Eminent Automobile Company Avails Our Services to Optimize Website (Content Strategi)

Eminent Automobile Company Avails Our Services to Optimize Website

An emerging automobile dealer in Southern California utilized our services to launch their APF-enabled website. The client tells us that this more robust
and secure website has seen no downtime or customer complaints.

Customer Challenges

After a third party risk assessment, the automobile dealer approached us with the following challenges, which they found difficult to solve:

  • Protecting customers’ information in online money transactions. This demanded a more secure and sturdy website than they had at the time.
  • Inability to disable FTP, enable SFTP and secure SSH because their actions would affect others on the shared website hosting platform.
  • Reducing downtime and making processing faster.

Solution Provided

Since website traffic was steady, we helped the client purchase a Reserved Instance using an AWS account.

  • We assisted the client in availing tier discounts through the Reserved Instance.
  • Our technical team moved the existing client website built on Joomla CMS to AWS.


  • The client tells us, that since their website was moved in 2015, there has been 100{ed162fdde9fdc472551df9f31f04601345edf7e4eff6ea93114402690d8fa616} uptime. They believe such reliability has improved their online
  • The client has also received no customer complaints about the website since we shifted the website.

PreludeSys – AWS Consulting Partner

We have partnered with clients to provide them efficient AWS Reserved Instance solutions, customized services to enhance website capabilities and complex


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