More start-ups in DU – here’s why we need it! (Rank Princess-SEO)

9-6 monotonous job? – Nah! The question that sprints is “will it be fulfilling”? The answer that would mostly echo is “NO.”  As a 23-year-old grad from a reputed university, would you like to join the pile of dead fish and go with the flow? Or, do you wish to join a startup or maybe start your own business, provide employment and revolutionize? A traditional job because it would pay good and is stable or a startup which will grow and flourish with your blood and sweat? The former looks appealing, but the latter is satisfying, isn’t it?

So, comes the question should universities help boost startups and help provide primary education on “entrepreneurial skill” at the least? How would it benefit the youth or the school per se?  Colleges and universities accommodate a diverse crowd from all nooks and corners of the country and the world. Youngsters who just wish to prove their worth beaming with fresh and innovative ideas are overflowing in canteens, classrooms, gardens and at any place that you can think of.

Why DU should promote startups

1)    While in university, the students learn responsibilities and teamwork. They work in close knitted units to try and accomplish the toughest of tasks. That bonding and sense of team unity are one of the pillars in the foundation for a successful startup.

2)    Secondly, the can-do attitude is something that floods university and college campuses. These foals need someone to groom them into Arabian horses. Who else other than the professors and mentors? These people are always ready to help you with a smile on their face.

3)    Universities have auditoriums, meeting places, chill-out zones, free food, and internet. What else does a young entrepreneur require to lay the foundation of his/her Fortune 500 company but cheap as well as free resources?

4)    Universities can also help guide, motivate, and even filter the most innovative ideas and may be funding them.

What startups came out of DU?

In addition to multiple other startups, recently students of DU launched a startup to change the waste management system in India. Waste management is apparently one of the significant problems we face. Two aspiring engineering students are walking down towards the metro, notice a garbage bin and Voila! A brilliant idea struck these young minds, and there it was – the birth of We-Convert. The concept is pretty simple and would work like a charm: E-collectors that will accept waste material and in return generate some rewards. Isn’t that awesome? Clean the country and in the process have a stable earning. Win-win for all. Another startup HelloMeal promises to provide an economical meal at your doorstep. Order through an app, a toll-free number, and no delivery charges. The founder (a grad from DU’s Swami Shraddhanand College) mentioned that he and his friends came up with the idea after facing food related inconvenience at college. The app, they say, is doing good as they receive almost 150 orders a day.

The crux of it is that in today’s world, the market doesn’t appreciate tradition but innovation. Showcase your ideas, test your skills, understand the requirement, break the barriers and do what you’re passionate about and make things happen. Yes, we can!


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