The Philadelphia 76ers – How their 2017 Draft Picks Are Shaping Up(Rank Princess – SEO)

Looking to strengthen their line-up in the coming year, the Philadelphia 76ers draft pick in 2017 will want to carry forward the vision of rebuilding the team from this year to become more competitive.

The 2016 draft pick saw point forward Ben Simmons joining the 76ers roster. The Philadelphia 76ers, or the Sixers, will want to add talented young players while their coach Brett Brown rebuilds the team.

With a start to their season that can only be described as rough at best and the Philadelphia 76ers earning the first draft pick, here is a look at five players and at how well they can fit into the Sixer’s current line-up. 

Markelle Fultz – the perfect fit

He is the perfect fit in this season’s draft for the Philadelphia 76ers. Fultz will fit in well when the Sixers attack and will compliment their defence too.

He is on top in almost every aspect of the game and will be the player the Sixers will be hoping to land.

Dennis Smith – could provide offensive depth to Sixer’s roster

The next best point guard after Markelle Fultz in the upcoming NBA draft, Dennis Smith could provide the much-needed depth to the Sixer’s attack.

He can set up assists as well as be a good scorer himself, which could add up to him being the perfect fit for Ben Simmons, besides Markelle Fultz that is. If these two can find their rhythm the 76er’s offence could pack too much of a punch for many teams to handle.

Harry Giles – a pick for talent alone

With the possibility that the Philadelphia 76ers could lose Jahlil Okafor or Nerlens Noel, Harry Giles could be a good draft pick even though he might not be the perfect fit for the team.

Standing at 6 feet 11 inches tall, Giles could be picked for his talent alone, be it defence or offence.

Jayson Tatum – a forward the Sixers have been hoping for

Offensively he is an option that the 76ers have been hoping for. He shoots well from mid-range and is a good forward while working in isolation scenarios.

He will be a good fit to work with Ben Simmons to take the Sixer’s attack to the next level.

Josh Jackson – a good mix of offence and defence

Josh Jackson is a promising perimeter defender, but his on-court aggressiveness also leaves enough room for him to shift to the offensive when needed.

One of the best fits to play alongside Robert Covington he can plug the holes in the Sixer’s defence, while his physical abilities will also provide enough teeth to the offence.

With Brett Brown trying to improve the 76er’s defence Josh Jackson, with a good mix of offence and defence, may be the answer.


With the start of the college basketball season and the Sixers hopeful of two of the top 10 draft picks this year, the scouts will be watching this NCAA season closely.

The 76ers will be trying to add to their roster young and promising players to shape up to the vision of head coach Brett Brown, in keeping with the restructuring the team underwent last year.


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