Google Optimize (Rank Princess – SEO)

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize is a web enhancement tool. With this tool, entities can measure and analyze several online business related aspects and devise their website to enhance business performance and positive customer experience.

Google Optimize is based on web-enabled statistics that returns solutions in a jiffy. It is integrated with web metrics and web analytics. With this tool, you can perform statistical operations. You can collect, measure and analyze web-related data, all within a remarkably reduced time frame.

Google Optimize collects data from several web and user interfaces and feeds these into the analyzing machinery to generate valuable business information.

Who can use Google Optimize?

Google offers some of its Google optimize versions free of cost while a few others are chargeable. The basic versions are recommended for small or medium-sized enterprises with less sophisticated business requirements. If the business is large and sophisticated, then advanced versions are recommended such as the Optimize 360.

The basic versions are free of cost whereas the advanced versions are chargeable.  Advanced version users are provided installation and support services as well as advanced user and account administration.

A lot is spent on website promotions, taking decisions based on web metrics improves cost effectiveness and efficiencies.

Features of Google Optimize

The basic features of Google Optimize enable:

  • Testing different website versions.
  • Experimentation
  • Tailoring websites to optimize performance parameters.
  • Comparison of different website versions (A/B testing).
  • Performing multivariate analysis.
  • Application of customer targeting tools.
  • Personalization of web features.
  • Integration with Google Analytics.

In advanced versions, each of the above features is equipped with more statistical power, and there are also some additional features.

Other Optimization Tool Options

Various other optimization and analytical tools are on offer, and these include Spring metrics, Woopra, Clicky, Mint, Chartbeat, Kiss Metrics, User testy, Crazy eggs, Mouseflow.

All these tools can have specific features which can serve specific purposes, all these are chargeable, but Google Optimize is free and is a comprehensive problem solver that includes a wide range of capabilities and features that enable solving diverse and complicated business problems.

Google Optimize Advantage

Google optimize tools have been made conspicuous by Google and extremely user-friendly so as to promote the culture of web metrics. It is very easy to install and is free.

Google Optimize can be used for solving many types of combinatorial optimization problems such as constraint programming, linear programming, vehicle routing problems as well as solve graphical algorithms.

Google Optimize has been created by using C++, but the tool can also be used with Python, C#, or Java.

In a nutshell, the benefits of Google Optimize include:

  • Round the clock maintenance.
  • Several free versions.
  • Maintenance of records of user experience.
  • Wide versatility, can be used on other platforms besides C++.
  • Wide applicability, can be used for solving wide range of problems.
  • Has surpassed several tests.
  • Has been used in Google internally to solve critical business problems.
  • Efficient and user-friendly.
  • Provision of high-level user support.

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