Casino secrets that everyone needs to know in Vegas (Rank Princess)

Casino secrets that everyone needs to know in Vegas

Millions of visitors flock every year to Vegas, which stands right in the middle of a desert and is considered as an epic monument by many.

Vegas attracts more than 40 million visitors and gambling in the casinos is considered a ritual by all.

The countless casinos on the Vegas strip are traps, yet it attracts thousands of patrons every day.

People go crazy on the gambling machines and the neon filled lights enthrall spectators. However, it’s good to be aware of a few trade secrets if one has to try their luck at the casinos.

So, here are some trade secrets for anyone who wishes to gamble in style in Vegas.

Be careful with the locals

There are professionals; then there are amateurs and then there are the locals.

If you are a novice and sit at a table where the dealer knows everyone by name, then the safest thing to do is to exit that table. Go in for a table change as the locals are experienced people and they know how to make money from novices like you.

Go in for tables where you have tourists, preferably the ones who are in high spirits.

Go to the Venetian at 3 am where you will bump into drunken tourists who you can beat easily.

Drink at the Wynn

You need not sit at a blackjack table for a cocktail.

Vegas casinos serve free drinks to all their gamblers.

So, grab a free drink before you set out to gamble at the club. The best complimentary drinks are found at the Wynn, and they give all their thirsty gamblers free mojitos and tequila.

Find friends at the Circle Bar

Almost all casinos have a circle bar which is right in the middle of the casino. This is the best place for any gambler to find and make friends.

You will never find a local here, and some of the best circle bars are the Venetians Occulus and Mandalay’s Eye candy.

The Pass Line

It is safe for a new gambler to play craps and bet the pass line, especially if you are new to the world of gambling.

It’s a simple technique.

You need to put your money on the table while someone else rolls the dice. You have won if everyone starts cheering and you have lost if everyone is quiet.

It’s a 50/50 bet, and you can head straight to Oshea ‘s where there are low stake craps tables.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is not considered illegal in Vegas, and the MGM Grand is one of the best places to indulge in th is.

It has the vibe, energy, cheer and that is what is needed to cheer for a team. So pick one even if you are unsure of which one to go for.

Gambling and shopping go hand in hand

Most of the casinos on the Vegas strip have malls adjacent to them, and the prices too are reasonable.

The fancy boutiquesare curious for gamblers who have hit it big at the craps tables or the roulette.

Do it like a local

The Freemont Street is known for all its classic casinos, and they offer the cheapest table games.

You can indulge in a few games at these tables and hang out at the local places on this street.

Flaunt your cash in Style

If you are going to gamble all your cash, then it should be done with the rich and powerful.

One of the new hotels which is known for its style and glamour is the Cosmopolitan.

Be a High Roller

You can get a casino’s host’s attention by gambling away a larger fortune.

You will be surprised when they offer you a free meal or free show tickets.

An insider’s trick is to visit the Mandalay, which has been generous with complimentary rooms.


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