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Do Big Data and Data Analytics Outweigh Standard Human Judgment?

Big Data or a large mass of complex, diverse, heterogeneous information; challenges traditional data processing methods. As a result, it questions the capability of human judgment to analyze a large body of data.

So, do Big Data and Data Analytics outweigh standard human judgment?

Some of the applications of Big Data in daily life:

• Predictions made by Google while searching for things using the search engine. Google analyzes the accumulated data based on the previous queries on similar subjects.

• Intimations from debit/credit card companies about unsolicited activities based on findings from millions of transactions every day.

• Different companies take online surveys for gathering data about their clients. The resulting data is used to predict customer requirements.

• Data analytics based on the medical history of patients can help doctors in predicting patients’ responses’ to drugs and aid in finding possible cures to diseases.

Impossible for humans to process Big Data manually

Judgment making abilities of human beings are inadequate to deal with Big Data. Information of such an enormous size and complexity cannot be analyzed by our brains.

Helping people make more informed decisions

Human beings may be inefficient in analyzing Big Data but the outcomes of data analytics by computers can help them achieve meaningful conclusions.

The development of algorithms for advanced data analytics is likely to lead to social, economic and political development.

Benefiting people through Big Data

• The Management of organizations’ could become more transparent and increase workforce efficiency.

• Data analytics will offer a greater scope for performance-related experiments.

• Categorization of a population for customized results.

• Automated algorithms for effective inferences.

• Customized services will increase profitability in business.

Some drawbacks of Big Data and data analytics

Too much dependence on Big Data can lead to false confidence leading to errors in judgment. Ruling out human judgmental powers will allow powerful people manipulate findings and satisfy their interests.

Dealing with data analytics in a positive manner

In today’s world, it is beyond doubt that we need computer-generated data analytics for processing of large information. That does not necessarily mean a complete elimination of the standard judgment skills of human beings.

Data analytics and human judgment should complement each other

The results from analytics can complement human judgment for making important decisions. This realization has inspired multiple scientists across the world to look for new methods of data analytics for quick effective results.

Need for storing large data

Effective storage and data processing of Big Data can generate wonderful results.

Data processing can help determine the causes of failures. It can help identify defects. It can increase business by analyzing buying habits of customers. It can also help organizations detect fraudulent behavior.

In order to get important results and their subsequent utilization, there cannot be a rivalry between Big Data, data analytics, and standard human judgment.

Making do without any kind of human judgment is currently out of the question. Ruling out standard judgment can create misleading conclusions.

On the other hand, data analytics and human judgment can together reap beneficial results.

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