The Soaring Rise Of TV Dating Shows (Content Princess – SEO)

A Window Of Opportunity

With dating apps and platforms in today’s modern world rising and falling like some crazy rollercoaster I’d be way too much of a  chicken to ride on it. There was absolutely no doubt in the mind of anyone with a functioning brain that the wonderful world of dating would inevitably make the leap over to television and entertain the masses through its quirky funniness and charming likeability.

An Opportunity Seized

In our current world, there are hundreds of TV shows out there covering the dating topic, spanning all sorts of specific categories and niches, each with the single hope of stirring up some drama, spawning anger and creating entertainment. And one thing is for sure, even in the real world, love is certainly full of those things!

With shows like Love Island, First Dates and The Undatables, sky-rocketing towards popularity, our experts over here at predict not only rises in TV shows to do with dating, but also in dating platforms themselves. When people see an opening in the market, they tend to seize it at the very first chance they get. And just like TV producers have done with these shows, we think website creators will follow suit.

But It’s Not As Simple As It May Sound

Sure, if some bozo could grab a camera and film a few couples having dinner, only to have that footage become one of the hottest TV shows in current times, we’d all be very wealthy, wouldn’t we? That is exactly why it’s just not that simple. I always try to think, with every successful TV show, there are at least a hundred – if not more – failed TV shows. So just imagine how many producers there are out there who are out of pocket trying to follow suit.

Why is it not that simple? Well, let me explain

You see, a lot of these shows aren’t just a mishmash of pairing people off and hoping entertainment comes of it. Far from it actually. Their approach to these types of things is very scientific, sort of like our approach here at They pre-pick their candidates and match them up with another person who they may or may not click with, which in either circumstance is likely to provide bucket loads of entertainment.

Of course, us here at never aim to set people up to fail; we always use our science-based algorithms to pair people with others they are very compatible with, that way you are always guaranteed to match with someone similar. However, when entertainment is involved, these shows often don’t care as much as we do, and will sacrifice the likelihood of a match to catch some golden TV moments.

Be On The Watch

Try to keep all this in mind when the new TV dating shows continue to crop up now and then, and find entertainment in the show the way the producers are intending. But remember, if it’s entertainment you’re after, TV shows are right. But if it’s an actual match and a real shot at love, there’s only one place for you.


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