Outlines for MobiKwik (By Aakshey)

MobiKwik Hai To Sahi Hai!

DeshKaWallet theme, how an Indian farmer in Delhi suburbs is using MobiKwik to pay at dhabas, buy food/milk, and live his daily life. And how his cash requirement has reduced a lot. And he enjoys the cash backs.

MobiKwik Bole To Pakka Fayeda Boss

About your 30 day Pakka Fayda sale. And 5 special offers from your Facebook page for Pakka Fayeda.
PakkaFayeda is a special offer cash back sale on many types of MobiKwik transactions that will last 30 days till late Jan.

5 reasons why MobiKwik is the common man’s wallet

Introduce using Sending and receiving payments without fee. With friends, at small shops like tea shops etc.
5 types of offers under different categories. 1 each.
Gas, electricity, recharge etc.
One Wallet For All Your Needs
And cash back makes it cheaper than using money.


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