Illustrations = Art? Yes, Indeed (Rank Princess – SEO)

Why would buying a comic book cover illustration be any lesser than getting a reproduction of a famous painting? What is modern and tacky may very well be cherished memorabilia with time. Postergully thinks over this difference.

Any art gallery worth its salt will have a corner shop with reproductions and posters of the art hung willy-nilly on its walls. That’s the butter on the bread, for those who have yet to figure out why. Get impressed by the psychotropic blazing of colour on that wall? Buy a copy at the annexe.

But here’s the thing, why would an illustration be any less than high art? Would a Will Eisner cover of the Spirit comic be any lesser than a painting by KG Subramanyan? Or a Frank Miller cover of Dark Horse be a sullying factor if it stood next to a Goya masterpiece?

Illustrations Got Them Fame

Some of the world’s greatest painters and artists delved into illustrations to express their vision to the world. Take Salvador Dali, for example. In a pinch, his paintings are enough to motivate art lovers to pitch puppies into hot water. The artist created some of the most profound art via the medium of illustrations. Take ‘Les Diners de Gala’, a cookbook which Dali graced by illustrating. The illustrations of food, done by the master of the surrealist art, have layers of meaning unto themselves.

Or, Norman Rockwell, one of America’s most famous and revered artists. Bestowed with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, Rockwell did hundreds of illustrations for magazines such as Life, Literary Digest, The Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman.

Even Satyajit Ray, Andy Warhol and Amrita Shergill for that matter. But we know the tree we’re hacking away.

Coming Back To Modern Material, Comics

Some of the most enduring art has come forward via the medium of comics and t-shirt ideas. Take the comic book Iron Man issue #128 aka ‘Demon In A Bottle’. Bob Layton’s cover gives a heart-rending synopsis of the whole story in a single picture.

So why can’t a chibi drawing of Deadpool as a laptop cover be the expression of fine art, if not High Art? Or a creative imagining of roly-poly pandas as wontons on a mouse pad cover be even a shade lesser than a framed canvas of an MF Hussain?

We’re pushing the envelope here, but so did all the names mentioned above.

Postergully – The Rebel in Prints, Canvas and Sofa Covers

When Banksy made walls and underpasses into famous art landmarks, why the raised eyebrows at art on a phone cover? Or a t-shirt or a tote-bag, for that matter?

Postergully makes bringing art to daily life its mission. In as creative ways as possible, and in various media – all to provide that extra spark in the daily drudge. Illustrations as High Art can be discussed ad nauseam, but as a way of bringing a little bit of fantasy and dreamland, nothing even comes close.

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