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Efficient cross-border payments by leading e-commerce service provider in the Philippines – Qwikwire

With money comes power, yet many foreigners investing in the Philippines feel helpless when it comes to knowing where their regular remittances from paying their bills go. Qwikwire allows Filipinos abroad to simply pay all their bills online like Social Security System, PhilHealth, Manila Water, Meralco, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, and everything else. Qwikwire optimises and customises billing with invoicing systems for overseas Filipinos. Qwikwire empowers banking, property management, medical billers, and BPOs with their B2B e-commerce solutions.

Why Choose Qwikwire

Ray Refundo, the founder CEO started Qwikwire based on his personal experience of not being able to receive an online payment since he did not have a credit card or bank account to his name. With his educational background in both Economics and Finance, from San Jose State University in California and his friends Scott Yu, Jason Foldi, and Bing Tan from the USA devised the perfect solution to all the problems about online payments for foreigners.

Qwikwire specialises in efficient cross-border e-commerce solutions to overseas Philippines residents with no credit cards or bank accounts to transact their online payments. The goal of the company is to facilitate e-commerce in the Philippines 2016

Advantages When Using Qwikwire

  1. Anyone can sign-up for the Qwikwire service to acquire a transaction code and receive their payments in less than 2 hours after being sent whereas online payment service providers like PayPal take up to 2 weeks in the Philippines for a single transaction.
  2. Only about 2.5 million people in the Philippines own some form of bank cards like Visa and less than 10{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} in the age range of 25-54 years. For clients who do not have a credit card or a bank account, Qwikwire uses freelancers who transfer the money deposited in their bank account to the company’s to make further payments on your behalf.
  3. Qwikwire facilitates secured transactions for their clients in simple, clear, and easy to understand steps.
  4. All users and freelancers are vetted and are required to produce their identification-related documents and abide by the local money transferring regulations and the Philippine land ownership laws.
  5. Qwikwire uses social media and search engine data to validate its user identification. It gives them access to the merchant account faster than other known service providers.

Qwikwire Is The Future

The recent years have shown foreign land ownership in the Philippines is on the rise, and many Filipinos living and working overseas are finding it difficult to track their remittances. Qwikwire can give their clients the full details for where their money is being spent.

Founder, CEO Ray Refundo is a financial analyst with expertise in market research and tax preparation which helps determine the best solutions for Qwikwire users.

Get the Power back in your hands

Qwikwire’s goal is to return the power to overseas Filipinos with foreign land ownership in the Philippines becoming an enjoyable process. Qwikwire provides faster and more transparent online money transactions than their competitive e-commerce websites in the Philippines.

Clients of the company can view all the transactions details. Having control over one’s finances gives the overseas Filipinos a sense of security. The entire team at Qwikwire strives to give their clients more choices and the freedom to choose how their hard-earned money is being spent.


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