Unfortunately, coping with becoming visually impaired is a common way of life for many people thanks to diseases, injuries or other health conditions such as diabetes. One of the fundamental problems which loss of sight causes for people is the inability to negotiate unfamiliar places. It can also affect everyday life activities such as working, sports, or even building friendships.
However, technological advances have been used to help improve the lives of the visually impaired with many creative new inventions developed to help with daily living challenges. Here are the top seven inventions which could revolutionise the lives of people with sight problems:

1. Shoes which can tell you which way to go
Ducere Technologies have created Lechal insoles which can connect via Bluetooth to your mobile device. You input your directions, and as you start to walk, the shoes will vibrate when you need to change course – either the right shoe or the left shoe – with the buzzing getting stronger the nearer you are.

2. Glasses which show you colours
For people whose visual impairment includes colour blindness, to them, a whole new way of seeing the world could be made available thanks to Enchroma Lenses. They look like regular sunglasses but enable colour blind people to view a variety of hues.

3. Accessible mobile phones
Many cell phone manufacturers are now incorporating original elements to make their handsets accessible for the visually impaired, including screen-reading, voice control, slide out keypads, and raised details on the keys to guide your fingers.

4. Braille Rubik Cube
While it’s not something you need on a daily basis, those looking for an exciting challenge might like to try the braille Rubik cube. Rather than match the colours, you match the feel of the braille squares.

5. A safe audible mug
Imagine being blind and trying to make a cup of tea or coffee – how would you know when you had filled the cup with hot water? Well, thanks to the Braun Bell Concept Mug there is now no risk of burning yourself as it lets out a sound once the water hits a particular sensor, telling you to stop.

6. A watch that lets you feel what time it is
Being able to speak the time is something we all take for granted, but if you can’t see, then how do you know what time it is? A brilliant invention to make everyday life easier for those whose sight is limited is the watch which lets you feel the time. The designs use breaks at the 12 o’clock mark and ball bearings to enable the wearer to feel the position of the second hand and the hour hand.

7. A bracelet which tells you where you are
A simple looking piece of jewellery can help blind people to navigate around unfamiliar places, as they contain full navigation options including GPS, audio and voice controls. This nifty and stylish gadget can contribute to maintaining a healthy level of independence.

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