Five Tweets for Luna Lights – Part 3 (Content Strategi)

Home safety means a lot in #fallprevention – from furniture to lighting, simple ideas can make big differences!
Half of the 85{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} senior hospitalisations in Canada occur at home! Safer homes cut costs and prevent fatal injuries.
81{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} Americans are looking out for #fallreduction solutions, says Carnegie Mellon
Is #innovation the answer to senior worry, anxiety, fear? Can #tech lead to #fallreduction? Our heart goes out to this story!
Fear of falling can lead to a fall. Even a no injury fall can trigger fear in seniors.  #fallprevention goes a long way!


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