Recruitment 3.0 – Is Social Media Changing the World of Recruitment?

What you do on Social media speaks volumes about the kind of person you are. Recruiters are using Social media networks like Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, etc. like never before, to spot and hire the best talent in the industry. They also use these platforms to retain talent that is at risk of leaving. This is Recruitment 3.0 for you.

The first interaction that a potential worker has with the company is during the recruitment phase. It is important that this phase is carried out properly as fingers are usually pointed at the recruiter if the selected worker isn’t able to meet the expected levels of performance. Recruitment over the internet is a reality today and companies are looking beyond traditional methods of recruitment to hire talented individuals.

Recruitment 3.0

Traditionally, workers would upload their résumé against job offers posted by companies on their websites or even newspapers. Recruitment 3.0 works differently – potential candidates that are found suitable to fill the vacant roles in an organisation are reached out to by recruiters themselves. Social media users, who are keen to be spotted by companies, are also becoming increasingly careful about how they showcase themselves on the internet. Whether it’s their résumé, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter handles or their personal blogs and websites – they are all at the top of their game – they have to be.

Social Media & Hiring

Through social media, if the company wants intricate details about the potential candidate and wants to attract the best talent that could fit into its organization. Potential candidates too are looking out for reputable companies to work for and want to research extensively about the company. From what is it doing, what would it be like to work with them to whether their goals align. Essentially it all boils down to the fact that recruitment today is a two-way street where both the parties involved want to emerge as winners, and nobody wants to go home disappointed.

In the current market, a company’s reputation is of utmost importance to catch the attention of the limited pool of talent available. Companies have begun realising this and have resorted to social media to create a stronghold in the online world.

LinkedIn, in particular, enjoys unparalleled popularity in recruiting candidates – especially those of a higher grade. Welcome to the digital world where companies have gone as far as creating videos to advertise about their job openings. 

Social Media as the Game Changer

Whatever be the method of recruitment, it isn’t uncommon for recruiters to ultimately resort to social media to know more about the potential candidate. Activities of a candidate on the internet, social media, in particular, gives a great insight into the candidate’s personality and this also serves as an excellent medium to carry out extensive background checks of the candidate. It isn’t uncommon for recruiters to use the internet to validate the information that the applicant has provided – search engines like Google and social sites like Facebook give information about a candidate at the click of a button. 

Going by the pace at which things are going, traditional recruiters will soon lose out on thousands of potential candidates if they do not upgrade themselves to newer forms of recruiting like Recruitment 3.0.

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