Demo Cold Calling Sales Script By Aakshey

Demo Sales Script

Alternate Script for a Demo back, say HDFC for example.

Let us assume the salesman John called his pros Rahul

Am I speaking to Rahul Sharma?

Can I call you Rahul? Nice name by the way.

If yes


Are you busy right now Rahul? I basically needed two or say three minutes of your precious time. If you’re busy, I can call back later. No big deal.

If he is free

I was wondering whether you could help with me what I got here. I’m not sure you would or even could, but I’ll share this with you anyway.

Basically I’m an Intern with HDFC Bank. I’ll be joining as an Associate come June.

The deal is that my boss feels I can’t get in clients. And he has promised to make me an associate if I could get 5 clients by the end of the week.

Now I’m not asking you to sign up as my client. Of course not!

But I have this new Credit Card right here. Which perhaps some of your friends or associates might be interested in.

If I could get your e-mail, I can send over more information about this. And if you feel somebody might be interested, I’ll send over my agent.

Now, you don’t have to hand over your email to me. I’d understand if you don’t. Just that I’ve got a career to make over here. And my boss also appreciates every email I’m able to send out.


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