Dishes that Define New Orleans, the Top Five(Rank Princess – SEO)

We wouldn’t be very wrong if we said that New Orleans takes its food more seriously than any other city in The States. In the city where every restaurant has something to offer that you won’t find anywhere else, it’s no surprise that the town is home to many iconic dishes. Here’s a list of places and food you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Brennan’s Signature Banana Foster

The Banana Foster is essentially a banana sundae, but with a New Orleans twist. The bananas are slow-cooked with butter and sweet spices like cinnamon and vanilla. Then the rum is added, and the flames get to work, combining all the ingredients and imparting its delightful flavour.

The cooked bananas are served with the special in-house vanilla ice cream, and the best banana sundae of the solar system is born.   

Head over to 417 Royal Street and behold the magic yourself.

  1. Gumbo Z’herbes at Dooky Chase

Talking New Orleans food without talking Gumbo would be like talking Halloween without the candies. Gumbo is a versatile dish which you can find almost everywhere and in a variety of flavour combinations.

The gumbo in question, Gumbo Z’herbes, is an extraordinary affair, though. Prepared by the legendary chef Leah Chase of Dooky Chase, Z’herbes is a particular dish which is available only on Holy Thursdays.

But you can still find their regular gumbos all year round, which are some of the best in town, on 2301 Orleans Avenue.

  1. Oysters at Casamento Oyster House

Casamento’s is a seasonal oyster house located at 4330 Magazine Street. Seasonal meaning it’s closed in the summer.

But visit them at any other time of the year, and you’re bound to find some of the best bivalve oysters which the natives and tourists can’t get enough of.

Order some good wine to go with the oysters and engage in conversations with the oyster shucker. And who knows, he just might let you shuck a couple of oysters yourself if you ask nicely enough. 

  1. Pascal Manales Barbeque Shrimp

We still have little idea as to why it’s called ‘barbbeque’ shrimp when it isn’t barbequed at all. What it is, though, is some quality sautéed shrimp with a Worcestershire butter sauce which tastes, well, as you can imagine, heavenly.

Pascal’s, on 1838 Napoleon Avenue, shouldn’t be too much work to find as it is a major city landmark since the 1950s.

  1. Fried Chicken at Willie Mae’s

In a country that’s obsessed with fried chicken, claiming to be the best doesn’t come easy. But if there’s a place that’s often credited with the title of best-fried chicken in town, it must be for a good reason.

The thing which separates the chicken at Willie Mae’s from the crowd is its batter, which is very moist, luscious, and a secret recipe (you’ll find a lot of those here).

So, drive to 2401 St. Anne Street and get hold of some of them chicken wings.

And this sums up our list of some of the most popular and decadent food that the iconic city of New Orleans has to offer. We wish you to be reminded that this barely even scratches the surface of what the city has to offer. To really enjoy and appreciate the food culture there, New Orleans has to be visited and revisited.


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