Philadelphia 76ers – Is the New ‘New’ Really New?(Rank Princess – SEO)

Perhaps, the worst team in the NBA last year were the Philadelphia 76ers. However, with an influx of old as well as young talent, in the front office as well as on the roster, the Sixers are now gearing up to zoom ahead!

The last season has been a busy one for the Philadelphia 76ers with major reshuffling taking place within the organisation, which has not been keeping up with the expectations of its fans. In its desperate attempt to reclaim its lost glory, Jerry Colangelo has been brought into the picture with the task of making the Sixers famous again.

The Reconstruction Phase:

After being in the “tank mode” for a while, the 76ers realised that they were stuffed with players that did not belong to this league and that had made them the laughing stock of the NBA.

Under Bryan Colangelo, the new General Manager, the team appears to be in the re-building mode, and after being at the bottom for years, the 76ers are hoping to strike gold in the NBA Draft.

The Arrival of the Champs:

As a part of its reconstruction plan, the 76ers have brought in some senior players such as Jerryd Bayless, Gerald Henderson and Sergio Rodriguez to rope in some much-needed leadership skills and stability. Bayless and Henderson are known for their consistent performance and are expected to build up this virtue in the younger players.

The absence of sufficient talent on the current roster will ensure that Bayless and Rodriguez, who would have been a backup option otherwise, get ample limelight.

Rodriguez is expected to play the role of the ball-handler and distributor. Henderson is a famous all-around player and can guide the time on all fronts.

The Unexploited Assets:

The team also has a lot of young and talented players who are waiting to play their first season this year.

Take Joel Embiid for example. He was considered to be the number one pick before injuries forced him to take a back-seat. Now that he has had enough time to recover and get back on track, Embiid can now prove that he is a dominant player.

Ben Simmons and Timothy Luwawu-Cabarrot were in the first round of this year’s draft and had significant minutes on the court to outshine their competitors.

The player that seems to be a crucial one for the Sixers is Ben Simmons who has performed very well previously at LSU and the NBA Summer League. Showing the elegance of a veteran player and far beyond his experience, Simmons is sure to make his presence felt during the matches.

Jahlil Okafor is expected to polish his game and put up a more encouraging performance along with the athletic and lean Nerlens Noel.

The Game-Plan:

The Sixers now have the players who will not only help the team perform well, but also move up the NBA ranks. The two big men positions will be frequented by Embiid, Okafor, and Noel. Ben Simmons and Dario Saric are fluid with the ball and will spend time playing forward. Simmons has all the necessary qualifications to thrive and move forward. The backcourts will be controlled by Bayless, Henderson and Rodriguez.

The Philadelphia 76ers might be a team on the lower-end but have made great improvements compared to the last few years. They might not turn out to be the big champions but will certainly not be the butt of all jokes this season.

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