerator entrepreneurs.  For start-ups, this is the only alternative.  In the immediate future, more efficient accelerator archetypes will be required to eliminate existing pitfalls.

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Grab Your Umbrella: Monsoons rain down problems on Bangalore Start-ups (Content Princess – SEO)

As those living in tropical climates already know, monsoon patterns can impact almost every aspect of life. Particularly in the Indian Ocean, these seasonal variations in rainfall and wind patterns can have a drastic impact on things as far reaching as food prices, travel plans, insurance rates, and poverty rates.

Why do monsoons matter?

Shifts in monsoon patterns are caused by the El Niño Southern Oscillation, a semi-yearly change in ocean temperatures which causes a ripple effect through atmospheric patterns. Research has shown that global warming is exacerbating the effects of ENSO, causing more extreme monsoons and more extreme dry seasons.

Yearly changes in ENSO patterns (image:

How do monsoons impact India in particular?

The monsoon season is particularly important in India. It has one of the most extreme fluctuations in the wet and dry season caused by monsoons. It also hosts one of the strongest tech industries in the world; Bangalore has long been called the “new silicon valley,” as it is home to over 30{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of start-ups in the country.

India has experienced serious consequences from global warming: the country is experiencing record temperatures year after year, and the annual monsoon has been delayed three years in a row, causing serious fluctuation in crop and energy prices.

Bangalore startups are particularly impacted by monsoon season because without the extensive infrastructure of an established company, it can be harder to bounce back from environmental changes such as monsoons.


Entrepreneurs can be the most prepared, well-planned, organised managers of their start-ups, and still, they cannot quite buffer themselves from the effects of monsoons.

Business and tech are expanding extremely rapidly in India, but much of the infrastructure has been rapidly constructed as well, sometimes leading to insufficient systems to handle the needs of a huge population

Startups and Internet in Monsoon Season

Internet connectivity, in particular, is an extremely big problem for start-ups during monsoons. Start-ups often depend on overhead lines or underground fibre cables for their connections.

Larger companies who can afford dedicated leased lines do not suffer from as many connectivity problems. Start-ups using less expensive internet options often experience loss of connection in conditions as tame as gentle rain.

Worse, it is difficult to tell whether, in any given meteorological event, the internet will stay connected or not. Therefore, it is hard to plan the week and set strict deadlines for projects, since it could be impossible, logistically, to keep them. Planning a big event or conference could go completely haywire if the internet in the neighbourhood goes down due to a fallen tree. We depend on the net for almost everything, and a start-up could suffer even more if the loss of connection happens to occur on the due date for a big bill or contract processing.

Looking to the future: rural vs. urban impacts

However, in other respects, many businesspeople believe the importance of the monsoon for the investment market overall is in decline. Even though the monsoon may be becoming less predictable, its largest impacts are on rural populations. As time goes on, the stock market is being dominated not by energy or agricultural staples but by urban consumers and businesses.

Further reading:

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Under the Spotlight: CashRewards Inc. Becomes Australia’s Fastest Growing Tech Company (Rank Princess – SEO)

A quarter million subscribers and $13 million in cash backs later, the e-commerce start-up CashRewards won the title of ‘Australia’s Fastest Growing Tech Company’. Here’s the full story.

The Award

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, or only Deloitte, is a professional services firm based in the UK. Every year Deloitte conducts the ‘Fast 50’ program under which it recognises fast-growing tech companies around the globe based on revenue growth in the previous three years.

The awards are country specific and this year, for the Australian chapter of the awards, the online shopping space emerged as the winner. This was due to CashRewards’ stellar growth of 12,496{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} over the last three years.

About CashRewards

Now, these are some serious numbers we are talking. It’s not every day we see growth figures like this. So what is CashRewards and what are they doing right?

CashRewards is an Australian cash back service that gives consumers cash backs for purchases they make through One only visits the website, chooses the product they want to buy, following which they are redirected to the seller’s website. And they just complete their purchase as they normally would. And just like that, they receive a part of the price paid for the product back in the bank account as cash backs.

All the shopper has to do is take the extra step of visiting the CashRewards website before being redirected to the seller. Read on as we tell you why it’s such a brilliant business plan and how we love their tagline “Get paid to shop”.

How it Works

Like every good idea, the mechanics behind this is fairly straight forward. Retailers pay Cash Rewards money to advertise their products on their website. And in return, CashRewards pays a part of it to the consumers who shop from their website.

The cash backs offered are just an extra incentive for the consumers to buy that product and take that extra step of visiting their website.

For the retailers too, this is a smart move as the cash backs translate to higher traffic from this site than others.

Simplicity is Key

The success of this company lies in its simplicity and efficient marketing. CashRewards tells its customers that they are always just 15 seconds away from ‘getting paid to shop’ and most consumers wouldn’t mind those few extra clicks before landing on the page which they were going to visit anyway.

And guess what? They get some cash, real money not coupons or discount codes, in the process. Brilliant, ain’t it?

CashRewards is another example of a good idea coupled with excellent execution. And with their smart marketing and persistence, the company now has under its belt over 1500 retailers on the website, a quarter million active users and the titles like ‘Australia’s number one cashback site’ and ‘Australia’s fastest growing technology firm’. 

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Among the most developing countries in Africa is Egypt and it is revolutionising the modern world symmetrically like the other top countries. It is developing into a powerhouse from the recent conferences and summits held in the aim of boosting entrepreneurship in the nation. There has been a haze recently caused by the latest startup scenes in the kind of development experienced. Below are some of the recent startups that are causing a haze and considered as the next big things in the country:-

  1. TA2HEAL

It is one of the recently developed online services that were created to provide assistance to parents that have children with a known diagnosis of autism. It is sad to note that despite the high number of individuals, not only children, with autism, there is still a notable lack of sufficient or reliable services. In case there were services provided, they were highly overpriced. Despite this, there were also a high number of fraud cases forwarded in the case of child diagnosis and training.

To curb these problems, Ta2heal was developed to extinguish the deficiency regarding online services offered and also improve the physical ground services provided to the patients. A unique feature that comes with Ta2heal is the Patient Trainer feature where quite some parents and guardians can be sufficiently educated on the necessary required needs and services to help their children adapt and tutor the latter on the required essential skills under a rigorously implemented curriculum.


The challenge of locating and getting reliable communication to experienced personnel is a worldwide problem. It is quite difficult to select the best of the best out of the rest, but through the recent developments, they have been able to create a channel where customers can pre-assess professionals in the field. The newly developed fixawy is a unique feature destined to help us out, though currently, it is still under development. It can be accessed in Cairo and Alexandria.

Despite being a new development in this sector, it currently boasts of over 100 personnel and over 5000 recent users that have benefited from this service. Noting its importance it acquired a second place in the recent Rise up Microsoft Egypt Startup.


It is a recent development in Mansoura that comprises of a conglomeration of specialised engineers who have skills in solving technical problems; they are four to be precise. A recently developed invention is the Beacon application that is set to revolutionize emergency calls. It can access your contacts and is equipped with the unique ability to send notifications to the specified individuals at any instance of an emergency alert. All these discussed processes are done with ease since it is through the press of a single button.

  1. HELM

It is a unique organisation that is run by the sole aim to aid disabled individuals and is also keen to provide or increase job opportunities for people who have a recorded case of disability. It is conducted through their organisational activities like offering companies to develop a productive but still diverse base of employees. In addition to this, it also provides career counselling services to individuals.

This organisation will be a great boost considering the number of citizens living with disabilities which are on the rise every year. The initiative is considered as a productive task since they help the disabled people attain their desired potentials.

  1. RAKNA

Due to the high levels of civilisation and industrialisation, population growth has both positive and negative side effects. Regarding negative, we can mention the high number of automobiles recorded in Egypt especially in the capital, Cairo, where the population is growing every year. Due to the increasing number of automobiles, it has become a hectic process when it comes to the locating of a reliable parking spot. This is even more difficult when in a hurry or wanting to access a facility nearby.

Ahmed Zaki and Omar Radi are the sole developers of the Egypt-based valet parking system that was developed with the sole aim to curb this problem. Locating a reliable and safe parking has never been this easy, and it is with the help of RAKNA application. All one has to do, is request for a valet and they hand over their car to be parked safely. To ensure the security of their automobile, the users are provided with the full relevant information concerning the hired valet, and if that is not enough, the customer can easily request back their cars.


Despite the many upcoming startups, some of them have shown a tremendous growth rate and are being developed even further. These startups are being developed with time depending on the needs of the next generation, and in 2017 the mentioned startups are surely destined to grow further from the developments being made.


5 Egypt-Based Startups To Look Out For In 2017(Content Princess)

With 2017 well and truly underway, the time has come for us to look at some of the up and coming startups that the commencing year has to offer. With entrepreneurship and the startup scene becoming more and more popular in Egypt, the country is beginning to produce some of the most promising startups of 2017 – so much so that it will soon be able to rival any country across the globe.

So without further ado, here are five of the most promising Egyptian startups that are set to embark on their journey in 2017:

  1. TA2HEAL – This startup offers an incredible online service which was created to help parents of children with autism. Their aim is to aid in the field, seeing as there are around 60,000 children who suffer from autism, are incredibly underfunded and have a worrying lack of services dedicated to their cause. TA2HEAL looks to change that fact, offering affordable and wholeheartedly helpful services to parents of those who suffer from autism, through services like online training and on-ground activities.
  2. FIXAWY This is almost like an online comparison site for independent handymen and home care specialists. FIXAWY is the solution to all of our problems! Ever get tired of scrolling through hours and hours of Google ads and independent pages trying to find the right guy for the job? Well with FIXAWY, that is no longer necessary. There website hosts a whopping 100+ handymen who specialise in all sorts of tricks and trades, making it far easier for customers to compare skills and prices in a singular, easy-to-navigate space.
  3. HELM Helm is a non-profit organisation that specifically focuses on and offers employment opportunities to those suffering from disabilities. They create opportunities and openings through a variety of initiatives and programs, one of which focuses on assisting companies and helping them to take on a not only productive but also largely diverse workforce. Essentially, helping businesses and companies to develop their facilities and teach them how to cater those with disabilities, which will allow them to open the door to them.
  4. RAKNA A company providing a clever little service in a country which is often burdened by a lack of parking spaces, especially in its busier areas such as Alexandria and Cairo. Customers simply request their car to be picked up at a specific time and location, and a Rakna employee will come and collect it, take it back to a Rakna-approved location and then return their car to the same location at the specified time when the customer wishes to leave.
  5. VDITORY – A startup which provides the visually-impaired with an amazing device which can provide them with synthetic sight. The device can read text, recognise the faces of people that the wearer meets and can even describe the views and scenery outside. The company intends to bring sight to, or at least simulate it for, as many people as they possibly can.

So there you have it, the top five Egyptian startups to look out for in 2017! These are some of the most promising and innovative startups that will be gracing the technological world in 2017, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled to watch over their undoubtedly rocketing success.