Helping Your Team cope up with the Fear of Data Analytics (Rank Princess)

Helping Your Team cope up with the Fear of Data Analytics

Data Analytics is one complicated word haunting software folks since quite a few years now. And the time has come to give up these fears and tackle the subject head-on.

Understanding the jargon – Data Analysis

As the name suggests, it is simply the analysis of the data at hand. It takes raw information and draws conclusive patterns. Now this data can come from various fields.

For e.g. Credit Card companies and banks evaluate their customer’s spending and withdrawal patterns to detect and prevent scams. Online marketers keep a tab on navigation trends to determine the products and services sort out the most.

Data mining is one of the methods used that goes beyond the basic analyzing of data and identifies patterns. Business Intelligence aims at concentrating and averaging the data into useful information for the business.

So basically by analyzing consumer information, companies can make informed decisions on their business. Data Analysis is also used in proving or disproving scientific theories and models.

Some quick tips to shed all apprehensions surrounding analytics of data

• Understand the basics: People need to first comprehend the meaning of Data Analytics and break it down to the smallest morsel.

• Scrutinize the data at hand: Next the records existing with the company should be examined carefully.

• Imbibe and inculcate the changes: Observe the change in trends and preferences and adjust the data accordingly.

• Do not neglect the obvious factors: Seasonal and geographical changes should always be considered.

• Discussions: Dialogues with team members can come in handy while understanding the data.

Settling the fears regarding bulk information, the focus can be shifted towards various analysis techniques

• Define the goals: Be wary of the precise information needed and focus solely on the objective.

• Optimization: This involves omitting the unwanted data and optimizing the huge information base. Decide whether you need the data to be in a structured or unstructured way and act according to it.

• Sorting: Tidy up huge amounts of data so that they are easily filtered. All the information should be effortlessly accessible.

• Algorithms and Tools: Utilize the readily available free tools and software for data sorting and comprehending. Employ data mining tools, predictive analysis methods to ease the load.

• Flexible models: Make sure that the models created to analyze information are flexible enough for future developments.

Data Analysis is a challenging field which is sort after by multinationals and start-ups alike. Once teams wrap their heads around the concept of Data Analytics, it no longer seems a scary topic. With proper education on the concept, professionals can master the art of analysis.

However, there are few hurdles holding back companies from making the best use of it. Technologies to assist in the study of vast data come expensive. There is also the inability of trainees to learn the nuances of information understanding.

Hence, large firms can incorporate Data Analysis into their domains. It further leverages their chances of coming up with new and innovative ideas to lure buyers. Data analytics can thus elevate trade to a whole new level. So shed inhibitions and embrace analytics.


Casino secrets that everyone needs to know in Vegas (Rank Princess)

Casino secrets that everyone needs to know in Vegas

Millions of visitors flock every year to Vegas, which stands right in the middle of a desert and is considered as an epic monument by many.

Vegas attracts more than 40 million visitors and gambling in the casinos is considered a ritual by all.

The countless casinos on the Vegas strip are traps, yet it attracts thousands of patrons every day.

People go crazy on the gambling machines and the neon filled lights enthrall spectators. However, it’s good to be aware of a few trade secrets if one has to try their luck at the casinos.

So, here are some trade secrets for anyone who wishes to gamble in style in Vegas.

Be careful with the locals

There are professionals; then there are amateurs and then there are the locals.

If you are a novice and sit at a table where the dealer knows everyone by name, then the safest thing to do is to exit that table. Go in for a table change as the locals are experienced people and they know how to make money from novices like you.

Go in for tables where you have tourists, preferably the ones who are in high spirits.

Go to the Venetian at 3 am where you will bump into drunken tourists who you can beat easily.

Drink at the Wynn

You need not sit at a blackjack table for a cocktail.

Vegas casinos serve free drinks to all their gamblers.

So, grab a free drink before you set out to gamble at the club. The best complimentary drinks are found at the Wynn, and they give all their thirsty gamblers free mojitos and tequila.

Find friends at the Circle Bar

Almost all casinos have a circle bar which is right in the middle of the casino. This is the best place for any gambler to find and make friends.

You will never find a local here, and some of the best circle bars are the Venetians Occulus and Mandalay’s Eye candy.

The Pass Line

It is safe for a new gambler to play craps and bet the pass line, especially if you are new to the world of gambling.

It’s a simple technique.

You need to put your money on the table while someone else rolls the dice. You have won if everyone starts cheering and you have lost if everyone is quiet.

It’s a 50/50 bet, and you can head straight to Oshea ‘s where there are low stake craps tables.

Sports Betting

Sports betting is not considered illegal in Vegas, and the MGM Grand is one of the best places to indulge in th is.

It has the vibe, energy, cheer and that is what is needed to cheer for a team. So pick one even if you are unsure of which one to go for.

Gambling and shopping go hand in hand

Most of the casinos on the Vegas strip have malls adjacent to them, and the prices too are reasonable.

The fancy boutiquesare curious for gamblers who have hit it big at the craps tables or the roulette.

Do it like a local

The Freemont Street is known for all its classic casinos, and they offer the cheapest table games.

You can indulge in a few games at these tables and hang out at the local places on this street.

Flaunt your cash in Style

If you are going to gamble all your cash, then it should be done with the rich and powerful.

One of the new hotels which is known for its style and glamour is the Cosmopolitan.

Be a High Roller

You can get a casino’s host’s attention by gambling away a larger fortune.

You will be surprised when they offer you a free meal or free show tickets.

An insider’s trick is to visit the Mandalay, which has been generous with complimentary rooms.


Learn to cheat your odds at Gambling- 5 Brilliant Casino hacks (Rank Princess)

Learn to cheat your odds at Gambling- 5 Brilliant Casino hacks

Whether it’s a slot machine, a roulette table or a scratch ticket, everyone loves to try their hand at gambling, and dreams of winning the coveted Jackpot. But you need to know that casino games are created in a manner that makes the gambler lose more money rather than win some. These few casino hacks can help you go along way in earning a few bucks at the table.

Dice throwing technique

Craps is the only table game which allows you to throw the dice yourself as long as it hits the far side of the table. You can do your gimmicks to throw the dice and impress your opponents. The dice needs to be thrown in a specific hand motion as it needs to land flat on the table. You need to be really good at rolling the dice and should be ready to lose some bucks if you want to practice some shots at the craps table unless you buy your own table.

Reading the backs of playing cards

Paying close attention to the back of playing cards can do you some good in earning that cash. The Borgata casino cards have a pattern of white dots which look similar, but they are not perfectly centered. The row of white dots is thinner on one side compared to the other due to a manufacturing error, and this helped poker champion PhilIveyman the Borgata casino. It’s not that terribly easy, but you could take all the aces in a deck and spin them around and later figure them out by just looking at the back of the cards. This could be a quick advantage when you are at the table turning away your fortunes.

Distract the dealer

One sure shot way of enhancing your chances of winning is exploiting your dealer. The blackjack requires dealers who need to be quick with numbers and dealer errors can get you all the added benefits. A few tips to distract your dealer could be playing a game during the graveyard shift, asking irrational questions and also using your vision to started at them angrily. So if you are at the casino and see some guys trying out some weird tricks you now know why.

Winning Lottery games

Winning a lottery jackpot is a dream which doesn’t find its way easily into the gambling world. The lottery machines are easy to gamble and entice every traveler. Lotteries use a roll down system which means that if no one wins the jackpot, then the amount is distributed equally amongst the players who guessed four or five numbers. So, it’s easy to discover the lottery machine, but you need to go easy as they can be quite tempting and attractive.

Scratch those tickets

Cracking the Scratch ticket code is by no means an easy feat. There had to be a pattern which was discovered by a Canadian statistician as he felt that randomly generating ticket numbers would mean billion-dollar winners. It took a bit of math and understanding the frequency of visible numbers which appeared under the scratch code. His technique was 90 percent accurate.


The Steps to Becoming an Advertising Copywriter (Rank Princess)

The Steps to Becoming an Advertising Copywriter

Writing copy for advertisements can be an exciting job. Copywriters may work on several kinds of customer accounts. This is a great protection against work becoming dull. While there might be tight deadlines, there is great scope for creativity and fun.

And we need good advertisement copywriters! We could do with more witty lines that make us laugh, or cry. Simply watching language and knowledge coming together in a great way is a pleasure. So all you aspiring copywriters, march on!

Let your creativity flow

Saw an advertisement that you thought could do better? Had an idea for your favorite running shoes? Thought of a better pun than the company’s original you scoffed at? Let it grow, write it down! Let what is around you stir you.

Read a lot and expose yourself to all the ways words can be played around with. Try to come up with clever ways to describe something. Think of analogies. Create puns. Let your mind be abuzz with words and wit. This is a great exercise for the brain in fact.

What to do with all that talent!

If you’re a student, try landing copywriting work online and do freelance copywriting. This is a great space to learn the minutiae and work on your own skills. You will be able to see what you were missing and what you are doing well. If your work is good, you will develop the confidence to move to bigger platforms. If not, take it easy and give yourself time to develop gradually.

An internship in copywriting is a welcome step in the plan to become an advertising copywriter. But also try to get employed in an advertising agency eventually. That will expose you to better experience and progress opportunities.

Your portfolio is your best friend

Most importantly, whatever you do and wherever you do it, keep a record of your work. This is your portfolio. You can build a tangible file or book of your work. But you will inevitably find that having a portfolio on the web is a must. This is the age of the internet after all.

Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn are commonly used web spaces for displaying portfolios. But having a separate all-my-own website is also a good idea. Make sure to have a link to this website in your other accounts. It gives a sense of being in control of, and owning your work. It shows you are serious about it. And if your work is really good, it looks best on its own, personal website.

You can do it!

Even if you think you don’t have a natural flair for writing interesting copy, don’t lose faith. There are some things that you and any aspiring copywriter should be doing:

• Reading as many advertisements as you can.
• Reading in general; it helps.
• Perceiving reactions of people around you- friends, family, or strangers at the bus stop.
• Keeping up with the internet’s reaction.
• Learning how to grasp the essence of what is to be advertised.
• Learning how to get the essential message across in a catchy, concise and effective manner.