The Legacy of Prince

Prince’s Estate 

All the members of Prince’s family have been allegedly having a dispute over who will get his fortune. Since there seems to be no written will, legally it goes to his blood sister Tyka Nelson, and his five surviving half-siblings.

Prince was not married, and the only child he had, had died after one week from birth due to complications. The family has opened up Paisley Park, Prince’s home and recording studio, which is also where he apparently hosted a few all night parties. It will become a tourist attraction much like Elvis’ Graceland. 

The history of Purple Rain

As a tribute to his death, Prince’s hit Purple Rain has been listed in the CMA awards. Purple Rain was a personal project for Prince. Reportedly, he carried around a purple notebook with sketches and ideas for the movie. He also had a hand in deciding who was cast for the film. The meaning of the song has many fans baffled.

They have been trying to work it out for decades. The running theory is that it’s about the end of the world, which is something Prince was interested in at that time. The film made over $68 million, even though it only cost about 7 million to produce.


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