5 Relationship Tips To Remain Happily Married (Rank Princess – SEO)

A Happy Marriage is hard work, ask your parents, and they will tell you. There is no way you tie the knot and leave it on autopilot. Your plane will crash, for sure, if not crash, at least the flight will be so boring, you will want to jump out of the aeroplane.

This article is not meant to scare you, and if you are planning on taking the plunge anytime soon, a few relationship tips won’t do any harm.

  1. Compliment Your Partner

Human beings are social creatures. We interact with the world around us, pursue a career and choose a partner because it makes us feel like we are a better person. Compliments never get old, even old people love compliments. Try telling an elderly lady at a party how pretty she is looking this evening, and you will notice her cheeks turn red even at that age. We generally forget to appreciate our partner from time to time, for the little, big, small, silly, adventurous, dumb, cute things they do. Skip this one out, and unhappy marriage signs will start appearing soon.

  1. Be Honest…About Everything

We are honest as kids when we are in love or to our parents. We are honest to our partners as well. But there are times when we intentionally leave out some of the details for the sake of our partner, hoping it will hurt them or simply to cajole our ego. Don’t do that. Missed out on your credit card payments, tell them! The boss is bullying you, tell them! Attracted to someone else, don’t stuff your mouth with food, tell them! It might just end up becoming a joke, and you both will have a good laugh about it.

  1. Maintain Yourself, Physically and Mentally

Remember how great you both looked on the day of your wedding. Since then have you been able to fit into your wedding outfit or is it simply an artefact in the corner of your wardrobe. A beer belly and love handles were never in fashion and never will be. Work out, take up a hobby, live an active life, invest in clothes that make you appear attractive, visit the spa every month. Also, remember when two individuals with strong personalities come together there is bound to be friction and difference of opinion. Plates flying in the house, high pitched discussions and walking out in the middle of the night will end up being an unhappy marriage with kids, and you will constantly look out for guides on how to survive in an unhappy marriage. Find ways to maintain a healthy state of mind. Movies, books, a holiday, meditation whatever it takes, make sure you take it up.

  1. Have A Social Life And Make Sure To Take Sometime Off Each Other

Happy marriage lies in the pursuit for staying happily married. You both need to embark on a journey together and yet wander by yourselves away from each other from time to time. You will come back stronger when you miss each other and remind yourselves how important you both are in each other’s lives. Reconnect with your friends, hang out with your colleagues, and widen your social circle. These relationship tips will help you avoid drastic situations such as an unhappy marriage, or much worse, a marriage where you both are seeing other people.

  1. Keep The Spark Alive

Get intimate from time to time, do things together that got you together in the first place. Enjoy a candlelit dinner, playfully flirt with each other and bet my money on it, the spark within you will never die. Keep an unhappy marriage quiz for your friends and accomplices and poke fun at them while discussing what to do when you’re not happy in your marriage. Just for fun while you are drowning a bottle of Vodka, play twister, scare bystanders, visit the park, basically life presents you with options you might have never thought of, in ways you cannot imagine.

Make sure to make efforts, and you will see that it will go a long way to make your marriage successful.

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