Marriage And Husbands: What Today’s Modern Woman Wants (Content Princess – SEO)

Traditional gender roles are fading, giving way to an equal marital platform.  Today’s modern woman can voice her desires for her marriage, strengthening the bond and building a rock-solid foundation.

It’s tough being a woman.  Possibly more challenging being a modern woman breaking traditional gender norms. 

However, as the world progresses, women are gaining an empowered voice, and that voice has a lot to say about marriage.  While every marriage is different, there are certain constants that every woman desires.

“I’m half of this whole.”

While the traditional marriage centred on the man making important decisions, it’s time to start making them together.  Women discover the world through incredible lenses.  Valuing that insight, and considering her opinion before making decisions, will show that you truly have the family’s best interest at heart.

“Communication is the Key.”

Women value honest communication with their husbands over an expensive gift.  While men focus on wealth and status, women focus on being heard and understood.  Giving her your full attention is a gift that cannot be measured with a price tag.

“See me.” – says the soul of your woman

The pressure of being a wife and mother is crushing enough without your husband adding to it.  Remember; your wife is not your mother, and she has her own strengths and weaknesses. 

She will flourish in an environment with the flexibility to find her own way of doing things, and end up far surpassing even her own expectations.

“Help her out” – Share the house chores

Taking out the garbage has been the firing pin in many spousal arguments.  Though traditionally a woman’s responsibility, times have changed.  With women beginning to pursue their own careers, and share some of the financial burdens, it follows that men should start pitching in on the home front.

“Play with the children.”

Few moments surpass those you spend with your kids.  Men can instil important values in their children, such as learning how to treat women with respect.  It’s also an excellent way to teach them about the importance of unity.

“Encourage my career path.”

Women thrive with a strong husband in their corner.  Instead of asserting the importance of your career over hers, try understanding how passionate she is about her work.  It will give her confidence and encouragement, and let her know you see her as an equally competent partner.

“Say thank-you.”

Few things are as precious to a woman as feeling appreciated.  While men can measure their success in the form of wealth and status, women measure their worth by how much the people in their life appreciate them.  Cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes is a never-ending job, but a simple ‘thank you‘ makes it all worth it.

“Respect Her”

Men’s egos are constantly seeking competitions.  It drives their need to outshine everyone else and also drives their fear of being seen as weak.  Respecting a woman means understanding that she does not share that need to compete, and is satisfied just by feeling equal. Respect her opinions, differences, and feelings, and get ready to experience a whole new depth of love in return.

“Know the real me.”

Do you truly know your wife?  Depending on how you got married, you may know very little about their past experiences.  A genuine interest in who your wife is, and what made her that way, is a gift more precious than wealth or status.

Marriage norms and gender roles are being redefined.  However, women have not changed.  As the modern woman enters new career fields and pursues education, she is still motivated by a deep love for others, and a desire to be loved in return.

There is no limit on the amount of love and nurturing a woman can show her family.  As a man learns to love and value her, he unlocks new depths of that nurturing that fulfil his desire to be cared for, and her willingness to be the caretaker of her family. 

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