Workplace Glam: Statement Neckpieces for the Office

Workplaces and offices can feel stifling to the creative soul or fashionista who wants to display their talent for coordination. Often, office attire can feel drab and uninspired with neutral colours, long hemlines, and high collars. The best way to break out of the office attire rut is to accessorise with a great statement neckpiece such as a choker or necklace.

Express your individuality with these great pieces

Expressing yourself in the workplace can bring a great sense of satisfaction to an individual. It allows them to stand out in the office crowd without seeming too outlandish. Try out some of these great finds for your next day at the office

  • Rustic Refinement- Simple pieces for a bold statement

The Molten Metal Arch neck-piece is a wonderfully simple piece of jewellery that can coordinate with any outfit. It has a beautifully subdued sheen with a large texture for a perfect collaboration between sight and feels.

For those that like a slightly more delicate look, try the Epiphyte Flower Neckpiece. This unassuming necklace features a wonderfully rustic branch accompanied by a beautiful flower. The silver metal tones and subtle shine give this piece a personality all its own and allow it to be paired with just about any outfit.

  • Natural Elegance- Bring the natural world with you

When stuck indoors all day long, one can begin to crave the peaceful and elegant touch of the natural world. The square locket with a real green fern on a red background is a perfect way to bring nature with you to the office. This necklace is an effortless statement piece that will grab attention without being garish.

For those looking for a more understated piece of nature, try the Origin of Flora Choker. The mix of metal types and beautiful floral design are the perfect pairing for a sophisticated but natural touch to any outfit.

  • Gorgeous Geometry- Shapes for a touch of interest

Geometric shapes are timeless foundations for jewellery. The Ujjwala necklace is a perfect example of just how interesting geometric pieces can be. The concentric shapes bring a touch of whimsy without losing the elegance of the pure metallic design.

For a bolder look, try the Celestial Moon Neckpiece. The bent corners in the piece bring edginess to any outfit, and the bold placement of a large stone makes an impact on anyone who sees it.

  • Pretty in Pink- Bring a touch of the feminine to any workplace outfit

For anyone who has ever worked in a male dominated office, it is evident that occasionally there needs to be a woman’s touch. The Mother and Daughter necklace featuring the flower of life can connect you to a loved one while making a bold statement around your neck.

For a more understated touch of pink, try the minimalist design of the Mridang Choker. The simple squares on this choker bring a beautiful pop of colour to the neck on a graceful chain.

  • Superior Stones

If unique jewellery is appealing, try the Chained Rock Necklace. The uncut stones contrast against the delicate movement of the golden chains in a way that is sure to bring attention to any outfit

For a less bold neckpiece that is still unusual, try the Clustered Golden Dangles Necklace. The stones are smaller as are the golden dangles allowing for a more delicate piece while still retaining the different elements seen in the Chained Rock Necklace.

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