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Unhealthy and Irrational – Bidding Adieu to your relationship

Human relationships can be pure bliss when everything seems perfect.
On the other hand, it can get complicated when you tend to question yourself.

When relationships get unhealthy, they tend to affect every aspect of your life and this rule applies to every person. Every person needs to work on their relationship as there are two different individuals involved and when the relationship gets toxic, one needs to draw the line.

So, when does one do it?

When does a person say that he has had enough and needed to move on?
Sometimes it is tough for couples to admit that they are in an unhealthy relationship. They do everything that they can to get their relationship working again.

Admitting problems, seeking help from others and acknowledging the initial signs of an unhealthy relationship are key to resolving issues and regaining peace of mind.

These signs are a reminder to any couple whose relationship is no longer working or if they need to relook at some aspects of their love life.

Let’s see what these are:


One needs to trust their partner implicitly.

If there are constant occurrences of one checking the other’s email accounts or chat messages and then blaming them, it is indeed a sign of a cracked relationship.

Insufficient quality time together

When your partner seems to be spending time with his or her buddies every weekend, there seems to be some issue cringing.

Physical or verbal abuse

Abuse of any kind affects a person physically and mentally, and this is an alarming sign to let you know that your partner is an absolute misfit for you.

Everyday fights

Every couple argues and fights, but when you see that your fights are not stopping, and happening over the smallest of things, it is a sign that your relationship is heading towards the red zone.

Lack of transparency

There are times when you don’t want to tell your partner everything.

However, it is essential to have an open relationship where you communicate the key things.

One sided affair

To create a strong foundation of a healthy relationship both partners have to build blocks by mutually supporting and trusting each other.

A relationship is bound to go kaput if there’s only one partner putting in all the effort.

Lack of respect

Both partners need to respect each other for who they are and when this goes missing, it means that either the partner does not value you or doesn’t support the beliefs that you have.

One cannot just live in love if there is mutual respect missing.

Lack of physical intimacy

Physical intimacy combined with emotional love is very important for a healthy relation. The absence of any of this shows that the relationship is futile and lifeless.

Trying to fix your personality

There are couples who want to change each other’s behavior, style, personality, etc. And by doing this, they are looking for ways to fix their partner. This shows that the relationship is void of respect for each other.


Diet Sample Article (Rank Princess)

The Importance of a Gluten-free diet in your daily life

A Gluten free diet has grown to become a popular trend in today’s living and is considered as a healthy eating pattern by people all over the world.

It has gained a remarkable following in the last decade especially by people who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease that causes difficulty in digesting food.

The Truth about a Gluten free diet

Gluten free products are slowly making way into the market and consumers who aren’t diagnosed with Celiac disease are also buying these products.

Many consumers believe that a gluten free diet is better and a healthier option in today’s fast-paced lives.

So, what exactly is the Celiac disease and why being gluten free is considered a means to keep this disease in control?

Celiac does not have any major symptoms, and the only way to detect is through blood tests.

Why should you go gluten-free?

A Gluten free diet is advised for people who have the celiac disease, and they need to avoid foods containing gluten.

This fad has somehow caught on to the non-sufferers of this disease who consider it as a healthy option and a way to lose weight.

Foods such as wheat bran, barley, rye, flour, and oats need to be avoided in this diet whereas soy, potato, tapioca, beans and quinoa are considered gluten free and hence encouraged.

These foods are healthy, and many Celiac-free people have felt better by following this diet as well.

Many people aren’t aware that these foods can be pretty high in calories, fats and, carbohydrates, and the myth of weight loss may not necessarily be true for this diet.

Is the Gluten free diet a healthy option?

It is indeed a healthy option for people suffering from the celiac disease or for people who are gluten sensitive.

Quinoa, millet, and amaranth are healthy, tasty options and smart choices for everyone.

Gluten free flours too are made from these grains and are healthier options as compared to white flour or bleached flour.

For a person who isn’t suffering from this disease going completely, gluten free could mean the possibility of eliminating essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals required in their daily diet. It may not necessarily lead to weight loss by consuming gluten free foods.

Tips to incorporate a Gluten free diet

These are a few tips that could go a long way for people who want to be in good health and live a gluten-free life:

• One has to start reading labels on food products.

• Start incorporating gluten-free alternatives such as fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, poultry, fish and eggs which can be easily eaten with most meals.

• Gluten free grains too are popular and can be included in one’s main meals. These grains include quinoa, millet, and amaranth which are essential for a healthy life.

• For people who love their spirits; wine, cider, sherry is a better option as compared to beer, lager and stout which contain a significant amount of gluten.

A Gluten free menu is a good option for everyday meals as well as for maintaining one’s health.


Cloud Security SEO Sample (Rank Princess)

Security Issues Inhibiting the Growth of Cloud Computing

Reports of breaches in cloud computing security have developed a dark cloud over the growth of cloud computing.

Worries about security issues have kept the rate of adoption of cloud computing considerably low.

Cloud computing is a new technology

Cloud computing is a new technology in the field of IT.

This technology uses the Internet to share resources and information instead of using local servers and personal devices.
It promises global exposure to small and medium-sized companies desiring to make a mark in the global market. Cloud service providers offer flexible yet cheaper alternatives to many problems.

Beneficial to businesses

Cloud storage can be beneficial to companies as it involves reduced operating expenses as compared to traditional computing. The implementation of the cloud platform complements growth with innovation.

Even companies with a small budget can develop extraordinary business agility through cloud computing.

Security issues hampering the cloud market’s growth

Instances of shortfalls in cloud computing security of many cloud service providers have generated questions regarding cloud computing risks.

Fear about the security of the data stored in cloud storage is inhibiting the growth of cloud computing.

Almost half the companies globally are ready to embrace cloud computing if they are assured of air tight security.

Types of clouds and deployment models

There are three types of cloud services provided to clients by cloud service providers namely, SaaS or Software as a Service, PaaS or Platform as a Service, and IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

There are different deployment models for cloud computing – private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud.

Security risks associated with these deployment models

The security risks that hamper the growth of cloud computing vary with each model.

In the private cloud deployment model, the security risk is the least as the cloud is owned by the company and the functionality is not divulged to customers.

The public cloud deployment model involves some additional risk factors due to the sharing model.

The third model or the hybrid cloud is the riskiest one. This model uses both, the private and public cloud to provide customized and enhances services to companies worldwide.

The major threats inhibiting the growth of cloud computing:

• Immoral or disreputable use of cloud computing.

• Programming interfaces with inherent security lapses.

• Insiders wicked enough to compromise the security system for vested interests hinder the growth of cloud computing.

• Defenselessness arising from the use of shared technology.

• Security issues resulting from traffic and service hijacking also hinder the growth of cloud computing.

Steps to win trust for combating cloud computing risks

To fight the issues obstructing the growth of cloud computing, cloud service providers need to win the trust of their clients.

The following security measures can develop a certain minimal level of trust and promote growth in cloud computing:

• The use of SSL or Secure Socket Layer.

• The use of digital signatures.

• The formation of strict authentication protocols.

• The use of access control methods for dealing with authorization.

If security issues are handled with care and utmost efficiency, the fear associated with the cloud can be reduced to an extent, clients will feel more comfortable opting for your cloud services.

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News Rewrite (Rank Princess)

Pachauri Case: Is It The Beginning Of Gender Equality At The Workplace?

From sensitivity to sensationalism, the RK Pachauri case has been a potboiler of sorts. But it has very rightfully highlighted the issue of high-profile gender injustice. It will go a long way in establishing gender equality in the workplace!

Sexual Harassment Charges Against RK Pachauri; Salute To The Whistleblowers!

RK Pachauri had been heading TERI (The Energy and Research Institute) since 1982. In 2016, two women employees cried foul play. The alleged sexual harassment charges against the invincible Pachauri brought him in the eye of the storm.

No doubt, it takes guts to be the whistleblower. Moreover, when the victim picks up cudgels against a high-profile perpetrator of crime.

After that, a few recent developments, in this case, have made it all the more an eyeball catching high octane drama.

Sequence of events that made the RK Pachauri case controversial:

The RK Pachauri case snowballed into a controversial boulder over time. This is how things unfolded:

 A woman employee alleged sexual harassment against RK Pachauri.
 Even as this case was sub judice, TERI controversially promoted RK Pachauri to the post of a Chairman. It technically meant that Pachauri would deliberate on his case.
 There was a widespread public outcry in full media glare. Anyone could smell foul play from this act of brazenness!
 Even women’s rights organizations joined hands with the media.
 In the meantime, another female employee alleged sexual harassment against RK Pachauri.

All this worked against the already bleeding reputation of TERI as well as its Chairman RK Pachauri.

TERI’s Panic-driven Damage Control

The biggest folly of the institute lay in promoting Pachauri. So, it had to do some damage control.

The Governing Council of TERI, therefore, asked RK Pachauri to go on an indefinite leave. It was done to try and patch their already tarnished reputation.

While this was more of a whitewashing effort, it helped the victims passively. It strengthened their stand. It was also a baby step against gender injustice and sex crimes at the workplace.

Damage Control Consolidation By The Governing Council of TERI

The Governing Council took quick decisions which were actually for the female workforce. These were:

 The Governing Council of TERI sent RK Pachauri on an indefinite leave.
 Pachauri was also banned from all TERI organizations pending final decision on the sexual harassment charges leveled against hi.
 It then consolidated this step by appointing Ashok Chawla as the new Chairman.
 Chawla was the former Union Finance Secretary and the former Chairman of the Competition Commission. He has a clean, professional track record.
 The Council also issued an official statement. The statement proclaims its resolve to protect the rights and interests of its female employees.

Finally, justice is coming to play even though the law will take its own course.

The Governing Council has finally been bold enough in its ouster decision against Pachauri. Also, its statement about protecting the rights of its women employees is cautiously worded. It upholds the dignity of its female workforce.

It means a lot in an organization where 33{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} of the workforce is female. Also, 14 of their 30 directors are women.
Hopefully, this will be a positive step towards establishing and consolidating gender equality in the workplace.


Fast Food Chains SEO Article (Rank Princess)

The Funk Of Junk Is Not Over Yet; Fast Food Chains Are Here To Stay

Here is a photo-finish moment. Your lip-smacking fast food dishes compete with health guards! And hurrah! Fast food chains are here to stay!!

The Craze Of The Junk And The Double Standards Of Acceptance!

You, any day, would vouch for a leisurely dinner at a fine dining restaurant. But is that dose of steak and gravy not as much a fat enhancer as hamburgers and hotdogs? So, have I stirred the hornet’s nest with this question? 😉

We, very conveniently look down upon junk food joints. It is perhaps because there is no snob value attached to them.


You can see suave entrepreneurs with loosened tie-knots at these joints at the end of a hectic day. And they enjoy the burger and fries on the sly!!

The Origin And History Of Fast Food Chains In America

The funk of junk food is not a new fad of the Y, Zee or Alpha generation.

Fast food chains trace their origin to White Castle, which was founded in 1921.

But health concerns are a recent phenomenon that gained momentum over the last decade or so.

Fast Food Chains’ Fact Profile: Job Opportunities Versus Archaic Labor Laws!

Interestingly, you have the most glamorous jobs with the least labor law concerns in this industry. These paradoxical facts will leave you stunned:

• More people are trained every year in this industry than in the US Army.
• Most stylized jobs for the unskilled workforce are a big draw.
• However, you bet these employees have to stretch a lot.
• The labor laws applicable are archaic and not work force-friendly.

So, here is an industry of roses strewn with thorns. And this happens to be the story of every fast food chain!

American Fast Food Facts

We, Americans have the highest consumption of instantly palatable delights. Here are a few breath-taking facts to leave you dead in your tracks!

• America alone has the biggest fast food industry in the world worth 240 billion dollars a year!

• Every morsel of sandwich, fries or burger on your plate is your proud contribution to this industry!

• We queue up more in takeaway joints than in movie theaters! Surprised?

The War Of Tongues And Hearts And Waists And So On..!!

All you health nerds, don’t you grab a mouthful of those instant noodles and tacos at multi-cuisine restaurants? So, the elegance of fine dining restaurants is not a certificate of health.

The idea is to stress on health but not without satiating your palate at times. Striking the right balance is not difficult.

Tax On Unhealthy Eatables Or Imposing Healthy Food Norms? How To Strike A Balance Between Health And Taste?

Shouting jingoistic slogans against fast food chains will do no good. A better option is to impose taxes on these unhealthy eatables.

• Mexico has passed laws to this effect.

• Next to follow suit are Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, and Peru.

• Socially responsible businesses will not blot out the taste from the health map.

• Better still, marry health and taste with proper research!

Hopefully, this serves the purpose better. These on-the-go eating outlets have a checkered history. But they will play a long innings on the pitch of taste buds!

So, moderation is the new buzz word in the fast food chain saga. Giving in occasionally, to your epicurean side is unlikely to block your arteries or even stretch your waistline. These factors having been taken care of, there will be no looking back for fast food chains!

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The Second Round of the Odd-Even Rule – Not a Hit Among the People of Delhi

Round one of the odd-even rule laid down by the Kejriwal government in Delhi was well accepted by the masses. But something seems to have gone wrong in the second phase.

With more cars on the roads and a greater number of ineligible vehicles out on the wrong days, the government needs to reconsider its decision of implementing this law and going ahead with round three in the future.

The Odd-Even Rule

The system is not something new. In fact, it was applied before the summer Olympics in the city of Beijing. The law was so effective that the government made it a permanent rule.

Paris, Bogota, and Mexico are a few places where this method is imposed by the government and has proved to be a great success.

A Few Points

You need to know these important rules of the odd-even law.

• If your vehicle has an odd registration number, it can be on the roads only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
• Even number registered vehicles are allowed on the streets only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
• The rule does not hold on Sundays.
• The vehicles exempted are two-wheelers, emergency vehicles, and CNG driven public transport vehicles.
• If you have a vehicle coming from another state, this law will still apply. Vehicles owned by ministers can be out only on permitted days.
• Public transportation will increase with a greater number of buses and metros so that commuters do not face hassles commuting.
• The system will be tested in phases to see if it works out and helps in controlling pollution levels of Delhi.

The Reason why Delhi Government had to Impose this Rule

The rise in the pollutions levels of Delhi is alarming, and our government is in need of a plan to curb it.

The Kejriwal government decided to enforce this method to control the number of vehicles on the road each day and thus bring down the pollution level in the city.

Reasons Why Round Two Did Not Work Out

There are a few plausible reasons why Delhi did not oblige in the second round.

• Round 1 was implemented in winters whereas round 2 in summers.
• There are not enough buses and trains, and people were not ready to travel in packed buses during summers.
• Dust and pollution are on the rise in Delhi during this season which forced people to travel in the comfort of their vehicle.

The Delhi Government Needs to Re-Think its Strategy to Fight Air Pollution

The real idea of implementing the odd-even rule was to bring down the pollution levels in the city. But studies do not show this to be happening. On the other hand, it was only creating more confusion and causing discomfort to the masses.

The government needs to re-think its action plan to fight air pollution without losing the confidence of the people of Delhi. Displeasure among the masses of Delhi will only cause trouble for the Arvind Kejriwal-led government.


SEO Article (Rank Princess)

Looking to Grab a Quick Bite? Rush to Fast Food Chains!

Fine dining restaurants are getting competition from fast food chains. Students and office goers find it easy to grab a quick bite on their way. These quick service restaurants are now in great demand.

The history of ready meals dates back to 1916. White Castle in Kansas was the first joint that sold hamburgers. People welcomed this new concept, and slowly many chains sprung up in the country.

Today, this culture is not just restricted to the United States but has been widely accepted throughout the world. You can drive through and take away your meal on the go.

How to Run a Fast Food Chain?

Looking to run a fast food chain? Here are a few points that you should know. Value items on the menu add to the business. Discounts also work well. However, it is important that you do not give deep discounts that cut into your profit margin.

A few new items on the menu, new beverages, and some low priced dessert items add on to the business. They keep you ahead of your competitors.

Customer service is the key to run a profitable business. Train your staff well. Even a smile or a warm greeting goes a long way in promoting the business.

Registering sales and managing clients to avoid long queues is a must to run a profitable quick service joint. Manage your inventory so that your store does not run out of order. But at the same time, you should not stack a lot as that can lead to wastage.

A clean and well-organized interior also attracts clients. All this goes a long way in increasing the sales of your joint. Not only does it attract repeat clients but also new customers who come from referrals.

Advertisements during sporting events or TV commercials spread awareness of your brand and are an excellent way to promote your business. These should be done from time to time.

Get Quick Service at Fast Food Chains

Quick service is the key to operate these chains.

• Delivery of the order in the least amount of time makes it very convenient for office-goers and students.
• Pre-cooked meals are prepared centrally and distributed to multiple outlets.
• You’ll usually find standardized menus in all the outlets.
• The price of items is very economical making it is a very affordable dining option for you.
• Opt for takeaway or drive-through as per your convenience.

Try Salads and Low-Calorie Snacks at Fast Food Joints

Fast food restaurants had been blamed to have pulled the masses to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, these quick service outlets are now becoming more innovative and trying to include a lot of fresh and healthy ingredients to their preparation.

The joints have introduced many low calorie and sugar-free items on their menu. Many joints have now included healthy salads and traditional cuisines also to their list.

The next time you feel tempted to savor a quick bite, rush to a quick service joint near you. The burgers, fries, wraps, salads and desserts are sure to tempt you.

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