A Fresh Life To The Financial Sector When Brokering Is Not Enough (Rank Princess – SEO)

The story of ZUU the newest online financial media

On 2nd April 2013, a big leap was attempted by the top salesperson from Nomura Securities. Kazumasa Tomita was not satisfied with the lack of innovative challenges that exists in the traditional finance industry. He took a brave step and started a multinational financial media platform with almost all processes set up online that touches upon educational sector where they also offer training in various aspects of finance.

ZUU Business Outline

‘ZUU’ is derived from ‘Zoo’ where the company’s motto is to bring everyone and all aspects of finance together under one roof. Their basic portfolio is as below

  1. Website development that offers comparisons and matches, financial advisors, accordingly.
  2. ZUU advisors provide information and service to financial clients.
  3. Maintain websites for their premium financial clients.
  4. Consulting and training service for the financial advisory industry.


ZUU’s growing passion and vision is towards developing a uniform platform for equal access and opportunities for all towards learning the financial sector. They are working towards equipping their users with all the necessary skills to compete in the ever-changing and challenging financial environment globally. With current offices in Tokyo and Singapore, the support-owned media company in the finance and real estate business is all set to emerge as the top risk management consulting firm by securing a market value of $830 billion (about ¥100 trillion) by the year 2038.

What Do You Get When You Collaborate With ZUU

What started as an online media startup, ZUU has now grown into one of Japan’s fastest growing finance-related media websites that offer a variety of services including finance-focused news and columns. All categories of equity, securities, insurance, taxes, and real estate are touched upon. With his finance background, Kazumasa is now focusing on the extensive use of social media in financial services and networking into the banking sector to tap into FinTech services in the next segment.

Their website boasts about 2.5 million monthly subscribers and about 10 million page views every month. ZUU is unique since each article is written by the experts in the industry, original work reviewed by their passionate staff of 50.

Why ZUU Works

Kazumasa explains that the freedom that they offer to their expert writers is the key to their growth. Since the company thrives on the originality of their work, they let their professionals choose when and what they write about without deadlines. ZUU introduces new Japanese business culture training to constantly motivate and encourage good work ethic to sustain their resources and maximise productivity, and their staff concur that it is one of the best management consulting firms to work for.

ZUU won the 2015 Intelligence Award at a startup showcase event that is hosted by CyberAgent Ventures RisingExpo in August. The same year, they launched their online asset-management tool ‘ZUU Signals’, that primarily advise users what stock to buy or sell in an easy representation inspired by three colours in traffic lights.

The company now has a mass reach thanks to its media partners in Japan. Yahoo Japan which is the biggest news portal for Japan uses ZUU. Other news and media giants include Google News, Rakuten Infoseek, Excite, and Huffington Post Japan. One can also view their content on popular Japanese news mobile applications SmartNews, Gunosy, and NewsPicks.

Financial Planning Tools – Next Step

Kazumasa Tomita is a true visionary. He is developing ZUU as an online media website to solve problems for its subscribers. He explains that they have loyal users purely because of their content-based resources that are original and descriptive and written by experts. However, ZUU is focused on more customisation for their users to compare and match for that all-around experience.

Unlike other startups, ZUU may not have too much trouble acquiring human resources and expertise in the sector for their business to grow. With his refreshing take on finance consulting, it will be interesting to know what he can bring in the years to come.


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