Learn to cheat your odds at Gambling- 5 Brilliant Casino hacks (Rank Princess)

Learn to cheat your odds at Gambling- 5 Brilliant Casino hacks

Whether it’s a slot machine, a roulette table or a scratch ticket, everyone loves to try their hand at gambling, and dreams of winning the coveted Jackpot. But you need to know that casino games are created in a manner that makes the gambler lose more money rather than win some. These few casino hacks can help you go along way in earning a few bucks at the table.

Dice throwing technique

Craps is the only table game which allows you to throw the dice yourself as long as it hits the far side of the table. You can do your gimmicks to throw the dice and impress your opponents. The dice needs to be thrown in a specific hand motion as it needs to land flat on the table. You need to be really good at rolling the dice and should be ready to lose some bucks if you want to practice some shots at the craps table unless you buy your own table.

Reading the backs of playing cards

Paying close attention to the back of playing cards can do you some good in earning that cash. The Borgata casino cards have a pattern of white dots which look similar, but they are not perfectly centered. The row of white dots is thinner on one side compared to the other due to a manufacturing error, and this helped poker champion PhilIveyman the Borgata casino. It’s not that terribly easy, but you could take all the aces in a deck and spin them around and later figure them out by just looking at the back of the cards. This could be a quick advantage when you are at the table turning away your fortunes.

Distract the dealer

One sure shot way of enhancing your chances of winning is exploiting your dealer. The blackjack requires dealers who need to be quick with numbers and dealer errors can get you all the added benefits. A few tips to distract your dealer could be playing a game during the graveyard shift, asking irrational questions and also using your vision to started at them angrily. So if you are at the casino and see some guys trying out some weird tricks you now know why.

Winning Lottery games

Winning a lottery jackpot is a dream which doesn’t find its way easily into the gambling world. The lottery machines are easy to gamble and entice every traveler. Lotteries use a roll down system which means that if no one wins the jackpot, then the amount is distributed equally amongst the players who guessed four or five numbers. So, it’s easy to discover the lottery machine, but you need to go easy as they can be quite tempting and attractive.

Scratch those tickets

Cracking the Scratch ticket code is by no means an easy feat. There had to be a pattern which was discovered by a Canadian statistician as he felt that randomly generating ticket numbers would mean billion-dollar winners. It took a bit of math and understanding the frequency of visible numbers which appeared under the scratch code. His technique was 90 percent accurate.


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