Diwali Jewelry Trends – The Must Haves of the Season

The much-awaited festival of lights and happiness, Diwali, calls for decking up and looking beautiful. As the ambience lights up, so should your attire and jewelry.

Check out the fabulous Diwali jewelry trends to make sure you look like a diva as the lights sparkle all around.

Why Must You Know The Diwali Jewelry Trends?

Diwali is a very ethnic festival. With all the ‘diyas’ and candles lit all around and people wandering about in ethnic wear, choosing the right kind of jewelry is necessary.

Dressing up in heavy ethnic lehengas or sarees, and celebrating the festival of lights, is something Indians love to do, and to complement elegant dresses, perfect jewelry is a must.

Diwali jewelry trends are something all Indian women follow. To look beautiful on an auspicious occasion is something all women want. Knowing jewelry trends makes it easier.

The Trends That You Need To Know

  • As already known by all, Diwali is an Indian festival. The best way to blend in with the spirit of Diwali is to go ethnic.
  • The moment you think ethnic, the Diwali jewelry trends turn to thick and gorgeous neckpieces and earrings.
  • To match your ethnic wear, you must have sets of gold, diamonds, Polki and Kundan. These are usually in fashion, especially for the Diwali collection.

Old Is Gold – Gold In Diwali

Indeed, old is gold. And never the other way round. The old style, of pairing up your sarees and suits with gold jewelry, is back in vogue. Or maybe, the trend never went out of style.

Diwali is also the time of Dhanteras when people make it a point to buy gold jewelry. If you want to buy gold during Diwali, try to go for some elegant looking pieces. Chandelier earrings made of gold and heavy necklaces made of solid gold go very well with sarees flaunting bold and dark designs.

Gold jewelry displaying traditional designs or godly figures also fall under Diwali jewelry trends. Gold can be paired up very well with sarees having low-cut blouses.

Kundan Jewelry & New Diwali Jewelry Trends

Kundan seems to be a new jewelry trend for Diwali. However, let me remind you that the history of Kundan goes way back. It has been in use for decades and only recently has it escalated up the fashion ladder, capturing hearts.

Kundan is perfect for a Diwali look. It exudes ethnicity. The stones or kundans are polished to get the perfect lustre that adds more gorgeousness to your look.

Kundan neckpieces and earrings are thick pieces which should blend in perfectly with heavily embroidered lehengas. The shine and extravagance of Kundan are what make it one of the new Diwali jewelry trends.

Polki jewelry

Polki jewelry is quite similar to Kundan except that it has a Mughal origin while kundans have a Rajasthani origin. Chandelier earrings featuring Polki stones go well with both sarees and lehengas.

Sparkle All The Way – Diamonds

Diamonds are a woman’s best friends. And diamond can never miss the list of any jewelry trend. Diamond Hogs one of the places in Diwali jewelry trends as well.

Sleek designs combining gold and diamonds create a minimalistic look. You can try this if you are putting on simple ethnic wear with light embroidery.

Diamonds are pricey, but they create an elegant look even with a small presence. This is one of the Diwali jewelry trends you can try.

Maang Tikkas

In case you’re going for a heavy ethnic dress with extensive embroidery, try pairing it with a maang tikka. Usually worn with lehengas, a maang tikka can be paired up with sarees as well.

This headgear is one of the Diwali jewelry trends that brings out the ethnic look and adds a finishing touch to your Diwali attire.

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